Free humour Kindle books for 17 Apr 18

So You Want To Be A Vampire Hunter?: Crackpot Career Advice for Budding Slayers

by Iain Pattison

A bitingly funny look at the mad, mayhem world of the wannabe monster hunter.

Forget the lure of TV baking shows, strip Monopoly and flinging snails over next door’s fence, we know what you secretly yearn to do after dark – and that’s get out your hammer and stake and go vampire hunting. And be reassured – you’re not alone. For millions of like-minded souls, fighting a fanged foe is our number one hidden desire.

Until now it’s been difficult to get a solid grounding in the art of the slayer; to find the information and specialist training necessary to make this dream a full-time career. But those sorry days are over. With just this amazing new Instruction manual, a few weeks practice and an understanding local authority, you can turn yourself from a bashful to a Buffy, and banish batty bad guys forever.

Success, fame and riches are guaranteed with this must-have go-get-em guidebook, but be warned – the publishers cannot accept responsibility for any injuries or increase in family size sustained while accepting the grateful thanks of nubile members of your local community. Always use protection – both when hunting and celebrating afterwards.

It Will Be Just Like Starting Over

by Leonard Stegmann

See, there’s this dentist who is planning to clone John Lennon. This idea might not be as good as it sounds. (Humor/420 words)

Grown-Up Ladies in Their Underwear

by Leonard Stegmann

Leonard’s younger brother slept with a Sears catalog under his bed. Mom and Dad didn’t know why, but Leonard did. (Adult Humor/Nostalgia/1,150 Words)

Fried Liverwurst

by Leonard Stegmann

It was chock full of calories and fat and it stunk up the whole house when you cooked it. But nothing tasted better on a Saturday morning. And now you can learn to make it too! (Humor/630 words)

Massage Chairs

by Leonard Stegmann

Leonard loves those massage chairs you see in all the malls. And he hates the people who are sitting in them. (Humor/600 Words)

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