Free humour Kindle books for 18 Apr 18

The Bid: Episode 1: Capture

by Dick Allgood

Federal proposal consultant Dick Allgood helps a new customer win a long-shot government contract. When four men attack a VIP breakfast near the U.S. Capitol building, kill 130 people, and blow themselves up, only Dick knows why.

In Episode One, Dick grapples with the dilemmas of mad relatives, the wrong girlfriend, and an eccentric veteran named Darth as he weathers the currents of political change on his struggling business.

The Book of Secrets: Games of Chance – Volume I (Book of Secrets Series 1)

by Harris McNeal


If you’ve ever wanted to learn some of the best kept secrets of games of chance this book will introduce you to them. Contained within these pages is a collection of secrets and strategies to help perfect your game and potentially maximum your earnings.

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Quickly learn effective strategies for improving your odds at winning the lottery or choosing winning scratch-off tickets. Pick up tips for improving your poker game, optimizing your plays in Black jack, and even how to choose a winning horse simply by changing your perspective and rethinking the odds. Clean up at popular games such as roulette, bingo or craps by understanding the strategies used by winners.

Games of Chance, is an easy read and the first volume in the Book of Secrets Series.

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