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Amish Smuggler’s Secret

by Grace Given

Irene Glick works for her father’s bakery and has a love for books, especially mysteries. One morning on the way to the bakery her battery powered lantern dies and she sees red lights in the King’s field. She want’s to investigate but convinces herself it is just her overactive imagination getting the better of her.

It is only after Amos King, the young son of a hard father, sees unfamilar tire tracks on his father’s property that the mystery begins to unravel.

Irene and Amos determine to uncover the strange happenings, but what they find is not something anyone would ever have expected.

Their investigations also lead them to another blessed discovery – each other!

MINECRAFT: MINECRAFT DIARIES, UNTOLD STORIES: The Battle for Minecraft!… Illustrated! (Unofficial Minecraft Book, NEW Minecraft Diary Adventures! A New Beginning! Book 1)

by Billy Miner Madison


If so, then you probably know about Steve: The fabled miner who defeated the ender dragon. But what about afterward? What happens after peace is restored to the land, our new hero fades into legend, and a new darkness threatens the world after 50 long years of tranquility? Well, not all heroes make it into the storybooks….

Join Steven, a regular Minecrafter whose only thoughts had been of adventure since childhood, until he finds out just how hard it can be!


“My name is Steven. No, not the legendary adventurer and mob slayer Steve, just Steven. I could only wish I’d become that famous. I’m only an ordinary Minecraftian, born and raised, just trying to get by. Recently, I had come of age to leave the house and start my own life out in the wilderness. I’d wanted to be an adventurer! I wanted to spend my days punching down wood with my bare hands, mining for precious minerals deep in the caves, and killing any and all monsters I came across! It’d been my dream ever since I was young. But what had once been a childhood fantasy filled with curiosity and wonder, had now become a hair-raising and heart-pounding reality….”

Enjoy the rest of this NEW, unforgettable Minecraft epic adventure!

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