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In Her Sister’s Shoes: A taboo romance

by Brianne Anderson

The story of kayla, one half of identical twin sisters. When she is asked to impersonate her married sister for one weekend, it appeared an easy enough task, but when things don’t work out as planned, and one weekend turns into ten days, and then thirty, will she be able to keep up the act, and how long can she pretend to be the sister she is not, how long can she pretend to be the wife she is not?
Michael had always loved his wife, even though there was much to be desired he still loved her. When she starts to change, he is at first welcoming. But when the changes become more drastic, he isn’t so sure anymore.

Till The Ink Is Done

by Ely Rodriguez

A true poet or singing artist may experience writers block or may stop writing due to a tragic event. However, their soul has such a great amount of passion or fiery for their craft; they cannot cease. When a passionate artist, poet, or motivational speaker writes a verse, quote, or poem, and it’s meant to be released to the world, whether it be about a personal experience, event seen on the news, a reflection of their environment, or what’s being displayed on the internet, it doesn’t matter if the writer expresses themselves via electronic devices or ink it on paper. The importance of conveying that influential message becomes such a priority, it almost feels like a news reporter reporting a headline that may touch the lives of people watching. Till The Ink Is Done is a book with collections of influential poems and quotes that speak messages that touch our lives as humans everyday, from struggles, betrayal, relationships, working hard, successes, self achievement, and overcoming the odds like the 300 Spartan men that fought their enemies in Thermopylae.

Poems About Something (Chapbook Book 3)

by S. P.

Love poems. The end of the journey. Forged from fire and other cliches that miraculously happened to come true.

Per un grande cielo azzurro (Italian Edition)

by Gianpiero Grasso

L’espressione artistica della poesia, come accade spesso in tutte le arti, nasce da un bisogno di comunicare la propria condizione dell’anima, per esprimere se stessi e il proprio mondo interiore.
E’ proprio quello che accade in questo libro.
Nonostante i temi “oscuri”, è fluido e di piacevole lettura.
Le memorie personali e i ricordi d’infanzia riemergono dolcemente, senza togliere spazio al presente.
E’ la descrizione di un amore dolce e rispettoso, di un incontro sofferto, dove le paure riaffiorano quotidianamente, ma variopinto, dove la poesia è portavoce, nata quasi per sfogo, conquista e corteggiamento.
Vi è una grande capacità di collegare due mondi che a prima vista sembrano non avere nulla da spartire: il calcio e la poesia.
Il dolore si trasforma in speranza, trasmesso dai bambini e dai giovani. Ci insegnano sempre che basta “poco” per essere felici e sono questi i valori che si vuole diffondere, un “raggio di luce” che nell’amore e nell’amicizia aiuta a creare “un grande cielo azzurro”.

Before You Take My Hand

by C. Osborn

Before You Take My Hand includes poems about seeking inspiration, the magic of the ocean, finding something special in the things we do every day, searching for friendship and happiness, and finding love.

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