Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Apr 18

Galaxy Raiders

by L.D.P. Samways

The Trove is an aging intergalactic space hauler with only one goal in mind; find ancient alien treasure by any means necessary!

The galaxy is full of abandoned planets that used to be home to advanced alien civilisations. And it’s those planets that get raided by ships like the Trove.

But this ship stands out as one of the best in the business. A fearsome reputation follows the crewmembers around like a bad smell, a smell associated with callousness and depravity.

The Trove gets the job done no matter what. They fight their way to the loot, so they can sell it on the black-market for millions of credits.

Coming off a bad mission, the Trove is about to embark on what will end up being their last mission.

On a planet in a not so distant solar system lies their eventual burial ground, for something is lying in wait for them. Something unimaginable.

Will the Trove strike it rich one last time, or is it the end of the road for this band of pirates?

Find out in this fast-paced sci-fi novella by bestselling author L.D.P. Samways (Luis Samways).


This book contains very strong language and violent scenes intended for a mature audience only. Reader discretion is advised.

As a bonus, this novella contains the entire first episode of Second Earth for free! Catch up now on all five episodes before season two begins this summer! (2018)

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