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Friedr & Wim 1916-1927 (Friedr and Wim)

by Teresa van der Kraan

For those long years on the Western Front, they had known only war. They carried it with them even now, as they marched home with holes in their boots, broken, defeated. The only thing keeping Friedrich upright, placing one foot in front of the other, was his best friend’s presence by his side. While Wilhelm still cared for him, still needed him, he could never forget the promise they had made: together, or not at all.
Friedrich had never wanted to be a soldier. He had questioned it every time he raised his Mauser on the front line. Now, he could not comprehend a world without it. All that he saw was trivial, indifferent, empty. Wilhelm had longed to wear the uniform, to share the promised glory, to build a greater Germany. He returned to a broken nation, a nation without its soul.

The echoes of the Great War lingered in Germany long after the guns had fallen silent. Spanning the years 1916-1927, ‘Friedr and Wim’ explores two young men’s experience of war on the Western Front, and the social, economic and, above all, personal impacts upon German and individual consciousness that followed. Throughout, the power of friendship is an anchor in the storm.

Teresa van der Kraan is based in Armidale, Australia, and is currently undertaking her Honours thesis in modern German History.

Along the Brittle Streets

by Edmond De Rubeis

Edmond De Rubeis (Edmund J. Cantilli) has been a soldier, an engineer, and a university professor. He has published fiction and journalism in Attenzione, Harvest, New Brooklyn, Newsday and The New York Times.
Strange Soldiers is Edmond’s first novel. Along the Brittle Streets is a follow up novel which plays on more of Edmond’s own experiences in world war II and the post war occupations of Germany and Italy. The underlying theme of brothers plays on the influence of Edmond’s older brother James, even though they are separated most of the time.

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