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Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1)

by K.L. Montgomery

Fresh ink on her divorce papers.
A new job on the horizon.
40 is right around the corner…

The time is ripe for reinvention, and Claire Sterling is tired of being the Fat Girl. With the help of her gay best friend, therapist, a new fitness regime and lots of wine and snark, Claire sets out to find her happily ever after.

Will she get the body and the man of her dreams, or is she forever destined to be the Fat Girl?

Fat Girl is part of the Romance in Rehoboth Series, where the ladies are strong and independent and the men are actually nice guys. These delightful romantic comedies are set against the backdrop of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware’s top vacation destination and do NOT need to be read in order.

Book 1: Fat Girl (Claire and Jack’s Story)
Book 2: The Flip (Sonnet and Drew’s Story)
Book 3: Plot Twist (Lindy and Meric’s Story)
Book 4: Badge Bunny (coming soon!)

The Lottery Winners

by Elizabeth Lennox

Miserable job. Horrible boss. Every day it seems to get worse.

Daisy, Ivy, Marilee and Tony work at “Janice’s”, a truck stop diner in Kentucky. The owner uses any excuse to dock their pay, steals their tips and just makes their lives miserable.

One day, they go out and, just as a fluke, combine their money and buy a lottery ticket. Sipping cheap wine and staring at the stars, they dream about what they would do if they won.

The following morning, they wake up to findâ?¦they won! They’d won the massive jackpot! $1.6 BILLION dollars! After taxes, they are now each worth over $200 Million!

This is the story about how they spend that moneyâ?¦and how they decide to make the world a better place.

Alive and Kicking

by Beryl Kingston

September, 1914

Since her parents’ death, Rose Boniface has been like a mother to her younger brother and sisters. But now it’s September 1914 and London’s headlines shriek WAR!

With her brothers away, it is only Rose’s income as a parlourmaid that keeps the Boniface family afloat. Then, with best friend Muriel in charge of the books and Rose’s firebrand sister, Netta drumming up orders, Ritzy Clothes is launched.

They are women alone, forced to cope for themselves until their menfolk march home: Bertie, Collum and handsome, laughing Jack Jeary, who steals Rose’s heart but gives her a most precious gift in return . . .

Praise for Alive and Kicking

â??Warm and moving’ – Sainsbury’s Magazine

â??Her working class heroine, Rose Boniface, is noble, fine and a survivor’ – OK Magazine

Praise for Beryl Kingston

“Beryl Kingston understands how to weave dialogue, character, theme and a thumping love affair into unity” – The Sunday Times

â??A new novel by the warm and observant Beryl Kingston is not to be missed. Each one is special’ – Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton

Beryl Kingston was born in Tooting in 1931 and was evacuated during the war. She studied at King’s College London, qualified as a teacher and headed an English department. She was been a published author since 1980 and is a self-confessed â??political animal’, taking part in street demonstrations and protests. She was also a beauty queen in 1947!

The Moneychangers

by Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair’s disturbing novel about the Wall Street scare of 1907 portrays the tactics of greedy capitalists who organize the fall of a rival trust company, creating a crash in the stock market crash and a run on American banks. Ultimately thousands of jobs are lost, throwing the world into financial chaos…

Prince Charming

by CD Reiss

Keaton Bridge is one hundred percent bad boy.
Cassie doesn’t need a boy and certainly not a bad one. Nope. She fights crime for a living, and everything about this guy screams trouble, from his charming British accent to his mysterious past.
And Cassie doesn’t do trouble.
Keaton’s got his own trouble. He’s trying to go legit, and an FBI agent hanging around is the last thing that will help his credibility.
All it took was one night of passion to sear her into his skin. Now he can’t imagine living happily ever after without her.
All they have to do is walk away.
But neither of them ever walks away from a challenge.

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