Free history Kindle books for 19 Apr 18

Ancient History, Bundle 1: History of Empires, Ancient History (Ancient History Series)

by Robert Dean

A captivating study of the beginnings of art, engineering, architecture, and more. An overview of some of the most powerful empires throughout history that helped make humankind the versatile and complicated species we are today.

History of Empires: Rise and Fall of the Greatest “Empires” in History! Understanding The: Roman Empire, American Empire, British Empire, & Much More. … Mesopotamia, Byzantine Empire Book 1)

A thrilling study of empires whose leaders lost sight of their civic obligations, leading to revolts, social disruption, and inescapable destruction. Journey through war, famine, conquest, and death.

Ancient History: History of the Ancient World: Ancient Civilizations, and Ancient Empires. History that Defined our World (Ancient Roman History, Human … Greek Mythology, Ancient Empires Book 1)
3rd edition with added content

Discover how ancient civilizations molded us into what we are today. A tantalizing glimpse into our vast and complex ancient history that is sure to inspire further study. There is a lot to be learned from ancient history.

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