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The Texas Bride: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

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These collection includes:

A Baby For The Bride

The Crippled Cowboy

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

The Barren Bride

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Santa Fe Mail Order Brides: Mark Found by Hope

by Katherine St. Clair

In this touching and inspirational Christian historical western story, when Mark starts looking for a mail order bride to find his soul mate, he finds Hope and little Albert.
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Six years ago, following the death of his wife, Pastor Elijah Wells moved his four sons to Santa Fe to build a new church. His congregation grew quickly – and so did his sons. But then he had a problem. They would soon be grown and would want to start families of their own, and the town had very few women. Praying for a solution, Eli posted an advertisement. His prayers (and his ad) were answered by Cece Baker, a widow from Boston, who would join forces with him to find women who, for a multitude of their own reasons, would want to relocate for a chance at a new life…and love. And this is how the Santa Fe Mail Order Bride Agency was formed.

Mark, Eli’s second son, is looking for love and after seeing his brother Matthew welcome Grace in his life, he too is anxious to find his soul mate through the Santa Fe Mail order bride agency. Will Eli’s plan work? Can the agency bring true love to Mark too?

Hope Schmidt is all alone in this world, and her two-year-old son Albert depends on her. Jacob, her husband, had died back in only a few months ago and left her and Albert with almost nothing. Out of despair, she answers Mark’s ad for a mail order bride. She has no idea how she would get a man to give her a second chance at love and accept her two-year-old son Albert. And, above all, will she take this chance?

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Maid of Virtue

by Chandra Trulove Fry

Clara Mace was down on her luck. She was homeless and broke. Desperate to find a job and get back on her feet she comes across an ad for a live-in maid. Having no other options, she takes a chance and applies for the job. James and Alex Meltor may be brothers but they were nothing alike. James, the oldest was responsible and reserved. Alex was stubborn and a party animal. They were constantly at odds with one another. It seemed like things would never get better between them. Then along comes Clara. Will her arrival draw them together or break them apart forever?

Dolina (Part 2)

by Doreen Mampani

Dolina: A Novel Part 2. Dolina and Pierre have a wedding in the Republic of South Africa and in Rwanda. Chanelle her mother was fighting against it but she failed. Chanelle decided not to inform her mother Shoni because they are both greedy for money. Shoni is still sick when Dolina gets married. Lobolla of R90 000.00 is demanded by Chanelle or Dolina must marry someone else. Pierre relocates to Cape Town and comes home week-ends. Dolina and Pierre are still prayerful.
This novel is also about prejudice against Coloureds. The rejection that some Coloureds suffer. Coloureds called uncultured, immoral, alcoholics, drug addicts, fornicators, lovers of pleasure, lazy, ill-mannered, short tempered, lovers of free things and haters of education. It is also about mothers who control their children most especially daughters even in their adulthood through witchcraft. The Novel touches on witchcraft practices in South Africa and Africa. Dolina and Pierre’s mother were both witches. Chanelle and Deborah both made diabolical covenants on behalf of Dolina and Pierre. When Dolina and Pierre refused to obey their parents they both resorted to kill them. Dolina and Pierre were prayerful and fasted once a week and prayed every day. When they became successful they relaxed in prayer and that is when witchcraft was practiced against them. This novel touches on importance of prayer and deliverance.

Five Days in May: Book One in The Unexplainable Collection

by Ninie Hammon

Three members of the McIntosh family are setting up appointments with death, marking it on their calendars for Friday, May 10, 1963. That’s the day an F5 tornado will obliterate everything in its path in a mile-wide trail of desolation across Oklahoma—and their little town is in its path.

Pastor Mac McMIntosh lost his faith when his wife died–it’s time now to end the charade. His 16-year-old daughter and his father-in-law are arranging to actually kill somebody that day. For one it’s an act of hopeless desperation; for the other, a final declaration of unconditional love.

Add to the three with death plans a mysterious inmate called Princess. At 5 o’clock that Friday afternoon, the state of Oklahoma is scheduled to strap her into an electric chair named Sizzlin’ Suzie and turn on the juice.

But when Mac grudgingly agrees to meet daily with Princess during her final five days, everything changes. Princess has watched Mac and his family for years, looking out through someone else’s eyes. She speaks into Mac’s heart with insight and grace, while in her own heart she harbors a secret she’s determined to carry to her grave about the little sister she confessed to beheading 14 years ago.

Princess knows the monster tornado is coming. She calls it The Big Ugly and she pleads with Mac to run! But by then, it’s too late. For all of them.

Escape your own Wherever You Are into this powerful Christian suspense novel where award-winning journalist and best-selling author Ninie Hammon has created in Princess “a character as unique and memorable as John Coffey in The Green Mile.Publisher’s Weekly also praised the book’s “well-woven storyline, wonderfully rich, characters” and called the novel’s underlying message of faith “a fine story of love and sacrifice that will hook readers to the end.”

In Five Days in May, Hammon has served up a tale full of twists, turns and surprises, with her trademark “dusting of the unexplainable” and a shocking surprise ending you absolutely will not see coming.

Five Days in May is Book One in the Unexplainable Collection. In this collection of four stand-alone suspense novelsâ??each with its own cast, a unique setting and a story unconnected to the other threeâ??all the characters start out believing that the universe operates in a predictable manner, that there are immutable laws and a natural reason for everything. The problem with that thinking is that some things aren’t natural. They’re supernatural. There are forces at work in the universe we can’t see, with power we can’t begin to imagine and plans we don’t understand.

What that means is that smack in the middle of their ordinary lives the people in these stories will encounter the unexplainableâ?¦and it’s always the game-changer.

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Darash: Baqash Book 2

by C. E. Wilson

While Sarah and Jackson are on their way to the Mohave Desert, Carter’s group is discovered by vigilantes. Many die, some are captured, and a few flee. Who survived? Can they make it to Gadot, Israel? Who will remain faithful until the Second Coming?

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