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Cryptocurrency Guide For Beginners. How To Start With Minimum Investment.: Successful Investment Strategies And How To Minimizing Your Risk. Mining, Trading, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ICO.

by Joseph Evans

Want to invest in bitcoins for so long? Don’t know how to begin and how to avoid losing money? Here’s our book for beginners that makes buying and investing in cryptocurrency understandable and easy to start.

Here’s the easiest language to learn the cryptocurrency basics, which brings all the necessary information in one place.

In this book, you’ll learn:

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Key reasons why the best time to start successful investing in Bitcoin was yesterday
  • How to get started
  • How much money do you need to start investing
  • What are the most important cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin You will no longer be confused
  • What are mining and ICO, and how do you make money from the cryptocurrency
  • How to choose a successful investment strategy
  • What are the top mistakes beginners make trading cryptocurrency, and how to avoid them
  • TOP 10 business books that make you richer just as an added bonus
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    eBook Publishing Riches: Create a Steady Stream of Income Publishing eBooks

    by Fadele Sunday

    This step-by-step eBook publishing training guide reveals â??â?? How to write, package, publish, and sell your own highly profitable eBook in a few days”.
    This guide will show you:

    *How to write a good book
    -You will learn 15 proven keys that will help you write faster, better, more easily and more effectively.

    *Discover the tools to help you become a better writer.

    *Learn how to publish your eBook on Amazon
    *How to set up your Amazon Author Central Account
    *How to select a category for your eBook
    *Discover Amazon keyword Optimization strategies for boosting your keyword rankings and drive more visitors to your book page
    *You will learn how to publish your eBook on other leading online eBook retailers.

    *Learn how to use Consolidated Distribution to publish your eBooks

    -Consolidated Distribution of eBooks involves multi-channel distribution of eBooks to various eBook retailers, through a single platform

    *eBook Promotion
    In this eBook publishing guide, you will learn four effective eBook promotion strategies, that work. You will learn how to promote your eBook and drive massive sales for your book. This is necessary for making money with self-publishing.

    *Get to know eBook metadata and it’s importance to your eBook.
    *How to sell more eBooks with professional eBook cover and how to get it designed at an affordable fee.
    *How to get book reviews, including how to get free reviews for your eBook. Editorial reviews are necessary for self-publishing success.
    *How to price your eBook for profitability

    *How to build your author platform
    -The fact is, authors with platforms sell books and continue to sell books
    -An email subscribers list is a key component of your author platform. You will learn the tools and strategies to build and run an email list.
    -How to build other components of your author platform

    *How to scale your eBook publishing business

    *Discover a step-by-step outline of a good book launch plan
    And more…….

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