Free humour Kindle books for 20 Apr 18

A arte de ser tosco (Portuguese Edition)

by Tupinicomics

A arte de ser tosco! Coletânea com algumas ilustrações, desenhos e tiras do blog tupinicomics.

President Trump Best Memes and Jokes

by Penélope Shaw

Laugh with the World and Enjoy These Hilarious President Donald Trump Jokes and Memes!

Imagine you may get the funniest political meme book in just a few moments!
Imagine you may get the book that can make you laugh out loud just in a minute!

By the way, you may download this Memes book for FREE using Kindle Unlimited

This book contains 200+ awesome memes with amazing and relevant jokes about Donald Trump, his wife, his hair, his famous quotes, his lifestyle, his promises and the other politics, such as Hillary Clinton, Obama, Putin, etc.

The book is well-packed and divided into two parts:

  • Light Humor Memes
  • Hardcore Humor Memes

There is also a FREE bonus with a FREE humor library from my brother, who is one of the popular humor authors on Amazon these days.

ATTENTION: This book includes bad words and rude humor, so it is NOT for kids. It is for adults only.

If you are ready for a good laugh, it’s time to get, probably, the best Trump memes book ever!

p.s. If you are one of Trump supporters who can easily get offended by the Trump jokes, please stay away from this book. You can make your own book about Trump not being funny. As for my book, it is making fun of Donald Trump. I don’t hate him! I don’t care about him! I just want to entertain people and to laugh together with my readers! I hope this makes sense. Good luck to all people in the world and God bless America!

If you think this book is for you, simply scroll up the page and hit the “Add to Cart” button!

La Sostenibile Pesantezza Dell’Avere (Italian Edition)

by Marco Delrio

Nella grondaia abitabile del suo appartamento, un ignaro ignoto trova un diario romanzato in racconti epistolari e decide di condividerne con sé stesso le disarmanti iperboli semantiche e gli assurdi ossimori traumatizzanti che sporcano quelle pagine ingiallite.

A Great First Date: Not Your Childhood Fairy Tales

by Eliana Bonaguro

Once upon a time, in a not so faraway kingdom there lived… The prince who turned into a frog instead of it being the other way around ; the poor little girl who hates it when her friends became successful; the heroine who cannot not get a break no matter how hard she tries; the gold digger who finds a method to get everything her heart desires or the enchanting princess who ate a piece of magic fruit and turned into a dumb ass. These stories, which only on the surface resemble fairy tales, are an allegory of modern life, with its vicissitudes, its happy moments and its crises. Themes such as love and relationships, friendship, betrayal and dreams are omnipresent in these short stories, which will get you to laugh or cry, but at the same time think about this unique predicament called life. By following the heroes through their journey, you will be able to recognize your spouse’s idiosyncrasies , the frog you dated last week, your best friend, that annoying neighbor or even yourself!

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