Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Apr 18

Still Dreaming

by Andre Thornton

Still Dreaming proves to elevate the reader to another level beyond words written or spoken and continues the evolution of complacent thought that will spark new ideology.

A Time for Love

by K.R. Pena

A Poetic Conversation of Two Lovers

Can love persist when time and distance stand between you and the one you love? Are words enough when separation is the only constant in the turbulence of your relationship?

In an exchange of free verse and spoken word poetry, you can step into the sensual world of true love at its deepest in “A Time for Love.” Written in fragments across love letters, the poems in this edition were revised and pieced back together to form this heartfelt collection.

Experience the happiness, pain, seduction, and perseverance of two destined lovers finding themselves ever closer to each other in this exciting edition of romantic poetry, written in both English and Spanish.

PENA CAPITAL (Spanish Edition)

by Juan Carlos Pazos

Religión en la rebeldía, en el no someterse al hombre y sus fascismos. Para algunos libertad, para muchos herejía

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