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Camping: 40 Mistakes To Avoid During Your RV Camping

by Calvin Griffith

Camping: 40 Mistakes To Avoid During Your RV Camping

“RV Camping: 39 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Perfect RV Camping” is the ideal first book for newbie campers. In fact, it is so thorough that even the experienced camper can learn something new. The book is a long list of common mistakes new RV campers tend to make.
Some of the mistakes listed are fairly harmless, like wearing the same shoes inside and outside your RV. Other mistakes, like forgetting to retract your slide-out section, can cost you your RV. By following the advice in this book, you can avoid all these mistakes and live a better life wherever you go on your trip.

Inside, you can find out about simple mistakes and more serious ones.

The items on the list help you understand facts about RV life like:

  • How to get and stay prepared
  • How to set up at your campsite and how to get ready for travel again
  • How to manage your electrical and plumbing systems
  • How to deal with people on the road
  • How to take care of money issues
  • How to adapt to life on the road
  • How to seize the day and enjoy every minute of your RV camping adventure!

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Foosball Books: The Pull Shot

by Jerry DiDay

This book is about shooting pull shots and playing the game of foosball using a pull shot as your main offensive shot. The main advantage a pull shot has over other shot options is that an offensive player can see the entire pull shot. Basically, when at the 3-bar a pull shot shooter has a wide open goal every time a long pull shot is attempted. This fact is the basis of the technique put forward in this book. The instructions and lessons of this book are designed around taking advantage of the wide open vision given a pull shot shooter. In contrast the defensive player, when defending a pull shot, has an almost totally obstructed view of the long pull shot.

This book is not intended to be read by people who do not already know how to shoot a pull shot. If you already know how to shoot a pull shot, this book can help you improve your shot and your pull shot game. If you have mastered a pull shot this book has exercises that you can use to fine tune your pull shot. These are low impact exercises that train eye/hand coordination and condition your senses. This book might have some value to people who shoot other shots or to people trying to defend pull shots. If a better understanding of pull shots will help your game, then take a look inside and see if there is anything for you.

Advanced Survival Manual: General Survival Tactics That Will Help You To Deal With Anything

by George Gladwyn

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Advanced Survival Manual:

General Survival Tactics That Will Help You To Deal With Anything

This book will uncover vital secrets that you may need to know in life-or-death situations. Such situations will include animal attacks, or disastrous situations such as being stranded in deserts, or in the woods, or at sea. You will learn about Food Storage, Canning and Preserving and grab proven techiques on how to Survive in a War Zone, A Shooting Incident or Being Taken Hostage.

There are many small tips and tricks that you can learn that can potentially save your life. Do you know how to sanitize water of all microbiological agents? Do you know how to find north while in the woods at night? Do you know how to defend yourself from animal attacks (guick-sand, or sharks, or bears etc? How about how to not die when confronted by a violent thug?

All of these and more are things you may need to know at some point in your life – hopefully you’ll never have to use them. But still; just in case, you don’t want to be armed with less knowledge than what you need.

A few of the topics included are:

– Chapter 1 – Alone in the wild


Animal attacks

Getting Water & Finding Civilization

Makeshift shelters

– Chapter 2 – How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone

The Biological Attack

Chemical Weapons

Nuclear weapons strikes

Radiological attacks

– Chapter 3 – Water Storage

– Chapter 4 – Refrigeration

– Chapter 5 -Freeze Dried Foods

– Chapter 6 – Dried Foods

– Chapter 7 â?? Canned Foods

– Chapter 8 – MREs and other Commercial Rations

– Chapter 9 â?? Heating Your Food

– Chapter 10 â?? A Survival Garden

– Chapter 11 â?? Foraging

– Chapter 12 – Discarding Food

– Chapter 13 â?? Long Life Foods

– Chapter 14 – How to Survive a Shooting Incident or Being Taken Hostage

Common muggings & gun-related assaults

Commercial Robberies

Hostage situations

Mass Shootings

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