Free business and investing Kindle books for 21 Apr 18

Spend, Save, Invest, Give: Four Simple Ways to Master Money

by Daniel Pecaut


“The topic itself is a breath of fresh air for the audience in this niche. The writer has taken a novel approach regarding saving and expenses. For a society which has an insatiable fixation with shortcuts and quick fixes, the perspective presented by this book is very vital and important.” – Aditya P.

“I got invested in the reading and it carried me for the rest of the book… There are some very powerful ideas in there.” – Corey A.

“I can’t believe it took me 70 years to run into a book like this. I could not put the book down. I was impressed. I can’t wait to give this to my kids and read it with my grandchildren.” – Denny W.

“This is a book that I wished I had read in my college years so that I’d be more prepared with managing my finances/investments when I started working, but I’m glad that I now am able to pass on what I’ve learned from…your book to my kids (5th & 2nd grades) today, so thank you!” – Amelia R.

“I almost felt as if all the talk about math, investment approaches, etc.â?? what I would consider the “technical” part of this bookâ??was merely a foreword to what you really wanted to say…You are positing money, investment, and giving as vehicles for hope and healing and love.” – Jane J.

Market Data Downloading: Automating the downloading of market data from Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit and the web

by Thomas P Reid

A quick-start guide to automating the downloading of market data from leading data vendors such as Bloomberg, Reuters and markit. As accurate and up to date market data has started to become available from a number of Internet sites in recent years., we also explore this important and growing new source of information. Throught the book many useful source code examples using Excel/VBA are shown and explained.

The Bitcoin Comic Handbook: A Simple Guide to Understanding This World Changing Super-Tech

by Josh Blaylock

The Bitcoin Comic is a guide to understanding the world’s newest SUPER tech, and the profound changes it may make in the near future. Covering topics from a simple explanation as to what the heck Bitcoin is, how it works and where to buy it, all the way to a fun, almost sci-fi look at where we may be headed with it. Oh yeah, and will it make you a millionaire? That may depend on how you define your wealth.

Secretos de �xito De Bienes Raíces: El Arte de la Casa Abierta� (Spanish Edition)

by RJ Salerno

Este libro está dedicado al aspirante a ser Agente de Bienes Raíces que busca un camino hacia el �XITO. Lo que a aquí se discutirá son ideas y soluciones del mundo real, para la continua búsqueda del próximo prospecto. Estas serán ideas que en su mayoría no se enseñan en los diferentes entornos de las oficinas de bienes raíces.

Hoy puedes cambiar todo, si tan solo te atreves a creer en lo extraordinario de lo que es posible.

Yo solo espero que “El Arte de la Casa Abierta” te impacte tanto como lo hizo conmigo. Lo que a aquí se enseñará continuación, realmente funciona para aquellos que tienen el deseo de llevar sus carreras en bienes raíces desde el peldaño más bajo hasta lo más alto, en cualquier oficina de bienes raíces de cualquier país.

Find Your Future-14: Weekly Career Magazine

by Sinsera Says

This is the 14th issue of “Find Your Future”. The 14th issue has a very useful content on different topics i.e. maths, science, English, G.K, employment news etc. which would help the readers in their career. is a community of such writers-cum-social thinkers who try to bring changes in society by their actions instead of the words.

BASIC Guide to Consent Under GDPR: (General Data Protection Regulations)

by Ajay Saraf

This guide deals with basic keypoints of “consent from adults” under GDPR. It has been written in simple language. This can be used as a starting point to study more on the subject.

The Uber Story: The Founding of Uber and The Real Story Behind The Founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp

by Cloud Chaplin

Whether you’re an at entrepreneur, seasoned executive, or entry level associate, virtually anyone can improve their business and professional skills. As long as you have the ambition and drive you can earn a wonderful living in the business world.

Are you ready to learn the secrets that will make you a Billionaire like Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp?
Are you ready to build a great legacy for yourself by emulating the success lessons of the great?
Are you ready to be one of the wealthiest people in the planet?

If you are, then this book will show you how.

If you’re one of those, then this book is for you.

Money Making Machine – How To Publish, Market and Make Money Using Kindle Books

by Anbu Rayappan

How I Make $2739.57 Every Month? You Can Too.

I am not an author. I have not written any book in my life except the one you are going to read now.I consistently make $2739.57 every month. HOW?Creating and Marketing Kindle Books Has Never Been Easier.You don’t need Author Platform. Start your next Kindle book in the next 2 hours. In 4 QUICK and SIMPLE Steps, I will tell you exactly what you need to do to create and market your book and make more money than what I am making right now.

WARNING: This is for authors with serious intention of becoming successful with Kindle Books.

STOP wasting time in setting up Author platform by Blogging, Writing in Facebook, Twitter etc. In 2 hours, you will be ARMORED with details to start your first Kindle book. In 7 days, you will be SUPER READY to publish your first Kindle book. This is a step-by-step POWERFUL guide with lots of pictures to make your learning EASIER and FASTER.

Got Stuck? You don’t have any book idea?

3 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Get Your First Book Idea.

How do you analyze the market for your book idea?

1 SIMPLE, POWERFUL,EFFECTIVE Way to Analyze the Market IMMEDIATELY for Your Kindle Book

What Steps Would You Take to ACTUALLY create your Book?

9 POWER Steps to Create Your Book

How would you Market Your First Book?

6 HIDDEN SECRETS to Market Your First Book. These secrets will TRIPLE your sales.

Additional Sections

The guide also goes in depth on the following topics How to use KDP Select to improve your SALES. How to use Google Keyword Tool to EFFECTIVELY Market Your Kindle Book How can you Convert Your PASSION and Expertise into a MONEY-MAKING Book How to Select a CLICKABLE and AMAZING cover Design List of more than 75 POWER Words to Create Your Book Description How to EFFECTIVELY use Book Description to Improve SEO How to bring your book on to the First Page of Amazon Search Result How to Choose Titles which PERSUADE the customers to click using EMOTIVE HIDDEN PERSUASION Technique? How to get your DREAM cover design from the Designer? Where to Find EXCELLENT Cover Designs for your Book How to use Reviews to Sell More Books? How to make Your Competitor to Sell YOUR Book How to Get Your Book Appear in “Customer Who Bought…” Section What Color Should Be Your Cover Design? What Fonts sell MORE Books? How to get 70% ROYALTY from Amazon? What Price to Choose To MAXIMIZE Your PROFIT? How to sell your book FREE and STILL Make Money? How to Get to the Top 100 Best Sellers List? Do you need Page Break at the end of every page? How to Find the RIGHT category to SELL MORE copies? An AMAZING Way to figure out the number of copies sold from Sales Rank.

Blockchain: The Blockchain For Beginners Guide To Blockchain Technology And Leveraging Blockchain Programming

by Josh Thompsons

Want To Know How You Can Benefit From Blockchain? Are You Looking To Program Your Own Smart Contracts?

Yes, this book is an invitation for beginners to better understand the business potential of the blockchain, and for business minded people to grasp the many facets of the technology with this blockchain guide.

â?¯â?¯â?¯Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download NOW!â?¯â?¯â?¯

Blockchain is the technology of the future. It has been accepted by almost all the governments of the world. Blockchain represents the Internet of tomorrow where everything from banks and offices, schools and institutions will only communicate through this growing technology. Through Blockchain: The Blockchain for Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology and Leveraging Blockchain Programming, you will learn why the Blockchain is important and how it changes our lives. You can get to know the technology that drives the Blockchain and develop an insight on how to use it further.

The Definitive Pioneering Blueprint Covering The Why And How Of The Blockchain

Unlike the actual world contract, blockchain contracts are different inasmuch as they are executed using the code embedded in the blockchain. You will get tips on how you can make your Smart Contacts easy to understand and user-friendly. This book also covers some of the myths surrounding smart contracts and the reasons why they exist!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

  • Basic Mechanics Of Blockchain
  • Pros And Cons
  • Uses For Blockchain
  • Examples Of Blockchain
  • Technical Mechanics And Implementation Of Blockchain Technology

The possibilities for utilizing blockchain technology are endless. With this book, you’re going to feel like you can tackle the topic of blockchain with ease as you go forward. When you read this book, you will learn:

  • Why Blockchain is important and what it means for the future of society
  • How Blockchain can be used for financial purposes
  • How Blockchain can be used for services beyond the financial sphere
  • Ways that you can start using Blockchain applications and services today

Ready To Learn About the Emerging World of Financial Technology?

Download Blockchain: The Blockchain for Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technologyand Leveraging Blockchain Programming, right away and learn the technology that will reshape the world around you!

â??Mr.Leader. How to believe in yourself and act – 174 secrets of how to be a leader in pictures

by Vladimir Voronov

“”Mr.Leader. How to believe in yourself and act” – 174 secrets of how to be a leader in pictures” â?? clear algorithms leadership philosophy.
Such formats are now quickly becoming part of the international practice of learning and motivation and we can easily say that “Mr.Leader. How to believe in yourself and act” is a book of the future. The straightforward algorithms presented in the book are important to implement when you need to make a decision. They help clearly see your goals, choose the right direction, to believe in yourself and act. The book is very useful for children. It helps the child to become more self-dependent and self-motivated, more purposeful and goal-oriented – that will provide their success now and in the future.
The book will be a great present to any adult aspiring to succeed – be it a student or already developing in a career, a big businessman or entrepreneur, man or woman. The book is able to inspire even very, very skeptical people to succeed. Having «Mr.Leader. How to believe in themselves and start acting” will be useful for both the child and the adult, coming back to it again and again in different periods of their life. Each reading of the book gives new ideas, helps you to discover more about yourself and your features, and inspires achievement.

La Biblia del Community Manager: Promoción Perpetua: 21 Estrategias Infalibles Para Potenciar Tu Marketing en Redes Sociales (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Gil


¿Estas buscando como promocionar tu negocio con un Marketing Viral, Fresco e Innovador?

Quizás eres un Community Manager o un Marketer que desea conocer las y últimas tendencias en Community Management y Marketing en Redes Sociales, o quizás te aburres terriblemente y estas buscando un eBook genial que te alegre el dia con un conocimiento práctico y aplicable de forma inmediata.

O quizás.. estas buscando un eBook con las tendencias mas super-hiper-mega poderosas de todo el mercado hispano, las irrepetibles, las irremplazables, sin las que tu negocio y tu carrera como Community Manager morirá eternamente y en horrible sufrimiento…

Pues bien, lamento decepcionarte porque en “La Biblia del Community Manager” no vas a encontrar tendenciasâ?¦ No, no, no. ¡Atento!

Prepárate para descubrir los hábitos, estrategias y herramientas que diferencian a los buenos Community Manager de los Community Manager extraordinarios. Conoces la diferencia ¿verdad?.

Se acabo el creer que el Marketing en Redes Sociales es básicamente otro modelo de publicidad en internet, solo un modelo de publicidad en Redes Sociales, con el conocimiento y las herramientas que vas a descubrir en “La Biblia del Community Manager” vas a conseguir que tus publicaciones se humanicen y te acerquen a tus seguidores en Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram o cualquier red social, pues estas 21 técnicas aplican para todas las Redes Sociales.

Consigue que tus fans interactúen contigo (Si, debes comunicarte con ellos), que tus contenidos generen reacciones, seamos realistas, nadie conoce el secreto del Marketing Viral, pero un buen Community Manager si conoce las estrategias, hábitos y herramientas que más lo acercan a él.

Es hora de que te preguntes.

¿Consigues todo lo que quieres con tu Estrategia de Marketing Digital?

¿Te atreves a innovar?

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