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The Best of TAROT 3: Practice

by Stanislavs Musinskis

The Complete Tarot Reading Basic Course
The book that will help you understand the basics of Tarot, to become a professional tarot reader and maybe start your own successful private practice.
The course consists of four books.

1st unit – Major Arcana THEORY + PRACTICE (Cards Meanings & Combinations)

2nd unit – Minor Arcana THEORY + Tarot Card Meanings & Combinations

3rd unit – Tarot spreads + guidance of Office Equipment. Getting customers: the rules of attraction.
4th unit Theory knowledge test and certificate of the tarot .

The time you spend reading this book will greatly expand your horizons.
You will be able to advance your career, to find more luck in your life, maintain positive relationships.
With the help of tarot cards will be easier to understand and define the nature of people.
Tarot cards can guide you towards making the right decision in difficult situations.
Also you will be able to significantly increase your popularity among friends and acquaintances and to start your own private practice.

Taming the Rancher: Mail Order Bride (Brides and Twins Book 2)

by Natalie Dean

When Bonnie arrives at the Kennesaw Ranch, she finds that her handsome beau is still sowing his wild oats. Can this charming rancher be tamed by her savvy ways? Or will Bonnie decide to pack her bags and head back homeâ?¦

Bonnie Yankovich is twenty years old and particular. None of the young coal miners in Pittsburgh suit her, so her mother tells her it’s time she looked elsewhere for a husband.

That’s when Bonnie decides to head west to Texas to marry Zachary Taylor Kennesaw; the handsome grandson of a strong-willed woman who rules her twin grandsons the way she rules her ranch. BUT…when Bonnie meets her husband-to-be, he’s wearing nothing but his trousers and a winning smile; he lost his clothes in a poker game.

William Henry Kennesaw, as unlike his twin brother as a saloon is from a Sunday school, is mourning the loss of his beloved and in him, Bonnie finds a friend. But when Zachary Taylor starts showing signs of cold feet, and his friends start to tease him about losing his freedom when he’s married, Bonnie knows that she has to prove to her husband, and his poker buddies, that marriage isn’t going to be the end of him. And if that means going into a saloon herself to prove it, then that’s where Bonnie will go!

What will Zachary Taylor and his friends think of Bonnie when she shows up at the saloon?!? Will Bonnie be savvy enough to tame Zachary Taylor, or will her plan backfire on her?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Download this book now to join Bonnie as she tames the handsome rancher Zachary. It’s book 2 for the Brides and Twins series, but can be read as a standalone book. Several bonus stories included!

Falling for the Billionaire (A Clean Billionaire Romance Book 4)

by Anne-Marie Meyer

Two lost souls make a whole.

Baker Paige Williams is trying to make a new life for herself in New York after her father lost his business and passed away. Living with her quirky aunt isn’t the life she pictured for herself, but she’s determined to make her bakery succeed and do her father proud. Everything is going as planned until she meets James, a high powered billionaire who’s breaking all the rules that she thought went along with the wealthy.

Billionaire James Callahan has a golden finger. Every business he invests in becomes a multi-million dollar company almost overnight. Life would be perfect, if that was the life he wanted. After his twin sister passes away from MS, he discovered that a high powered life isn’t exactly what he wants. Problem is, he’s not sure what else he’s good at. When he meets Paige, the baker who seems to have everything figured out, he can’t help but want to spend more time with her.

When a friendly philanthropy search turns out to be more and they discover just how different their worlds really are, they must decide what’s most important before they lose everything they hold dear.

Secrets of the Most Holy Place

by Don Nori

Here is a prophetic parable you will read again and again. The winds of God are blowing, drawing you to His Life within the Veil of the Most Holy Place. There you begin to see as you experience a depth of relationship your heart has yearned for. This book is a living, dynamic experience with God!

Secrets of the Most Holy Place, Vol. 2: Discovering the Wonders of the Christ Within: Volume 2

by Don Nori

Heaven is my destination, but it is not my destiny. Many will reach their destination, but few will achieve their destiny.

Prophetic parable matures into prophetic reality as His presence draws us into the realm of ‘all God.’ Here, what we believe becomes what we experience and what we know becomes flesh in mere mortal man.

When we leave Egypt, we leave the bondage we hate, but when we leave the wilderness, we must leave the sin we crave. But He will not condemn what He has redeemed. His Blood covers us until His Power delivers us.

This book is not for the casual reader. It is for those who hunger, not for education, but for reality; not for religion, but for Him.

The world awaits the love of a people who know they are forgiven.

Breaking Demonic Strongholds: Defeating the Lies of Satan

by Don Nori

There is no doubt that discernment will be the most important tool in the arsenal of the believer in the years to come. We must be able to recognize, understand, and withstand onslaught of the evil one. When we can see the lies we believe, we begin our recovery and growth in our spiritual life. This is a how to book that every believers needs for daily fulfillment of God s dream for his life. Since the enemy is defeated and has no genuine power of us, he must use deception to sap us of our strength, our hope, our future. We can spend our time fulfilling our calling rather than fighting these lies, thus using our anointing to for the purpose of growth, peace and the joy of the Lord. Breaking Demonic Strongholds exposes these deadly lies of the enemy and explores just how these lies are so easily believed even though they are so obvious. The book also includes principles of understanding discernment and allowing discernment to have its rightful place in our lives. Multi-dimensional living and communication is explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms. When we understand who we are and how we are made, we can begin to use everything God has already given us for a fruitful and full-filling life.

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