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Gunsmithing at Home: Necessary Tools, Techniques and Basics to Become a Gunsmith: (Survival Guide, Prepping)

by Tommy Edwards

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Gunsmithing at Home

Necessary Tools, Techniques and Basics to Become a Gunsmith

Welcome to Gunsmithing at Home: Necessary Tools, Techniques and Basics to Become a Gunsmith, an introductory book introducing the art of Gunsmithing, what’s involved, and how you can become one. The Gunsmithing industry definitely has many closed doors when it comes to learning the craft and just recently those have doors begun to open up as many have found the internet a wonderful place to share the knowledge but in a disorganized mess, which is where this book can come in handy to figure out where to find the knowledge you need. This book is designed to point you in the best direction to become a gunsmith and give you advice that will help you along the path, not teach you the massive craft of gunsmithing.

In the first chapter, we will go over the different industries and areas of knowledge that will give you a massive boost when you are on your path to learning how to be a gunsmith, such as:

  • What CAD is
  • Why CAD is important in nearly any custom job you do as a gunsmith
  • Why you want to know woodworking and metalworking in the gunsmithing industry

The second and third chapter will quickly go over what purposes you will serve as a gunsmith and what tools you will eventually have in your shop to get most of your jobs done. The second chapter mainly goes over what you will be doing once you gain enough experience to become a gunsmith. The third chapter is a list of the different tools used in a gun shop on a nearly daily basis.

The fourth and fifth chapters will go over vital techniques you need to use as a gunsmith to ensure you perform your work unharmed and steps you need to take to gain entrance into gunsmithing, such as:

  • Why you still need safety glasses even when you aren’t touching machinery or blow torches
  • How you can gain professional experience in local shops
  • Understanding the limitations of both yourself and your tools

This book is designed to point you down the appropriate avenues to gain the knowledge you need to become a great gunsmith, what tools you’ll end up needing along the way, how to stay safe, how to increase your knowledge around gunsmithing, and how to defeat the Catch 22 of working as a gunsmith in a shop.

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The Practical Survival Guide for Kids: A Basic How to Survive and be Prepared in the Wilderness

by Weise Weasel

Getting lost is a scary experience. You may not know where you are or when someone will be able to find you again. You may worry about how long you will be out there, where you will be able to safely sleep, how to find fresh food and water, and even how to stay protected from dangerous animals in the wild. If you get lost and are not sure what to do, this guidebook has all the information to help you out.
Inside this guidebook, we will take a look at some of the basics that you need to know in order to get yourself to safety and to ensure you are found by others in no time. Some of the topics we will discuss include:
-What to do when you get lost
-How to signal for help
-How to make your own shelter
-How to deal with wild animals who may try to bother you
-Staying away from bugs and insects and how to treat injuries of those occur
-How to find your own food
-Finding fresh water to stay safe
-Packing a good first aid kit
-How to deal with extreme weather conditions
-How to navigate with the help of your GPS, a map, or a compass
-And so much more.
Make sure to take a look through this guidebook to see just how easy it is to get started with surviving in the wilderness in no time!

Paracord and Knots Big Collection: 173 Paracord, Tying Knots and Macrame Projects: (Knots Projects, Paracord Projects, Macrame Projects)

by Evan Cameron

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Paracord and Knots Big Collection: 173 Paracord, Tying Knots and Macrame Projects

Book 1. Survival Paracord: Over 15 Paracord Projects That Will Help You In Dangerous Situations

Book 2. Paracord Knife: Top 10 Ways To Wrap Your Knife Wth Paracord

Book 3. Paracord Crafts: 12 Cute Paracord Crafts For Fashion, Function, and Survival

Book 4. Paracord: 15 Paracord Projects of Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Dog Leashes and Other Useful things You Can Make Yourself

Book 5. Outdoor Knots: 20 Prepper’s Lessons On How To Tie Waterproof Essential Outdoor Knots

Book 6. Macrame: 20 Exquisite Projects For Your Home

Book 7. Macrame: 6 Basic Macrame Knots and Patterns With Easy Tips, Instructions And Illustrations

Book 8. Macrame: 20 Very Nice Macrame Projects For Beginners

Book 9. Knots: 20 Lessons On Tying And Using Knots With Step by Step Instructions

Book 10. Knot Crafts: 20 Easy DIY Rope Knot Projects To Beautify Your Home

Book 11. Decorative Knots: 15 Unique and Fusion Ornamental Knots With Step-by-Step Illustrated Instruction

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The Golf Course Millionaire: How To Turn Relationships Into Big Business Through Golf

by Robin Richter

When properly applied, golf has the amazing power to introduce you to interesting and influential people; to establish lasting relationships with movers and shakers; and to help you reach your full potential in your career and in your social circles. In short, golf has the incredible power to improve your life! Robin Richter, former golf pro, has been playing golf for over four decades. She has built her successful promotional products company, Wearable Imaging, Inc., through the many meaningful relationships that were developed on the golf course. In her book, The Golf Course Millionaire, Robin shares how a great hobby can lead to fulfillment both on the course and off; in business and developing lasting friendships and alliances. If you’re an avid golfer, this book will help you to use the sport to improve your life. If you don’t play golf, she provides ways to use golf to connect with influencers too! Get Robin’s book to leverage the amazing power of golf and witness the transformation that will happen to you!

Eat This for Performance in Hockey

by Pearle Nerenberg

Eat This for Performance in Hockey is an easy to follow guide to advanced sports nutrition for hockey players. Available in print online and as a convenient clickable ebook. Masters level Sports Dietitian and long time hockey player, Pearle Nerenberg teamed up with hockey super mom, Margot Lacoste to create the most useful guide ever written for hockey players. The future of hockey performance is in sports nutrition, and this guide holds all the answers to your questions.

What people are saying about this book…
“Eat This for Performance in Hockey is a great read. I found it to be informative and easy to understand. This book will help hockey players (young and old alike) to maximize their on-ice performance”
– Linda Staal, hockey mom to four nhl players

“As a p.e. teacher, i am always looking for teaching material that is easy to read, understand and follow. Eat This for Performance in Hockey is perfect for anybody that is interested in elevating their sports performance and improving their general sports nutrition. This book demonstrates that, despite all the hard training an athlete puts in, poor nutrition habits can lead to poor performance. Look after what you eat and you will increase your success!”
– Mike Homsy, Phys ed teacher at John Abbott College, Olympic Basketball Referee

Who is Eat This for Performance in Hockey written for?
The Nutrition Edge for Hockey Performance is written for all hockey players who are aspiring to take their game to the next level. The question and answer format of the book makes it really easy to get a quick answer to every nutrition question. The language is easy enough for young hockey players to understand, but make no mistake, the guidelines in the book are the same guidelines Pearle gives to her Olympians and NHL clients. Parents will also really benefit from our book. At the back of the book, we have menu plans and recipes that are family friendly. We have teamed up with S.O.S. Cuisine to offer custom meal plans to busy families. S.O.S. Cuisine is an online meal planning website that gives you recipes and grocery lists. Finally, this book is really a must-read for coaches. We answer questions that coaches often get from their players. We tackle important topics like what should young players be doing to gain weight, the value of sports drinks, how to stay energetic during tournaments and many more.

Unfortunately, many aspiring hockey players are misinformed and are turning to supplements to give them an edge. Any top performance, including an Olympic gold medal winning performance, does not rely on supplements. We show this in the form of a pyramid that we call the Top Performance Pyramid. The most important part of the pyramid is the base. Without a good base diet, proper training (which is necessary for improving performance) is not optimized. Supplements in the absence of a good base diet do not work, and may not even work with a good base diet, so they sit precariously on the edge of the pyramid. But, what exactly is a “good base diet”? Eat This for Performance in Hockey shows hockey players specifically which foods to eat, in what amounts, and when they should be aiming to eat these foods.

“Very valuable book! The material covers a wide range of most critical youth hockey nutrition topics. Easy to read and comprehend. Great tool for coaches and parents alike. Written with passion and true understanding of what a youth athlete’s nutritional needs are! ”

– Dana Filatova, MS, CNS, LDN

Bug Out Bag Essentials: Bug Out Bag Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About

by Russell Winters

Do you have everything you need in your bug out bag?

This bug out bag survival guide reveals some of the most important – and often overlooked – items you need to have in your bag.


* The cheap, safe fire starter that should be in every bug out bag.

* Why most bug out bags are too small – and how to find one with enough space.

* What to carry to survive freezing temperatures at night.

* The one type of clothing you should NEVER carry in your bag.

* Why most tents will fail to protect you… and how to find the right tent.

* What should be in your first aid medical kit?

* Which common items you should bring to avoid getting horribly sick.

* The simple, lightweight item that can have many uses – including harvesting water and serving as an emergency sleeping bag.

…and many more bug out bag secrets to help you survive SHTF!

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