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Radical Brilliance: The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-changing ideas

by Arjuna Ardagh

Why did Albert Einstein discover the general theory of relativity, Jane Goodall advance our understanding of primatology, and Steve Jobs change the way we think of computers and phones, while many other people live lives of quiet imitation? What are the components that contribute to an original and brilliant life?
In this highly innovative new book, Arjuna Ardagh shows us how brilliance can become more of a predictable outcome and less of an accident: when four very different kinds of focus, brain functioning, and activity co-exist together. When we can move freely through these four phases of the “Brilliance Cycle” each day, each week, each year and during the life of a project, Ardagh suggests that every human being has the chance to make a unique contribution to the evolution of human life. As well as this map of the brilliance cycle, Radical Brilliance also covers many very practical factors that affect peak brain performance: including diet, sleep, supplements, sexuality, friendship and vacations.

Hazlo Fácil: Escribe tu ebook en 40 días (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Rodríguez Martín

Hazlo fácil es tu plan para conseguir tu meta en 40 días.

¿Tienes miedo a CUMPLIR TUS SUE�OS?

“En el universo hay una fuerza inconmensurable que aquellos que viven de la fuente llaman INTENCIÃ?N y todo lo que existe está ligado a la intención por un vínculo”.

El libro que tienes en tus manos ha sido escrito en 40 días gracias a la fuerza del universo, dios o la intención.

Espero que este libro te sirva para:

Escribir tu plan de acción facilmente.
Hacer lo que te gusta y rodearte de gente feliz.
Confiar en el poder de la fuente, dios o el universo.

Si no estás donde quieres has elegido TENER RAZ�N y le has dado la espalda a DIOS. Ahora puedes corregir el error.

Sígueme en y que dios te bendiga


Sales Is Mashed Potatoes

by Tim Northburg

If life is like a box of chocolates, then sales is like a pot of mashed potatoes. Enjoy this pocket guide filled with light anecdotes as it relates sales to mashed potatoes. Use this inspiring philosophy to help motivate yourself and keep focused on achieving success in selling. Whether you are selling cars, real estate, phones, pork and beans, or widgets this philosophy can work for you.

Healthcare Marketing in the Digital Times

by Olivia Flaggert

Are you a physician looking to grow your new patient base through online marketing? If so, then this book is for you! Today, patients are going online to find their doctor, and it is more important than ever for healthcare providers to show up online when patients are searching. Learn how doctors can use SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and other online techniques to increase new patient appointments. Includes 30 Days of Facebook Post Ideas!

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