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�னி விவ�ாயம் ��ய்ய வ�ண்�ாம் (Tamil Edition)

by �ு�ுமார் �ு

நவ�ன விவ�ாயத்தால் �ன்ன ந�ந்தது �ன்பது �ுறித்தும், �னி �யற்�� விவ�ாயம் ஏன் ��ய்ய வ�ண்�ும் �ன்பது �ுறித்தும் ந�லில் ��றப்ப�்�ுள்ளது.

Mind Development: How to Fully Develop Your Mind

by eoin omson

You may not know it, but your mind is the vessel that dictates your future. If you take it for granted and do not work toward its full development, you will never live life to the full potential because life is more than simply breathing. It’s all about knowing why you live and what your inner purpose is.

In this book, we teach you how to develop your mind so that you know what life’s purpose is and so that you gain more from your life than you otherwise would do. Think of life as a journey. If you leave on a journey but have no idea where you are going, your chances of getting there are diminished.

Now think of another journey. The route is mapped out. You know where you are heading and you also know who you are and what it takes to maximize the pleasure and the learning that you experience. In this case, you are better prepared for life and are more likely to notice the special things in life that other people don’t.

If you have ever felt that your life is not fulfilled, it’s because you haven’t developed your mind. You are allowing outside influences to dictate what your life is like and it doesn’t have to be like that. You can always improve your learning and develop your mind to such an extent that you stand above the crowd and have more control over the life that you live.

How do I know this? I used to believe that the course of my life was mapped out by others. I ambled through it believing I had no control over the dramas as they unfolded. However, when I did learn that it was me who was holding the steering wheel, everything changed and it can change for you as well. You just have to believe you want things to change and know what those changes are. Once that happens, magic unfolds itself and probability replaces possibility.

Statistics for Absolute Beginners

by O. Theobald

Data is collected constantly – who we frequently interact with online, where we go, and how we spend our money – and every tiny bit of data has a story to tell.

New fields of data analysis, including machine learning and data mining provide powerful tools to unlock patterns and hidden insights from the data that we’re creating in troves each day. But behind new techniques to analyze data remains a tried and tested way of looking for insight – one that long predates microchips and computers.

In this absolute beginner’s introduction, you will learn important techniques in inferential statistics, including linear regression, standard deviation, probability, hypothesis testing, and clustering analysis, to prepare you for further study in the field of statistics, applied research or data science.

Topics covered in this book:
Sampling & Permutations
Central Tendency Measures
Measures of Spread
Measures of Position
Hypothesis Testing
Binomial Probability
Regression Analysis
Clustering Analysis

Please feel welcome to join this hands-on introductory course by buying a copy, or sending a free sample to your preferred device.

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