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The Segmented Tail

by Stanley Straub

Have you ever thought about Area 51 and believed the story about aliens? Read my book, “The Segmented Tail” and you’ll find out more about what happened at Area 51. It’s a scary book. You’ll have to read it to believe it.

ARTHINK – Creativity Skills for 21st Century Careers

by C. Ray Frigard

Arthink explores the creative problem solving process by guiding the reader through a variety of challenge scenarios while applying essential creativity skills used by artists, inventors and designers in their development of works of art, inventions and new product concepts.

Previous art experience is not necessary. Individuals work at their personal level of artistic competency (even stick figures) where original thinking and idea communication is what matters. Clear objectives and challenge-statements involve the reader in the idea generation process by using simple everyday materials. This method would be beneficial for anyone interested in: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Engineering, Invention, Education or any area that requires an innovative approach to challenges.

A basic understanding of the creative problem solving process can be gained by simply reading through the book or to truly engage and draw out your own creativity use the materials listed to go through the various challenges. The author draws on over 40 years experience with leading design, research and development groups, as well as from being an inventor, artist/sculptor, product designer and creativity educator.

Meaningful learning involves the head, heart and hands. Arthink connects all three in developing creative independent thinking while advancing creativity skills in collaboration. Using a hands-on methodology, it applies fundamentals of the arts for original thinking and clear communication of ideas. Project challenges are designed to engage the reader in challenge scenarios that lead them through the creative problem solving process while applying 12 creativity skills.

An important component of Arthink is learning to express your creative ideas to others, so at the end of each lesson the reader/student prepares a presentation that explains their solution using sketches, models and/or written material.

The four step creative problem solving process is concisely outlined for ease of understanding. Define, Generate, Evaluate and Implementation. This simple process when used with the twelve creativity skills can lead to unexpected “out of the box” solutions.

Some benefits of Arthink creativity skills are as follows. Creativity: Students that have taken creativity classes learn to take risks and try new ideas when understanding that failure is an essential part of successful innovation. Collaboration Skills: An important ingredient for innovation in business is the ability to brainstorm and work with others in the creative problem solving process. Focus: Its easy to focus when we are exercising our imaginations and having a good time. Learning to focus is critical in problem solving. Retention: Research shows that retention rates are higher when involved in hands-on learning. Originality: Each activity calls for original thinking. The idea of coming up with an original concept is very rewarding and boosts self-image. Transference: Learning creativity skills will serve individuals well in other areas of education, social and future work life. Discover talents/interest: Through using the creativity skills, individuals have an opportunity to try new areas of potential interest in sketching, model building, art, and invention.

It is widely excepted that creativity skills will be critical for careers in the 21st century. Arthink offers instruction in developing those skills which actually are available to anyone who is willing explore their innate reserve of creative potential through the project challenges in the book.

The Elements of Style ( Fourth Edition ) ( A to Z Classics)

by William Strunk

Auteur Strunk, William, 1869-1946
Titre The Elements of Style
Langue Anglais
Classe LoC PE: Language and Literatures: English
Sujet English language — Rhetoric
Sujet English language — Style
Sujet Report writing

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