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Marrying a Billionaire: Women Inspirational Story

by jvr publishing

When Ellie stepped out of the bookshop where she was working for the past two years, she found out that it was raining heavily. She was very late to go home today and missed her last bus.
Dark grey clouds had decreased the visibility, and intense rainfall produced drumming sounds in all directions. Angry clouds roared in the form of lightning and scared her.
Though she stood under a shelter to wait for a taxi, she could feel soft and cool drizzling on her beautiful fair body. Her brown hair flowed over her shoulders. Her long black dress made her skin shine more. She was wearing black leather boots.
After waiting for half an hour and no way to find a ride, she saw the shadow of a man with an umbrella, heading towards her from afar. His face was hidden by his umbrella, and he was a tall, well-built and athletic man.
When the man was a few feet away, she tilted her lean body to identify who the man was; it was Joey, her childhood friendâ?¦
Now both adults, Joey can’t help but have feelings for Ellie, but she’s not showing signs that she feels the same way. Thus, knowing that she would never accept a lavish gift such as an expensive dress from him as a present, he leaves it on her doorstep as an anonymous gift, which she assumes doesn’t belong to her. He then suggests that she claim it as her own if it doesn’t get unclaimed. Will he ever admit to her that it was he who left it for her?
Meanwhile, the dress is for Ellie to wear to a business party, where she meets a rich man named Mark. They fall for each other and he starts to romance her. But will she choose him or Joey?

The Highlander (The Rise of The Aztecs Book 1)

by Zoe Saadia

You can also enjoy CROSSING WORLDS – the 2nd book in the RISE OF THE AZTECS series – for only 99 cents.
Born in the Highlands, Kuini thought his life was simple. You hunt and you fight, defending your towns against the raids of the Lowlanders and then raiding their lands in turn. His father was the Warriors’ Leader, and he wanted to be just like him.

Yet, Texcoco, the mighty Capital of the Lowlands, seemed incredibly beautiful, sparkling, its pyramids magnificent. A friendship with the Lowlander boy, the First Son of the Texcoco Emperor, seemed harmless in the beginning. They were just boys, and their clandestine meetings were always fun, providing great entertainment.

However, on the day Kuini agrees to finally enter the magnificent city, it would all change. He expected to get into trouble, but he could not foresee the extent of the trouble and, worst of all, he did not expect to uncover hidden secrets concerning his own family.

Highland Blazing: Highlander Romance Collection

by Raina Wilde

War. Passion. Vengeance. Love.

A steamy collection of highlander romance.

Claimed by the Enemy Highlander
War is everything to Aigneis McGowan. Since her father’s death, her life has been driven by one thing: revenge.

She is twenty-oneâ??a beautiful, fiery woman; leader of her clan and undisputed swords-woman. But when she comes face to face with the object of her hateâ??the heir to the clan who killed her fatherâ??the views which have shaped her life are challenged in ways she did not think possible.

On the battlefield, leading her clan against the man she has come to love, Aigneis finds that some questions have no easy answers, and sometimes vengeance entraps us.

The Rebellious Highlander Bride
Highland feuds are brutal. And sometimes their resolutions are just as devastating.

At eighteen, Isabeal McNottâ??only daughter of the grimly powerful warlord Daniel McNottâ??is given in marriage to a man she has never met, in exchange for land, titles and a truce with their enemy.

Feisty, and determined make her loathsome new husband’s life miserable, Isabeal finds herself tossed into a world of dark secrets, hidden intrigues, and powerful men who stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

But, in the midst of all the chaos is a growing tenderness for the man she has been bound to so reluctantly. Will Isabeal and her new husband rise above the pain and danger of their childhoods, clearing their own path in this dangerous world? And will Isabeal choose to love this man, or will her vow to dissent against her father win out over true love?

Forbidden Highland Love
In Frances McCraig’s harsh world, marriage is an act of duty, not of love.

Innocent and gentle, her childhood is shattered when her father, indebted and desperate, barters her hand in marriage against his mounting debts to Laird Jamie McNeil. Arrogant, brutish and cruel, Laird Jamie is nothing a young lady would ask for in a husband.

After a desperate attempt to end her own life results in a burgeoning love affair with Duncan, the handsome son of a neighboring Laird, Frances is torn between joy and danger, as her possessive, thwarted husband seeks vengeance on the lovers.

Duncan’s family has secrets. And Frances has allies. Will that be enough to let them rise above the odds and make a life together?

Three stand alone tales of passion, love and war; set in the stark and lofty wild of the Scottish Highlands.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mature themes and language intended for 18+ readers only.

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Verba (Spanish Edition)

by José García Ortega

En 1504 cuatro Grandes Maestres de cuatro Grandes �rdenes reciben las cuatro partes de un extraño acertijo que deben resolver para acudir a una reunión secreta.
Más de quinientos años después, una pareja de traductores recibirá el encargo más misterioso y mejor pagado al que se hayan enfrentado jamás: descifrar el mensaje que se esconde detrás de los fragmentos de un Mezzo Incastrato oculto en originales de la ‘Grammática’ de Nebrija.
Ayudados de un sabio anticuario, una audaz empresaria y un documentalista con contactos, los traductores, convertidos en osados investigadores, tratarán de resolver el misterio antes de que lo hagan los peligrosos secuaces de un corrupto político.
“Verba” es una novela de misterio e intrigas históricas, un rompecabezas documental en el que sus personajes, al mismo tiempo que los lectores, se devanarán los sesos por encajar las piezas de la investigación mientras se dejan arrastrar a otros puzzles sentimentales no menos atractivos.

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