Free sports Kindle books for 25 Apr 18

Survival Training: Killer Tips for Toughness and Secret Smart Survival Skills

by Wesley Jones

Become the ultimate survivor!

We’ve all seen the TV shows, and we all know it could come down to this: Survival in the wild. When you’re on your own, away from civilization, you must know what to do, or you will die. Understanding our physical bodies, what they need, and what nature provides, lies at the basis of getting through a desert, jungle, or mountain climate or landscape. Well, we’ll help you get there, by telling you about:

Keeping your feet healthy, which is one of the most important things to move along.

Survival apps you can download on your phone (assuming you’ll have your phone).

Ways to purify water, so you can stay hydrated.

Using a compass and map to find your way through the wilderness.

Scavenging methods to find food and water.

Avoid scams and tourist traps backpackers sometimes come across in different countries.

Taking the weather, natural disasters, and other situations into account.

Things you need to remember when hiking and having more energy.

And much more!

Forget the boy scouts or girl scouts. This information can elevate your way of thinking in a life-or-death situation, and when everyone else around you is perplexed, you’ll know what to do. Become the hero you’re meant to be.

Survival: How To Make A Smoke Bomb

by Ryan Page


How To Make A Smoke Bomb

This book will give you a number of ways to make or prep a smoke bomb for your wooded travels. If you are trying to survive, then one of the best ways to signal in a rescue helicopter when you truly need it is to signal them down with a smoke bomb. Smoke bombs are also great for providing cover while you run away and quite a number of other desperately needed options in the wild. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how a smoke bomb is made, this is the book that has the knowledge you seek

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