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Twisted Fairy Tales Books 1-3

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Three Unlimited Alphasâ??Thee Kings that will leave you breathlessâ??each one sexier than the other.

Ready to read the Snow White inspired fairy tale, The Ice King? Yanni must repair her reputation in order to become Queen, and with the right man by her side she can change her future.
In The Alpha King, Red seeks help from the one and only, Alpha King. A hot, arrogant werewolf who’s had his eye on her since he stepped foot into Farrington.
No fairy tale collection is complete without Cinderella. In The Vampire King meet Cindy. Will she put her trusts in a drunken hooker, who promises to get her to the ball to see her beloved Prince?
These three twisted fairy tales will drive you wild. Grab this limited time fairy tale boxed set now and begin your fairy tale adventure.

The Lion’s Den

by Perrin Briar

Robert McDowell has fallen in love. It was love at first sight. He buys her dinner, enjoys stimulating conversation, and goes to bed dreaming about seeing her again soon.

But there’s more to his date than meets the eye.

Stone Breed: A Stone Cold Novella (The Stone Cold Novella Series Book 1)

by J.D. Weston

Two gangs collide. Two hit-men square off. A baby boy tips the balance.

When two gangs go head to head in the battle for priceless stolen art, east London’s most feared hitman is awoken. But when Leo Stone’s family are threatened, someone will pay with blood.

If you enjoy fast-paced, gritty crime thrillers, with action, humour and savage brutality, then you’ll love Stone Breed.

Stone Breed is the prequel to the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series by J.D.Weston.

Enter the Stone Cold world now. Buy Stone Breed and find out how the legend began.

My Name is Nelson: Pretty Much the Best Novel Ever

by Dylan Fairchild

From The Indie View: “A brilliant and unique novelâ?¦in terms of sheer storytelling mastery, it’s one of the best books we’ve seen in awhile. We give ‘My Name Is Nelson’ five-plus stars and look forward to an equally well-written sequel…it’s a tremendously entertaining storyline with rich characterization and cinematic action scenes. It’s safe to say the author’s crafted a potential bestseller — and, possibly, a hit movie.” (Don Sloan)

President Andrew MacIntyre was having a pretty good first year in the Oval Office. Suddenly, during what should have been a peaceful Christmas season, he’s facing one of the worst national security crises in American history. And it’s being masterminded out of a sleazy, New Mexico strip joint? What the hell?

Is this a political thriller? Or is it science fiction? A zany comedy? Perhaps it’s a love story. Whatever it is, it’s a riveting page-turner with a little sex appeal, and a lot of laughs. If “Doctor Strangelove” can find the humor in nuclear war, then surely there’s a little bit of laughter lurking in unmanned aviation, as well as some serious, heartfelt moments.

It’s little wonder White House National Security Advisor Chet Addington* said this was, “Pretty much the best novel ever.” **

* Absolutely, positively, not a real person
** He’s been known to be wrong about stuff

Never Forget Me: Complete Series Box Set

by Brooklyn Jones

A collection of NINE standalone romances with HEAs and no cliffhangers.

Never Forget Me

F*ck and forget.
Brunette, busty, and legs for days, Melissa thinks she owns me after only one night.
But nothing can make me stray from my dark path.
Melissa has an ace up her sleeve. She’s pregnant with my heir.
Now I’ll have to choose between my club or my family.


But I can’t fall in love. He’s my captor.
The way his rough hands hold me… his lips pressed to mine. He taught me how to use my body in ways I never imagined.
I need to escape before I fall too deep…

Biker’s Heir

Natalie was a mistake. One hot sexy mistake.
It was only supposed to be one night. But I let her get too close.
Now she shows up pregnant and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them both.
Natalie and my heir are all that matters.

Stone Cold

Before Winter came into my life…
I only cared about getting into bed with the next one on the list.
Now, the sight of her makes time freeze and I forget about everyone else.
But the coming storm is catching up to me and Winter will get caught in the mayhem.
I’ll do whatever it takes to safe guard her.
Nobody f*cks with me and my woman.


What if you found the one?
And she slipped through your fingers…
Rebel was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.
Four years later, he walks out a free man.
But his one love has moved on.
Those beautiful eyes will never forgive him and it’s the hardest thing for Rebel to swallow.


She desperately needs help. I’m just the man to protect her.
I’m minding my own business at a bar when a goddess takes my order. She says her name is Riley.
She doesn’t know it yet but she’s in danger.
I’ll have to use all my skills and resources to keep her safe.
I’ll do whatever it takes…

Royal Surprise

Alexander never told me he was royalty.
He was just another arrogant b*stard at the pub trying to get into my pants.
And I let him…
When I found out who he was, I did what I always did and ran away.
I wasn’t cut out to be a princess.
But now I’m carrying his heir and I’ll do whatever it takes to make this fairy tale come true.


What if one moment in time controlled your fate?
I wasn’t ready for a commitment. It was only supposed to be one night.
Now she’s carrying my heir.
Can I give it all up to protect them?


I’m a Ranger of the Old Forest, Protector of the Kingdom of Rian.
After rescuing Jennifer, she’s made me rethink everything.
She’s the woman I’ve always been searching for…

Healing A Broken Spirit – Amish Romance (Love’s Healing Touch Book 2)

by Melanie Schmidt

Zebadiah Kauffman has grown into a young man, surrounded by the love of his close-knit Amish family. When he sees timid Leah Roth at church, he’s moved to act on the fear he sees in her eyes. His action may have unexpected, violent consequences, though, and he may end up hurting the quiet young woman who’s caught his eye.

Will God’s hand work in the lives of Zebadiah and Leah?
Will the Roth family ever recover from the secret they’ve hidden for so long?

Best-Selling Amish Christian fiction writer Melanie Schmidt spins another heartwarming tale in “Healing a Broken Spirit.”

Healing A Broken Heart
Healing A Broken Spirit
Healing A Broken Soul

The Mask of Anonymity: A Story of the American West

by Preston Malone

His charm is contagious. He speaks seven foreign languages. He wears a tuxedo to the opera.  But when he leaves his beloved New Orleans and straps on his Colt he becomes the most dangerous man alive.
Years following his brother’s gruesome murder a professional gunman of enormous courage and determination is at the top of his profession.  Once a wealthy New Orleans businessman, he renounced this life and vowed retribution while kneeling at his brother’s grave.  Now he is an unstoppable force who would travel to the ends of the Earth to get justice for the oppressed. He operates in the shadows; concealing his name and his heart.  Yet whispered tales of his deeds are widespread and soon will catapult him to fame as the most storied legend of the American West.   

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