Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 26 Apr 18

Il suffit ton regard…: Poesie (French Edition)

by Jean Venel CASSEUS

“Il suffit ton regard…” est une poésie forte et bouleversante. Elle porte en elle une vengeance musicienne sur les mots et les sensibilités parfaitement fragiles.

Blue & White, Happy Birthday Israel Book For Kids

by Rachel Mintz

Colorful Illustrated Rhyming Book For Kids

This cute rhyming book is for preschool children and their parents.
For young and older kids who LOVE Israel and miss a heart beat when they see the Blue & White flag flying high. This book was created to celebrate the 69 independence day of the country of Israel, and for all those who support it around the world..

Enjoy short rhymes, as a bed time story, or a picture book to browse.

Get them to recognize the Jewish flag, the blue and white, the two strips and the blue Star of David in the Middle.

Familiar Shadows: A tale from the Federal Witch Universe (Familiar Magic Book 1)

by Taki Drake

Some days are just BAD. A couple of thousand feet in the air, hanging from eagle talons and bleeding out. Just a typical bad day for a rebellious cat. Meet Dascha, a perfect example of contrariness and smarts. This young Russian Blue is not interested in following the family business, at all! But a moment of inattention leads to danger and pain, and she is left with some hard decisions to make. Will she survive mage attacks, wolves, and, worst of all, her instructors?

The Untraditional Family

by Lisa A. Smith-Ford

I met my dream man, and we wanted a family. Since the day we married, our lives have been plagued by sickness, poverty, and infertility. More than anything we wanted to be parents. Our path led us to adoption. We thought it would be easy to adopt through the state, especially since they help cover the expenses. What we didn’t know was the brokenness that lives inside each of these children and the corrupt system that does anything to find a placement, even lie. This four-part series will lead you through our journey, and you will be moved to tears and angry at the events as they unfold. Life isn’t fair, but when you deal with a screwed-up system, it’s downright brutal. Through it all, I try to keep a light heart and laugh as much as possible. For if we don’t smile occasionally, we will drown in our own tears.

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