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How to Deal with Your Spouse’s Depression

by Michelle Anderson

Has your relationship with your spouse been struggling since they were diagnosed with depression? Do you feel frustrated, guilty, or just plain helpless about what to do or how to help? Don’t give up just yet: there are always options. How to Deal with Your Spouse’s Depression can help you whether it be suggesting coping methods, increased knowledge about depression itself, or just small ways to remind yourself that you are still empowered. You have the ability to turn your relationship around again.

Taking Time To Take Care of Yourself

Depression is a tricky illness. It can be difficult to know the right thing to say to snap someone out of their gloom. However, it’s also important to remember the difficult strain it can have on you yourself. The key is to find balance and time between taking care of your spouse and taking care of yourself. You’ll learn coping methods both for your partner when they are having a hard time as well as for yourself when you feel your patience wearing thin. It’s important to discover activities that can help you gain your own energy back, and this book will help do just that. It’s important to help your spouse, but it’s also important to help yourself.

Understanding the Psychology

Seeking out a psychologist can be intimidating. Therapy can be a difficult process, not just for your spouse but for you as well. You’ll learn how to look for signs of an effective psychologist, as well as a crash course in basic medical and mental health terms. Support during therapy is a great way to help your spouse, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn key words and phrases that will help encourage them to continue treatment. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in offering help to your spouse.

Alternative Treatments

Treatment is complicated. Doctors are always eager to prescribe a variety of medications. An overload of pills isn’t always the way to go and may not always work for your individual spouse, especially if it makes either of you uncomfortable. It’s important to know that while there’s always Prozac, there are also alternative means as well. You’ll learn more about the natural, organic healing power of herbs, as well as other treatments like St. John’s Wort.

How To Deal With Your Spouse’s Depression is not just an informative text on depression. It’s a fast, knowledgeable exercise in depression itself, and a reminder that even as your spouse is struggling, you don’t have to suffer alongside them. You can still be strong; you can still be happy.

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*Perfect for both husbands and wives, spouses who are tired and struggling, spouses who don’t know what to do, spouses who want to know the right things to say, and people looking for ways to find happiness in their lives.*

Toddler Development: Developmental Stages of the Growing Child

by K.K. Hampton

Toddler Development: Developmental Stages of the Growing Child

They’re not so big in size, but their screams could burst eardrums and their habits can really drive you nuts. There is no need to dress these little monstrosities up in a devil’s costume. That’s right; we are here to discuss possibly the most talked about stage of child development that’s right up there with the adolescent stage: the toddler stage. Cue the music for the Terrible Twos!

If you have stumbled upon this book, locked away in your room as you let your toddler rage around the house, it sounds like you have come to the right place! It is time to stop the never-winning war between you and your rapidly developing child.

The contents of this book include the following:

  • A peek inside the world of your toddler. Learn how toddlers perceive the big wide world around them.

  • Information about all the physical changes your toddler is enduring.

  • Discussion about the many neurological developments that are occurring in your toddler’s not so tiny brain.

  • Learning how to think like a toddler so that you can interpret and understand the world like they do.

  • Tips, tricks, and hacks to getting through the awful, most talked about stage of the “terrible twos”.

  • It is time to take the reigns back to ruling your household as a parent! Toddlers are smaller versions of us. In fact, they probably see the world in more detail than we do. Over the years, we have learned to tune out valuable pieces of the world around us, while our toddlers are taking everything in and interpreting the truckloads of information. It is no wonder they might be a bit moody, with all the changes happening within them as they try to perceive their world!

    This book is all about changing our mindsets not to necessarily think like our toddler(s), but to get on a level where you can not only assist them in proper healthy development but also truly get along with your child on a basis that not many parents ever get to. It is time to accept that your precious baby is no longer helpless. It is time to embrace your child’s developments with other actions other than screaming back at them or becoming frustrated. I can tell you this book will not solve all your issues, for there will still be days you want to give up and leave your small child to defend for themselves. But this book will help you survive the “Terrible Twos”, as well as even learn to enjoy your child while they are still this age. Your baby is growing up, and there is no slowing down.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

    How The Internet Killed Marriage

    by Guy Blaze

    Millennials aren’t getting married! According to the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of adults ages 18-29 were married in 1960. By 2011, that number had fallen to 20 percent. It’s even lower now, and we all know why. It’s the Internet the land of endless options. In this book Ill tell you how it all began, and how it’s all going to end!

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