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The Layman’s United States Constitution

by Timothy Imholt

The Constitution is the bedrock of all laws in this Nation. However, it is often misquoted, misunderstood, or largely misinterpreted (and perhaps ignored).

Timothy Imholt and Michael Garst are two veterans of the US Army from the enlisted ranks. This book was written by them in an attempt to help people understand this document and these principles.

In this book is the original Constitution. The challenge with understanding or interpreting the document is that the language is challenging. It is old and written in a way that makes it difficult to understand. After the original document is broken down article by article, section by section, a modern day language version of the document is provided. Every attempt was made to not change any meaning or have a political slant in this modernization process. The authors of this book have no political agenda. The intent is that people gain a better understanding of these passages in the way it was written.

Once the modernization of each Article, Section and Amendment is complete, a short discussion is provided in a way to be understandable by anyone and everyone who has interest in this topic. These are clearly labeled as discussion and are merely common sense interpretations or opinions of what these various things mean to us in our daily lives and how they should be applied.

Cosas que quiero decir (Spanish Edition)

by Salomé Moltó

La vida entera es un cúmulo de detalles, a veces insignificantes o que pasan desapercibidos, porque esperamos una explicación contundente de las cosas que nos ocurren.
Y no, es como los pequeñísimos puntos que constituyen una imagen fotográfica. Cada uno separado parecería falto de sentido, pero si los vamos colocando en su lugar, de pronto adquieren significado. Así, este libro está compuesto por aquellos hechos y acontecimientos que van formando nuestra vida. En cada uno de sus narraciones encontrarais alguno que otro mensaje, que, tu lector/a tendrás la oportunidad de advertir. Otra sección incluye pensamientos u opiniones sobre el acontecer en el rubro publico, lo cual refleja su posición política, su concepto de mundo. Un capitulo muy interesante, por obra de la autora, son textos compartidos con otros escritores. En ellos, los colaboradores han propuesto diversos finales a la narrativa, creando así un conjunto de posibilidades, que se ponen a tu disposición y a los cuales podrías imaginar tus propias propuestas, para hacerlo aún más interesantes.


by Pierre A. Kandorfer

A political satire
By Pierre A. Kandorfer

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This book was written five years ago. The author was years ahead of time of everybody.

The book is a razor-sharp satirical analysis of America’s worst nightmare vision: Liberals taking over our lives, our destiny. Good bye, American Dream. Good bye, American Way of Life. Good bye, our Freedom! A “must-read” for everybody concerned about America’s future.

Pierre Kandorfer tears down the mask of the American left-wing and their vision of a government-regulated, socialist society where everything goes. Surrender to the UN. Do what France and Germany want. Surrender US Constitution to the Int’l Court. Give up fighting Arab terrorists. Dismantle our armed forces. Dismantle our justice system. Open our borders to anybody. Pay for illegal’s insurance and welfare. Outlaw handguns. Allow illegal drugs. Kill the traditional family. Allow gay marriage. Allow sex with minors. Increase taxes for people who feed our economy. Kill our businesses who provide our jobs. Stop promoting democracy in the world.

The book is a hilarious satirical eye-opener, a description of a hypocrite movement on the left of our political spectrum. The radically left-drifting Democratic Party, the hazardously bias elite media, the phony Hollywood, the anarchy-driven ACLU, the agenda-focused US Courts, and a long list of non-profit foundations and organizations deadly committed to destroy our traditional values. Everything goes!

In his funny, satirical way, the author shows exactly what is going to happen very soon if we, the silent majority, don’t wake up and take action. We’re going to get what we vote for!

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Werewolf Killer: The True Story of a Russian Cop turned Serial Killer (Detectives True Crime Cases Book 8)

by C.L. Swinney

Mikhail Popkov seemed to live the perfect life. Beautiful family, rewarding career, admiration and respect of the entire police force he worked with. Yet underneath, he had a deadly secret no one would ever believe…he moonlighted as a serial killer.

His family and co-workers doubted his guilt in the beginning, but when he confessed to the crimes and led the police to his many dumping sites, they were horrified. In an effort to avoid Black Dolphin, Russia’s most feared prison, Popkov continued to list names and locations of more and more victims.

When his kill count climbed above 81 souls, everyone wondered what could have caused this seemingly ordinary man to snap, carry out a never-before-seen reign of terror on the people of Russia, and turn into the worse serial killer in Russian history.

Chris Swinney is the bestselling true crime author of:
– Robert Pickton: The Pig Farmer Killer
– The Killer Handyman: The True Story of William Patrick Fyfe
– Deadly Voices: The True Story of Serial Killer Herbert Mullin
– Peter Manuel: The Beast of Birkenshaw Serial Killer
– The Clairemont Killer: The True Story of Serial Killer Cleophus Prince, Jr.
– James Fairweather: The True Story of England’s Youngest Serial Killer
– Monster: True Story of Serial Killer Peter Kurten
– LIST OF 10: The True Story of Serial Killer Joseph Naso

He is also the author of the action/thriller “Bill Dix Detective Series”
Book 1 – Gray Ghost
Book 2 – The Cartel Enforcers
Book 3 – Sin City Assassin
Book 4 – Full Circle

Konservativ. Warum das gut ist.: Ein Appell (German Edition)

by Anette Schultner

Konservativ. Einst in den Medien und Parteien gut vertreten und salonfähig, doch nun? Kaum jemand traut sich noch, sich so zu nennen, weil eine politische Heimat fehlt.
Anette Schultner ist offen christlich-konservativ. Nun äu�ert sich die ehemalige AfD-Politikerin und Ex-Chefin der Christen in der AfD (ChrAfD) erstmals umfassend über ihr politisches Ringen und ihren Parteiaustritt. Ehrlich fragt sie, wer eigentlich noch politisch konservative Werte vertritt und fordert dazu auf, selbstbewusst für diese Werte zu stehen und in Politik und Gesellschaft Standpunkte zu beziehen.

اÙ?دÙ?Ù? Ù?اÙ?عÙ?Ù? Ù?اÙ?Ù?اÙ? (Arabic Edition)

by فرح Ø£Ù?Ø·Ù?Ù?

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