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CRYPTOCURRENCY WORLD: Beginners Guide – Investing and Trading in Today’s Blockchain, Mining, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, … Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum)

by Charlie Pryce

Do You Want To Learn More About Cryptocurrency?.

Crypto currency is a hot topic right now, especially given the bull run of the market this year. Prices have shot up, reaching dizzying heights never before seen and never even thought of with digital currencies. This cryptocurrency for beginners guide will give you an overview of what cryptocurrencies are, what a blockchain is and then a look at some of the most popular and upcoming cryptocurrencies in the market right now such as bitcoin, ethereum and more. This is a starting point for you; a point from which you can decide whether you want to invest any time or money in trading. the hottest market prospect in existence. If you decide to you wanna move forward in this marketplace you will be equipped with a basic understanding of how trading crypto currency works. In this ever evolving financial world it’s never to late to become equipped with the right knowledge to navigate with confidence

Preview of what you’ll learn…
History of Crypto currency
What is a Blockchain?
Exchanges and Wallets
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Omisego

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The Preschool Teacher’s Quick Reference Guide: How to Gain Your Studentsâ?? Cooperation, Prevent Aggression & Promote High Self-Esteem

by Victoria J. Zahody

If you have preschool children in your care, here at last is a concise, easy-to-follow Guide that will help you deal effectively and successfully with every kind of situation you will encounter in the classroom and on the playground.

As its title promises, The Preschool Teacher’s Quick Reference Guide offers you fast access to clear specifics on how best to communicate with children as they engage in various school activities and when behavioral problems arise. These powerful methods and techniques have been proven to produce the best results, even in the most challenging situations. Apply them consistently and you will be creating the ideal atmosphere and environment for learning and social development.

Victoria J. Zahody founded and directed two successful preschoolsâ??the first near Buffalo, New York, and the second in Southern California. During those years she attended numerous college classes, seminars and conferences on early childhood behavior and education.

From this background of learning as well as her own practical experience, Mrs. Zahody distilled and compiled the most valuable wisdom and methods she had found into her Teacher’s Handbook, from which the present book is drawn. The teachers in her second school were required to study and follow the Handbook in their interactions with children in the classroom and on the playground. The result was a consistently warm and happy atmosphere that visitors to her school were quick to notice and comment upon, as they found themselves experiencing directly the truth of her school motto, Where Love Prevails. . . .

Starting Anew (Safari Series Book 10)

by Clare Luther

Maria Floyd is the illustrator of this beautiful 32 page children’s book. Maria is a successful painter and illustrator who trained at Goldsmiths’ College – a constituent college of the University of London – where the Department of Art is widely recognised as one of Britain’s most prestigious. Clare Luther, a passionate poetry writer, who trained in Occupational Therapy at Oxford Brooks University, wrote the thoughtful content that carries a mild moral message – in this case about a pair of flamingos who seek to steal a nest rather than build one of their own. These lazy birds soon realise that their heartless act causes great upset to others. They learn that it is not right to take what does not belong to them. They return the nest and Start Anew.

MPress Books, a company registered in the United Kingdom, has published “Starting Anew”. It is the tenth title in their much anticipated “Safari” series of picture books – all, incidentally, featuring illustrations by Maria Floyd and words by Clare Luther. The word “Safari” means “long journey” in Swahili and on this educational adventure for the three to five-year age group, these gangly pink birds are accompanied by two friends: a large gorilla and a cheetah.

Speed Reading: Schneller lesen. Schneller verstehen. Schneller erfolgreich (schneller lesen und verstehen, Lesegeschwindigkeit verdoppeln, Lesetechniken, … erfolgreich sein) (German Edition)

by Ben Berwing

Kennst du das Gefühl, wenn du zurück zum Anfang eines Satzes springen musst? Und das schon zum dritten Mal? Oder wenn es so scheint, als würdest du nie das Ende eines Buches erreichen?
Lerne jetzt die besten Techniken, mit denen du in kürzester Zeit 300% schneller lesen kannst während du gleichzeitig mehr Informationen aufnimmst!

Die meisten Menschen wünschen sich mehr Zeit. Im Berufsleben und auch im Studium stehen dabei lange Texte oft im Weg. Schneller Lesen können und dabei das Gelesene länger im Kopf behalten! Genau das lernst du in diesem Buch! Hör auf endlos vor Texten zu sitzen und lerne hier und jetzt, wie du mit SPEED READING deine kostbare Zeit sparst! Wer tauscht schon gerne Freizeit gegen Arbeit?

Du lernst in diesem Buch unter anderem:

  • Was Speed Reading ist und wie du es effektiv anwendest
  • Was dich momentan vom Speed Reading abhält
  • 15 Techniken, mit denen du das Speed Reading erlernst und viele praktische Ã?bungen dazu
  • Wie du mit Speed Reading eine Menge Zeit sparst und deutlich effektiver arbeitest
  • Eine umfangreiche Anleitung, mit der du deine Effektivität weit über das Speed Reading hinaus steigern kannst
  • Schnelle Ã?bungen, die du überall schnell anwenden kannst
  • Welche berühmten Persönlichkeiten Speed Reader waren
  • Für wen ist dieses Buch nichts?

  • Menschen, die ihre Freizeit lieber gegen Arbeit tauschen
  • Menschen, die einen Text lieber 3-mal lesen um alle Infos aufzunehmen, als ihn kurz zu scannen
  • Menschen, die kein Interesse an einem effektiven Arbeiten haben
  • Welche Boni erwarten dich im Buch?

  • Online-Test: Wie schnell liest du?
  • Viele praktische Ã?bungen, auch für den Alltag
  • Konzentrationstechniken
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    Procedimentos Básicos para o Estagiário dos Cursos de Licenciaturas (Portuguese Edition)

    by Edileuza De Freitas Miranda de Mendonça

    Este pequeno livro visa contribuir com a formação dos alunos que estão fazendo estágio em cursos de Licenciaturas (Formação Inicial para professores da Educação Básica).

    Learn German

    by Adel Adel

    German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe and one of the three official working
    languages of the European Union. The German language is your gateway to an economic
    powerhouse, global market leader companies, world-class higher education and academia.
    If that’s not enough to make you want to start learning German today, this will be: believe it or not,
    German is actually one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers because of their many
    similarities. Plus, learning a foreign language like German provides you with countless health
    If you’ve decided to give German a try and you’re eager to start (or continue) learning the language
    of long, organized words, here are a few hacks to learn German fast and optimize your efforts.

    Passive Income: Summary of the 7 Best Passive Income methods for Automatic Financial Freedom (passive income book, passive income ideas, money, get rich)


    Use These Powerful Passive Income Secrets To Immediately Progress towards Financial Freedom Today!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on ways to get you started on your journey for automatic financial freedom. Do you wish to know the best online resources to invest in? Do you wish to understand passive income better and have multiple income sources? If any of this describes you, then you are about to get an eye opening experience through this book.

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    In this book You’re about to discover the 7 best passive income methods for financial freedom…

    Here is a preview of what You’ll Learn…

    • What is Passive Income
    • Passive Income From Freelance Writing
    • Passive Income From Cryptocurrency
    • Passive Income From Selling your Expertise
    • Passive Income From YouTube Vlogging or Channel
    • Passive Income From Online or Digital Marketing
    • Passive Income From DropShipping and Online Shops
    • Passive Income From Trading Money Online

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    Thinking about designing a questionnaire (Monograph)

    by Dr Stephen Fox

    ‘Thinking about designing a questionnaire’ is a short monograph that explains the basics of questionnaire design.

    This book is aimed primarily at the university or college student seeking to decide whether or not a questionnaire is a suitable data collection method to be used by them.

    Whilst this book is not a ‘how-to’ guide, business and management practitioners as well as social researchers and educationalists may also find this short monograph useful as a starting-off point in understanding questionnaires.

    What’s in this book?
    Topics presented and discussed in this book include (the list is not exhaustive):
    * The process of survey research
    * The suitability of using a questionnaire to obtain data
    * The hypothesis and null hypothesis
    * The research population and sampling methods
    * Using the different types of variables
    * Aligning data analysis methods with variable types
    * Questionnaire construction and response coding
    * Tackling bias
    * Informed consent and other ethical considerations
    * Communicating with prospective respondents
    * Piloting a questionnaire
    * Example questionnaire

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