Free humour Kindle books for 28 Apr 18

The Glorious Misadventures of Patient 17-29

by AJ Hannigan

It’s the story of a normal guy. Well, not too normal. He’s a bit of an ass. So, it’s the story of an ass who finds himself inexplicably crossing into alternate universes, and all the absurdities that that entails. He comes to terms with it, albeit in his own way.

The Real Guide New Zealand

by J.B Bernard

A comedic guide for the real New Zealand. We will give 100 per cent of our royalties for this E book to charity.

Neurotisch, männlich, ausrangiert sucht �: Gay Romance (German Edition)

by Kooky Rooster

Michael sucht eine Bleibe. Wie gut, dass sein Bruder Benny gerade nach Amerika auswandert und ihm sein Zimmer in der WG überlässt. Sein Mitbewohner: ein Mann, den die Nachbarn fürchten und dem die Frauen zu Fü�en liegen. Potent, gutaussehend und � komplett gestört.

Apocalypse Survival Guide: A Handbook for the Woefully Unprepared

by Dave Robertson

The next apocalypse is coming. It may be a killer robot conspiracy, an attack by super-intelligent dolphins, a super volcano, or any one of many other disasters. Be prepared by following the simple advice in this book. You may not be a survivalist or a prepper, but with a few simple tips and a lot of dumb luck, you can ride out the next apocalypse like a pro.

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