Free philosophy Kindle books for 28 Apr 18

We Take Care of Our Own: Love and Truth (My Love Is Real Book 1)

by M P

Explore the unified evolution of reason and revelation. Tracing a philosophic and religious foundation of natural political rights and constitutional perspective of global democracy and human rights. Exposing the cold heart of global despotism and its misuse of cold heat for global warming. Envisioning a system of peace and prosperity replacing a millennial system of war and poverty. Illustrating a synthetic dialectic analysis of 21st Century medicine.

Idle Hours: Humour | Essays | Memoirs

by Durga Dash

The book is a mixture of new articles written for the book and the author’s previously published popular articles. Get ready to have many of your myths busted as the author takes you on a hilarious journey. Some article may provide insights on various aspects of life and some may make you nostalgic as you travel back in time with the author.

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