Free travel Kindle books for 28 Apr 18

Around the World in 20 Bikes: The Meaning of Bike (2)

by Robert Hopwood

If you wanted to take a trip around the world, what countries would you visit? What would you want to see, and what must you go and take a look at?

What is unique to any and every country you might visit?

What really strange facts might emerge from your travels?

If you wanted to use a motorcycle specific to and manufactured by the countries you visit – could you do it? What bikes are celebrated by each country? What would you be riding on?

This book is,

  • a geographia

  • a set of ideas on what is worth seeing and why

  • a collection of wonderful images from every country visited

  • a compendium of 100’s of interesting and little known facts

You are meant to move 


Primal Scream

by Pete Marchesi

A good book.

(This was when I was out on my trip to New York. I went from Los Angeles to New York. I do not know what I learned. I did… learn that panhandling is…)

Artsy Bride Guide Picture Perfect Honeymoon: Pick A Picture Perfect Wedding Photographer Who…

by Dave Davidson

Packed with inspiring reasons, tips, and quips of how to pick a picture perfect wedding photographer, brothers Dan & Dave Davidson put their pictures where their advice is in this one of a kind collection of practical and fun-loving thoughts to consider when hiring a wedding photographer.

Second only to the choosing the groom, picking the photographer a bride’s destiny to ensure every other decision of planning her wedding looks fantastic. Hundreds of images help the Pinterest wedding dreamer in you discover what is Picture Perfect for your Wedding. This Artsy Bride Guide promises to help you fall in love your true love… Wedding Photographer.

Autumn colors in Kodaiji-Entokuin


Product Summary

Item: Photo album
Number of pages: 30 pages
Theme: Autumn leaves and temples
Place: Japan · Kyoto · Kodaiji temple · Entokuin temple

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