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Gone Dark: Battlefield Z (Battlefield Z Legends Book 1)

by Chris Lowry

Where would you run?

Where would you hide?

Emma, Steve and Bob made it out of Delano and sought safety with her grandparents in the country. But now they’re gone too and the three teens have no idea where to go or what to do next.

The Army should help. But a trip through across the backroads toward the largest base in Georgia turns into a nightmare. Things are worse than they thought.

The fragile bonds holding civilization together have snapped. Zombies aren’t the only bad things in the woods.

Now the three misfits must work together to stay alive to reach a refugee camp. If they don’t, they will die. Or worse.

Click to download your copy of book 2 in the Battlefield Z legends and fight out how three young adults struggle to survive a post apocalyptic zombie wasteland in a mishmash of Stranger Things meets World War Z.

Tales From The Yard Volume Two

by Robert Booker

In Tales From the Yard Volume Two, Robert Booker once again brings his readers inside prison walls in Small World, after â??Black’ trades in the life sentence he’s been living under and gets transferred to Milan Federal Prison. He’s spent years in the system earning respect and lands on the compound ready to make things happen. He knows how to play the game, and he is doing just that when he’s reminded it isn’t always â??what’ you know, but â??who’ you know.

After twenty years in, Twan was ready for freedom the day Glo picked him up from Terra Haute Penitentiary – and she was ready for him. She had business lined up, and she had no problem sharing her man with her friends, as long as she got to watch. Hardened by prison, it doesn’t take Twan long to reestablish his place in Detroit, doing whatever he has to. Things aren’t always as they seem though, and it’s not long before Twan is, once again, fighting for his freedom.

Carl has a way with the ladies, and he knows it. He knows just how to take care of them, and just how to control them – even when they don’t know they want to be controlled. Then he meets Sky, and she wants to take care of him, as long as he gives her what she needs – him. Carl is only too happy to accommodate Sky and all his other ladies, until he starts to want something he’s never wanted beforeâ?¦

Let Me Heal Your Heart

by Lily Foster

One hockey phenom, destined for the pros.
One summer he’ll never forget.
One girl he will never stop loving…

First loves are not easily forgottenâ?¦
Anna has endured more by the age of eighteen than most do in a lifetime. Unless you know her, you see only the beautiful, privileged, bright college freshman who seems to have it all. Few people know what she’s gone through or know who she really is.
Declan has never forgotten Anna and feels foolish for it. So young, and their time together so brief, but he still can’t shake the feeling that she was meant for him. But Anna’s been gone for a long time now. She’s no more than a distant, painful memory.
Fate can be cruel or fate can be kindâ?¦
By the time Anna and Declan come face to face again, time has passed, grief has changed them both, and they’ve each found love and solace in someone else’s arms.
Has too much time passed, or are the bonds of our first true love as strong as they feel when we’re young, innocent and consumed with the promise of forever?

Critical Acclaim for Lily Foster:
With her character-driven plot and fast-moving storyline, Foster easily keeps readers engaged. An involving tale of love and redemption that will satisfy discerning fans of the new-adult genre.
-Kirkus Reviews Let Me Fall

Let Me Heal Your Heart is a heartbreaking story of first loves and adversity that can be read as a standalone. This is an emotional roller coaster about two lost souls given a second chance to be together. Told from both protagonists’ points of view, Foster allows us to see the story from a unique perspective, and the reader may be surprised where their allegiances lie.
-RT Book Reviews

Readers will find themselves deeply engaged by Carolyn and Jeremy and the twists and turns of this genuinely engrossing story.
-Publisher’s Weekly, The BookLife Prize in Fiction Let Me Fall

Let Me Heal Your Heart is a stand-alone romance in Lily Foster’s Let Me series.
This is a New Adult Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers.

Truth Kills (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries Book 1)

by Nanci Rathbun

A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer?

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress’ murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect’s pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can’t find it in her heart to refuse the case.

Already reluctant to get involved, her frustration grows when she’s forced to work alongside Ted Wukowski, a homicide detective who thinks a crime scene is no place for a woman. In the search for clues along the mistress’ long record of broken hearts and promises, Angelina’s natural charm is the perfect complement to her temporary partner’s take-no-prisoners interrogation style. And before long, she and Ted can feel their grudging respect transform into an undeniable attraction.

To solve the case and catch the murderer, the PI and the cop must learn to trust each other completely before an innocent man goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commitâ?¦

Truth Kills is the first book in the suspenseful Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries series. If you like fierce female detectives, unlikely partners, and nail-biting whodunits, then you’ll love Nanci Rathbun’s gripping crime thriller.

Buy Truth Kills today and ride along with a hard-hitting detective who’s not afraid to reinvent herself!

RAW INSERTIONS (Erotic Taboo Tales)

by Dalia Dee

All the tight & luscious brats you can handle getting it hard and unprotected from the man of the house.

Dalia Dee brings you the hard and fast stories you really want – no fluff, no fuss – just TABOO BRATS getting all the hot action they crave from BIG & THICK Older Men.

Just take a peek inside! Go on, you know you want to… 😉

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