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COZY MYSTERY: Gabby’s Haunted House (Book 4) (Cozy Sleuth Animal Women Mystery Humorous Cove) (Sweet Comedy Craft & Short Story Suspense Detective Culinary Hobbies Cozy)

by Lorrie Bannett

“I don’t think you will find this to be funny. My gut has been telling me that there was something really wrong with this house. and I think I just found out what the heck was going on.”

“its in the middle of the night gabby. What about you just came to my office in the morning and sort things out?”
“you don’t understand. Its not a prank or a cry of attention. I think we are all a little too old for such crap. We do have a big problemâ?¦ my cat just exhumed a body.”

There was silence from the other end of the phone. From the look of things, it seemed as though the commander had been shaken to the core and was now wide awake. Nobody hated the discovery of bodies like the commander did since it meant lots of paper work and even more stress trying to find credible leads.

“Are you still there?”
“Yes, I am. I will be at your place in the next hour with a team. Just sit tight and you know the drill, don’t contaminate the crime scene.”

With that, gabby hang up the phone. Her home had just become a crime scene, something no cop would ever wish. Will they find anything out? Keep on reading to find out what happens.

Must Be Murder: An Otto Viti Mystery (The Otto Viti Stories Book 2)

by Jen Carter

Jill D’Angelo never dreamed scandal could unfold at her family’s winery–that is, not until a wine tasting guest turns up dead in a vat of fermenting wine. Now the winery is at the center of an investigation, and Jill isn’t so sure the blustery detective assigned to the case will figure out what really happened.
Is it up to Jill to solve the mystery?
Probably not.
But will anyone be able to keep her from trying?
That’s even less likely.
All Otto Viti stories can be reads as stand alones–no spoilers from previous books! They may, however, be enjoyed most when read in order:
Honeymoon in Italy: Before the Otto Viti Mysteries (Story #1)
Must Be Murder: An Otto Viti Mystery (Story #2)
Fired and Inflamed: An Otto Viti Mystery (Story #3)
Starved for Attention: An Otto Viti Mystery (Story #4)
Each book is a clean read! No graphic scenes!
Thank you for reading!

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