Free politics and current events Kindle books for 29 Apr 18

NWO New World Order

by William King

William King is one who is surely not afraid when it comes to exposing corrupt and deceptive politicians, CEO’s, presidents, actors, musicians, Hollywood producers, and media conglomerates for who they really are. Within the pages of this informative and thought provoking book, William King reveals exactly how much power the New World Order has over the global population, and how they are using politicians, the media, and the Hollywood entertainment industry to brain wash the global population to further their agenda. One might think that the information that has been documented within the pages of this book is scary, and at times a little hard to believe, but at the same time, they are things that people need to be aware of because they are the truth!

Entscheidung bei Zama: Wie Hannibals Fehler Karthargos Niedergang besiegelten (German Edition)

by Markus Eder

Die Schlacht von Zama im Jahr 202 v.Chr. war die Entscheidungsschlacht des
2.Punischen Krieges. Die Niederlage in dieser Schlacht kostete Karthargo den Gro�machtstatus. Entgegen landläufiger Meinung hätte der punische Feldherr Hannibal diese Schlacht aber keineswegs verlieren müssen. Vielmehr brachte eine für ihn unübliche einfallslose Schlachtführung Karthargo um den Sieg.

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