Free science fiction Kindle books for 29 Apr 18

The Exile Empire

by Joshua Done

Live. Run. The last message from Central Command was more a plea than an order, and running is exactly what the last remnants of humanity did to escape The Death as Earth was destroyed. Among the survivors is James Ursidae, a fearsome warrior whose despair now outweighs his expectations for the future. After months of drifting through intergalactic space, Ursidae and what humanity remains have found a spark of hope on the planet Lintalla and in the company of its native Illani. Unfortunately, starting anew comes at a price, and even in a strange system violence and war are a constant. A new enemy, the Tarin’Tal, hold the system’s inhabitants in a vice-like grip that continues to tighten. Can Ursidae and the Earthlings burn bright yet again and save their new world from the destruction they’d hoped to leave behind?

Synthetic Cloning Trilogy (Synning, Refynning, and Mummifying Book 4)

by Scott F Neve

Synthetic Cloning Trilogy!
Synning, Refynning and Mummifying is the saga of a modern day scientist turned into a reluctant hero. He is forced on a mission to uncover murderers, lethal litterbugs, and the hidden treasures of the Valley of the Kings. He is accompanied by the love of his life. Yet their future happiness is thwarted at every turn. Even at the beginning of their honeymoon, the hero and his bride are abducted. The problem and the solution to the hero’s life are found in his synthetic cloning invention. Men want to control it or destroy it at any cost. This trilogy of short stories moves quickly to a climax with an ancient treasure, diabolical villains and a demon prince.

Wasteland Waif: The Dry Journey

by Samuel Ashlar

When a series of catastrophes turn the United States of America into the New American Desert and most of the continent dies of starvation, famine, and battles between rival warlords, Alexa Baker stayed alive.

When “the Dark Months” came and dust storms blotted out the sun, Alexa lived in her bunker, happy and safe, her belly full of nutritious “Doomsday Prepper” food and her mind stimulated by National Geographic magazines.

When the remaining warlords formed colorfully horrifying cannibal gangs and took over the New American Desert, she’d stayed calm and defended her fortified home in the Pennsylvanian countryside.

But dammit, she’d run out of Kool-Aid. Now she had to “bug out” and make her way across the country to a safe haven with her grandparents in Arizona. Will our spunky and ferocious heroine be able to survive the harrowing journey? Or will what desertification and decay have done to America destroy her, too?

Wasteland Waif: The Dry Journey sizzles with fiery intensity and furious action. This fast-paced book inherits the tradition of the satire of politics and society directly from George A. Romero and wears the mantle proudly.

Exiles (Space Rogue Book 1)

by Jay Toney

Newly revised.

Captain Roberts and his crew are at the end of their resources. The Alliance have confiscated everything of value and conscripted most of his crew. They are being taxed again. There is no way he and his crew could make enough credits to satisfy the Alliance, and they know it. They are watching him, making sure he can’t escape. The next time the Alliance boards his ship will be his last. He needs to find a way to escape the Alliance, and cross the border into the Collation of Free Worlds.
He and his crew would become exiles. It didn’t matter. He had no intention of returning to Alliance territory. It was up to Nathaniel Roberts to restore their family wealth and get revenge against the Alliance for what they did to his friends and family.
Captain Roberts was unaware that the Alliance was breaking a century-old treaty in preparation for war. The Alliance wasn’t alone; they formed a pact with the Crimson Tide, a pirate organization. Captain Roberts wouldn’t be facing one enemy; he would be facing two. He would have to fight both of them while trying to make a new home for his crew.

Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume One (Battlefield Z series)

by Chris Lowry

A father hunts for his children after world war Z in this post apocalyptic science fiction comedy.

Dad doesn’t have a lot of wit. A little lacking on charm and in the looks department. But what he does have is grit and will power.

That’s got to be enough to fuel his cross country trek from Florida to Arkansas to hunt for his children lost after the zombie plague. It’s time to chew bubble gum and kick Zombie butt, and guess who’s all outta bubble gum!

Fans love this series about a hapless father relying on luck and rage to save his children.

This collection is the first three books in the Battlefield Z series, Battlefield Z, Children’s Brigade, and Sweet Home Zombie available in a boxed set for the first time.

Grab your copy now or on Kindle Unlimited and join the humorous adventure. Bonus points if you catch the number of sci fi references that will have you snorting craft beer out of your nose

20 Million Leagues Over the Sea (The Nemo Paradox Book 1)

by K. T. Hunter

More than fifty years after Captain Nemo sank into a watery grave –

Two decades after the last Martian Invader fell to pestilence –

Earth is ready to avenge her orphaned children.

Born to fly: The starship Thunder Child’s Fury is the child of Nemo’s ingenuity and Martian cunning. After a disastrous maiden voyage, can she sail the solar winds to Mars?

Born to lead: Christophe Moreau, her commander, has trained for this mission since childhood. He has mastered the sea. Can he tame the wilderness of space?

Born to spy: Gemma Llewellyn, member of the Scientific Cohort, has trained for an entirely different mission. Haunted by her past, will she obey her masters or follow her own path?

With dark forces aligning against the brave crew of the Fury and her mission, will they even survive the journey?

A romp in the combined universes of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, this novel also aims to be a bit of Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters in space. I hope everyone will enjoy this tale, especially those readers who are new to the science fiction and steampunk genres.

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