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Permission to Write a Brand Building Book: For Podcasters – 9 Myths Holding You Back from More Exposure and Making a Greater Impact

by Laura Petersen

Are you a podcaster who has ever:
– Thought about writing a book?
– Dreamed about writing a book?
– Heard that writing a book is fun, smart, and cool? (It is!)
– Realized how massively a book can help you grow your podcast, personal brand, and business?


But if you still haven’t written yours, then this book is for you.

There are myths holding you back.

And this book was written to give you unbridled permission and total excitement that:
– YOU have something to share with the world
– YOU are ready now just as you are
– YOU can leverage a book for so much more growth, status, and impact

It’s your turn!

Here’s more about what we’ll cover…

Myths We Will Bust Together in This Book:
– MYTH 1: “I already have a podcast, so I don’t need a book.”
– MYTH 2: “But I need a publishing deal!”
– MYTH 3: “But รข??real authors’ don’t self-publish!”
– MYTH 4: “Writing a book is so hard and kinda scary.”
– MYTH 5: “I’m not expert enough to be an author.”
– MYTH 6: “Everyone has already published a book. I missed the boat.”
– MYTH 7: “No one will buy my book, so it’s not worth the effort.”
– MYTH 8: “I could NEVER hit bestseller.”
– MYTH 9: “Well, Amazon bestseller is meaningless now, so why bother?”

7 Case Study Examples of People Like You:
– Case Study 1: Sabah Ali (20 Year-Old College Student & Podcaster)
– Case Study 2: Tom Camp (Musician, Podcaster, & Digital Nomad)
– Case Study 3: Mitch Durfee (Growing Public Speaker)
– Case Study 4: David France (Superconnector & Philanthropist)
– Case Study 5: Kolton Krottinger (Disabled Veteran)
– Case Study 6: Jaya M.K. (Podcaster & Expert In An Obscure Field)
– Case Study 7: Akbar Sheikh (Very Busy Entrepreneur)

It All Boils Down To:
– It’s your turn to take advantage of adding ‘published author’ to your podcast introduction, social media profiles, and speaker sheet.
– It’s your turn to use the magic of books to expand your exposure and help you make a greater impact.

More About The Author
Laura Petersen is a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned podcasting entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker, and book launch strategist.

She believes there is a magic around books, so writing a book is an incredible tool to enhance your authority, podcast, brand, and business.

Yet, so many of us hold ourselves back and wait for external forces to ‘deem us worthy.’ Not anymore!

This book will give you express PERMISSION to write and self-publish a brand building book and step fully into the glorious “author” status that you deserve as the niche expert that you are.

“Anytime I want to talk writing or podcasting, I call Laura.”
– Melissa Sue Tucker
Podcaster and CEO of OCW Productions

“Laura is a genius. End of story.”
– Akbar Sheikh
Entrepreneur & International Bestselling Author, 7 Figure Funnels

“Seriously, thank you for everything.”
– Tom Camp
Podcaster & International Bestselling Author, The Gain Changer

“The bestselling book is what I call a great disrupter. Out of all the things I’ve accomplished the bestseller holds the most weight hands down any day of the week.”
– Mitch Durfee
Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author, Serve 2 Win

“You changed my life! Thank you so much.”
– Kolton Krottinger
Disabled Veteran & Bestselling Author, Anxiety Hackers

“Laura is the QUEEN of Books! Listen to everything she tells you.”
– Sabah Ali
Podcaster & Bestselling Author (by age 20), Enrolling in Confidence

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