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50 Foods under 100 calories: Meat & Fish, Soup and Porridge, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy product, Drinks, Sweets (Your Portion Control Guide)

by Kathryn Gray

50 Foods under 100 calories

Are you worried about the number of calories in your meal? This book is your personal portion control guide! You can choose a set of food with the required amount of calories. Also, you just know what you can afford to eat for lunch or dinner or during a party.

The book contains the most popular Foods and Recipes for everyone :

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meat & Fish
  • Soup and Porridge
  • Dairy product
  • Drinks, Sweets

5 Reasons to Buy This Book

  • Easy Portion Control Guide
  • Information about the Usefulness of Products
  • Summary Table of Foods under 100 calories
  • Easy-to-follow recipes with Colorful Photos
  • Only Necessary and Useful information, without unnecessary words

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The Best College Cookbook: 40 Recipes for the Freshman Foodie

by Anthony Boundy

Eating well is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical health.

Just like your heart and muscles, the brain needs nutrients to help keep us healthy, happy and functioning to our maximum potential.

With all the challenges facing you on your journey into adulthood, now is the perfect time to take the first step towards taking care of your body and mind.

Our 40 freshman foodie recipes are simple to prepare, economical and will make sure that you eat well, without gaining unwanted weight, during your first year at college.

The Best College Cookbook is not just about how to survive your freshman year it’s packed full with recipes that you will want to prepare for many years to come.

Vietnamese Pho: Pho Cookbook for Authentic Vietnamese Meals at Home

by Martha Stephenson

If you love Vietnamese cuisine and have always wanted to learn how to make authentic pho from the comfort of your own home, then this is a cookbook you will want to check out.

By the end of this Vietnamese pho cookbook, you will learn how to prepare simple pho recipes such as:

– Master Steak Pho
– Simple Chicken Pho
– Spicy Shrimp Pho
– Healthy Vegetarian Pho
– Healthy Zucchini Noodle Pho
– Cucumber and Noodle Pho
– Mushroom and Kale Pho
– Spiced Almond and Chicken Pho
– and even more!

So, why are you hesitating?

Grab a copy of this pho cookbook and start making authentic pho as soon as today!

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Cooking Authentic Chinese: A Cookbook for Chinese Food Lovers

by Anthony Boundy

When we think of Chinese cooking, we usually think of exotic dishes that we enjoy in restaurants or as take out. This Chinese Cookbook will show you how to prepare your favorite Chinese dishes at home easily and quickly.

Genuine Chinese cooking is very healthy, consisting of healthy oils such as sesame seed and peanut oil. Spices such as garlic and ginger have tremendous health benefits. People in China are known for their longevity for a reason.

Most recipes consist of fresh vegetables with a small amount of meat cooked in a delectable sauce. It doesn’t get any better or healthier. The recipes are very easy to prepare and simply delicious for the entire family.

Enjoy the authentic regional recipes in this Chinese Cookbook. From spicy to mild, this cookbook has recipes for everyone. Once you start preparing your own favorite Chinese dishes, you’ll never settle for a restaurant meal or take-out again.

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