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Survival Navigation: How To Exit From The Wilderness Without Gadgets Or Map On Hand: (Prepper’s Guide, Survival Guide, Emergency)

by Jonathan Bennet

Survival Navigation:

How To Exit From The Wilderness Without Gadgets Or Map On Hand

Are you a keen hiker or do you have no interest in the outdoors? Whichever one you are you may feel that, in the modern world, there is little use for maps and compasses.

Unfortunately, this is why many people end up lost. Electronic gadgets, such as GPS are excellent; providing they have battery life and are able to pick up a satellite. There are many times when this is not the case, it may be because of bad weather or the terrain you find yourself in. The result is that you become lost.

At this point a map, compass and some knowledge can help, you to find the right way home; although this is generally much more difficult if you have no idea where you are and which direction you need to head in!

However, what if something happens to your map and compass? It is surprisingly easy to damage them or become parted from them. This is why it is essential to have a good knowledge of how to navigate your way out of the wilderness without a map, compass or electronic gadget.

This book will teach you the following:

  • How dangerous it can be to be lost in the wilderness and how it can happen to anyone.
  • A variety of techniques provided by nature which can help you to work out which way north is and which way you should be going.
  • An array of options which can help to ensure you keep moving in the right direction; ensuring your survival and exit from the wilderness.

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£99 to Hong Kong

by Robert Fear


Back in 1981 Fred was on his most exciting trip yet, travelling around Asia.
His first port of call is Hong Kong and this story tells of his fascinating experiences, including appearances on chinese TV, through his detailed diary kept at the time. This book forms the prequel to the previously released ‘Time in Thailand’.

Fred’s Diary – the whole story, is now released on Kindle and Createspace ….

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