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Riverbend (The River Valley Series Book 2)

by Tess Thompson

Annie Bell just wants to do the two things she loves: cook and care for her young son. So when she lands the role as head chef at a new restaurant, she fails to anticipate how quickly things change as her talent for cooking puts her quaint hometown on the map.

Amidst a flurry of publicity, Annie finds herself back in the sights of the abusive ex-boyfriend she thought she’d left behind. He wants nothing more than to make Annie pay, and she knows his threats are more than empty promises. Reluctantly, Annie accepts the help of a handsome, wealthy recluse, hoping to ensure the safety of her little family. But things aren’t always as they seem, and as Annie ultimately learns, her would-be hero has a dark past of his own.

Beating Ruby (Spotless Book 2)

by Camilla Monk

Life hasn’t been quite the same for computer engineer Island Chaptal since March, an OCD-ridden professional killer, burst into her life to clean her bedroom and take her on a global chase for a legendary diamond. Sadly, the (hit) man doesn’t just break bones; he breaks hearts, too.

Since then, Island has found solace in Alexâ??the perfect boyfriendâ??and Ruby, a software project about to revolutionize online banking securityâ?¦for the worse. When Island’s boss is found dead after allegedly using Ruby to steal a vast fortune, it’s up to her to clear his name and recover the money. Someone else wants answers, though, and this time, Island might be in over her head.

From New York to Zürich, it’s going to take the return of a cleaning expert, a mini-octopus, and Island’s wits to beat Ruby. All while deciding whether to trust a man who already jilted her, or one who may have his own deadly secretsâ?¦

Ripped: Five Book Series Box Set

by Brooklyn Jones

Five Book Box Set:

Stone Cold
Royal Surprise

Shadows and Stars: A Limited Edition Collection of Sci-Fi Romance and Paranormal Romance Novels

by Becca Fanning

Destiny is fated unless you have the power to change it.

Cursed or gifted, these heroes will need much more than enchantments, wits, and skillful fighting to defeat their equally crafty villains.

Dive into this collection of action-packed stories where supernatural adventure meets conjuring danger. From fated mates to fated stars, the bonds that form are tested to their limits.

Discover magic, love, and passion, in the Shadows and Stars paranormal & sci-fi romance collection when you download today!

Including stories from…

USA Today bestselling author, Becca Fanning USA Today bestselling author, Eden Ashe USA Today bestselling author, Leilani Love USA Today bestselling author, Eva WintersUSA Today bestselling author, Cate Farren USA Today bestselling author, Laura Greenwood writing with Arizona TapeKiersten Fay Tigris Eden Award-Winning author, Cyndi Faria Pepper McGraw Angela Sanders Rachel Rawlings Catherine Banks Gina Wynn Miranda Lynn

Better the Devil

by Amy Cross

Ten years ago, a deadly cult sought to gain favor with an ancient demon named Attaroth. They failed miserably, and eventually they all died during an armed raid. All except a ten-year-old girl named Clay.

At least, that’s what she always thought.

Now Clay’s on the run, terrified to stay in one place for too long. Pursued by the same demon that spurned the cult members, Clay knows that – for some reason – Attaroth sees her as his route into the mortal world. And as dark forces close in all around her, Clay starts to realize that her days of running might soon be over.

Attaroth is back, and this time he wants the human body he was promised.

Better the Devil (originally released as The Girl Clay but reissued now in this updated edition) is a horror story about a frightened little girl who was once dragged into a nightmare, and about her attempts several years later to ensure that a terrifying prophecy never comes to pass.


by Bram Stoker

The vampire count of Transylvania seeks his lost love and the conquest of Britain by plague. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.”

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