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The Dare: A BWWM Christian Romance

by Dayo Benson

A good girl with an edge, a bad boy with a heart, and a devastating secret.

“I dare you to kiss Marshal.”
If I knew what was good for me I would have run a mile when I heard those words. But I didn’t, and now Marshal, the campus bad boy, is stalking meâ??his version of courting.

I’ll admit to nobody that I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing. My reputation served me well until Sloane got close enough to peel away the façade.
But our parents have a crazy secret that is tearing Sloane apart. And it might spell doom for our relationshipâ??just when I’ve lost my heart.

Is love enough for Marshal and Sloane, or are there too many obstacles?

The Dare is a contemporary Christian New Adult Novel.

The Amish Farmer

by Phyllis Rogers

Kathryn is an urbane and sophisticated young woman who inherits a home in an Amish community. She arrives in the town and soon develops an unexpected romance with a local farmer named Josh. Josh is everything she wanted but never found in the big city. Things look rosy until his family disapproves of their budding relationship. Kathryn receives an offer to sell the home and return to her former life, but will she stay and fight for the one man that has stolen her heart?
Stolen Kisses – Rose Beiler had a simple life, and although she often wondered if there was more purpose to it, she was happy. She as engaged to be married, her father was pleased with her and soon she would be an aunt too once her cousin Claire has her babies. But when things turn for the worst, and they call an Englisch doctor to come and assist with the birth, Rose’s entire life is turned upside down. Conflicted by her growing feelings or the English doctor she couldn’t possibly marry Kemp, unless by some miracle God answers her prayers and makes a way.
Lizzy is part of an Amish family whose grandfather receives notice that a distant relative has left him some a considerable amount of money. The members of their family soon allow the dollar signs to cloud their Christian values. Even the conservative grandfather allows himself to be seduce by the thought of distributing the money as he sees fit, which includes fixing various things around the town such as the church and school. Will they allow the thought of extreme wealth to poison their values? Will Lizzy let the money get in the way of her new romance?
Janey is a young Amish woman hoping for a miracle. Unlucky in love, she doesn’t want to spend another Christmas without a boyfriend. With the holidays just around the corner, she begins to dread the get-togethers that she will feel obligated to attend. Her only possible mate is Jacob but he is more like a friend to her. Or could he be more? Will this be the year she finds her Christmas miracle?
Rebecca is a shy Amish spinster that everyone tries to play matchmaker for. Her other two sisters are already married and she begins to feel the pressure to find someone by everyone close to her. She is set up with some perfectly eligible men in the community but Rebecca turns them down. Why? Because she secretly has a crush on a handsome young man who visits her bakery every morning. The problem is that he seems even more shy than she is. Can she break out of her shell and break the ice with him?
Jacob is an Amish man who feels envious after both of his brother’s have gotten married. His attitude changes after he has a chance encounter with Grace, his lost love from his teen years. Grace is trying to rejoin the community after years of living in the big city. Can he convince the Bishop to let her back and win her heart as well?
Thomas is a widowed man, struggling to find ways to make his young daughter Sylvie happy. Sylvie’s mother died during childbirth and she desperately wants a mom of her own. Thomas denies his own desire for female companionship, believing that if he pursues another woman he would be disrespecting the memory of his beloved Maddy.
But Sylvie has other plans…She believes that her new teacher would be the perfect mother…and wife for her father Thomas. When the two finally meet during the school’s Christmas celebration, they discover that Sylvie just may have everyone’s best interest at heart.

Two Suitors For Alice: A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Angelica Rose

A choice between old love and new…

Alice lives a small and contented farm life in the valley in Virginia. Betrothed to her childhood sweetheart and ready to begin her new life, her fiancé, Edward, throws her over in favor of an exciting life in big-city Boston.

Alice, fearing that she is unable to be the exciting wife that Edward apparently desired, starts corresponding with a man in the unsettled Utah territory, a lonely railroad foreman in need of some sunny companionship. Surely, this proves the sense of adventure that Edward overlooked in her?

Jack’s days run together with loneliness and monotony. Even with a well-paying job in beautiful canyon country, he knows there is something missing. When Alice arranges to meet him for a few days in Colorado to see if they’re well suited, sparks fly and the couple is on their way to wedded happinessâ?¦ until Edward shows up to claim his bride.

Alice is certain that Edward ended their engagement, but he insists it was a misunderstanding. Who is she to marry? Which man is the right one for Alice?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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