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And If I Sing You Love Songs?: An English Translation

by Dino Armas

This is an English translation of the play ¿Y si te canto canciones de amor? by the Uruguayan playwright, Dino Armas. The translator, Dave Luton, is a personal friend of Dino Armas, and this English translation has been carried out and published with his full permission. The translation also includes an alternate version of Act 4, which was from the original version of the play as presented during its debut in the city of Montevideo.

Roller Coaster Kids; Tales of 1960’s Coney Island

by Gary Heiden

An epic Brooklyn, New York artist’s coming of age memoir set in the historic decade of the 1960’s. It’s Raw honest evocative storytelling bring to life Brooklyn’s unique seaside amusement neighborhood and the zany antics and adventures of the author and his many memorable friends. During his childhood the civil rights movement, the movie West Side Story, The Cuban missile crisis and the JFK assassination, Beatlemania and the rise of Muhammad Ali and the last days of the historic Steeplechase Park and the horror of the Vietnam war and Richard Nixon all took place. The book is haunting relevant in 2018. “It had me laughing and crying”, “Bloody good”, “A masterpiece”, “full of drama” “funny as hell”. It’s one Crazy Wild Ride.

Men In Bed (Photo Book) Series 3 (Photo Book Series)

by Missy Metta

Men In Bed (Photo Book) series3

Guitar for Kids: First Steps in Learning to Play Guitar with Audio & Video

by Gareth Evans

“Gareth has written a really well thought out first book for teaching young children how to play. This one is definitely the one I’ll be using.” Bob Lucas – Bob Lucas Guitar Studios (Missouri US)

Guitar For Kids is a fun all-colour guide on the first steps of learning to play Guitar with over 70 photographic examples, purpose-made diagrams and cartoons. Starting with advice on buying your first guitar, how to hold the guitar and how to tune it, the music then begins with easy-to-play melodies using only open strings (open strings means only the plucking hand is used), before moving to simple pieces in which the fretting hand is also used. The book goes into detail for some basic techniques because you’re better off getting it right from the start rather than develop bad habits.

Tablature Based – Guitar for Kids uses mostly guitar tablature making this popular instrument more easily accessible for beginners (as do most adult guitar method books). The rhythmical aspect of Sight-reading is covered within the Chords section which eases-in the later Sight-reading section because the only new thing to learn will be reading different notes from the musical staff.

Audio Tracks – Guitar for Kids comes with 47 downloadable audio tracks with musical pieces in styles such as Rock, Blues, Pop, Flamenco, Jazz and Reggae. Each piece has a full band demo track and accompanying backing track with guitar part removed for you to play over.

What Else? – EZ chords are covered (easy chords with less notes) and are accompanied with diagrams of the full versions for later on, or if you feel like a challenge. There’s an introduction to Power chords with Rock pieces to play named after healthy greens “Broccolli Rockilly” and “Rocket Salad”. There’s a Blues and Rock duet with backing band tracks to play with a friend, and at the end there is a Quiz, no cheating!

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Please Note: The eBook includes musical pieces so is not suitable for smaller screens.

“I looked through Guitar for Kids thoroughly when I received it and I think its great. I will be recommending that my students buy one.” Chris Nastri, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Phoenix Arizona US

“It looks like Gareth spent a lot of time writing Guitar for Kids. I think the illustrations are very helpful in keeping people’s minds interested and engaged.” Tim Woosley – Music Director, Lincoln School of Music (Nebraska)



A thrilling venture into the world of sex, drugs and music and the burden of ‘knowing.’ A struggle of faith and reality and the consequences our heroine faces, having the power of life and death in her hands from revelations beyond her control. Religious and secular worlds collide when life hangs in the balance.

Der Schatz des Meeres (German Edition)

by Larissa Feldhaber

Celines Ehemann wurde direkt vor ihren Augen erschossen. Die rechte Hand ihres Mannes verfolgt sie, es ginge um einen Schatz, von dem sie nichts wusste, und ihr sowie das Leben ihres Vaters hängt an einem seidenen Faden. Wird das Leben für Celine und ihren Vater besser, wenn sie auf Polizeioffizier Simon und den Detektiv Maurice treffen? 

My Rock n Roll Vault

by Lorayne Miller

What are the best rock n roll artists of all time? I grew up in the 1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s so I decided to make a book about which ones are my all time favorites and share my knowledge with others. I play these groups the most on my MP3 Player.

75 Gedichte (German Edition)

by Michael Loeper

Schon alt ist die Kunst der Dichtung. Menschen wie Goethe, Schiller, Heine oder Fichte brachten es darin zu einer wahren Meisterschaft. Momentan ist wohl niemand mehr in der Lage, diesen Klassikern das Wasser zu reichen. Was nicht nur am geringeren Wortschatz liegen mag, der heute gebräuchlich ist. In diesem Buch haben wir unsere Gedichte aus den Jahren 2013, 2014 und 2015 zusammengefasst. Sicher, sie haben keinen Anspruch auf Weltniveau, aber wir finden sie schön. Man sollte dabei auch beachten, dass keines unserer Gedichte als Einzelstück zu verstehen ist. Vielmehr hängen sie alle mehr oder weniger zusammen und bilden, je nach ihrer Gruppe, eine ganze Geschichte.

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