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Diabetic Cookbook: Healthy Low-Carb Meals That Help Lower Blood Sugar and That Anyone Can Cook

by Gianni Martini

Are you a recently diagnosed diabetic?

Have you been struggling with how to eat healthy as a diabetic?

Are you overwhelmed with decisions about: what to eat, how to shop, how to prepare meals, how to judge portions
and how to get the right number of calories each day?

Are you exhausted by everything you need to do, change, and adapt to because of diabetes?

Then this book is for you!

In The Diabetic Cookbook I share a weekly meal plan to get you started on your diabetic-friendly eating adventure. I offer some tips about how to read food labels, how to prepare a shopping list and how to shop. Included in The Diabetic Cookbook are some tasty tried-and-true dishes as well as tips on how to adapt the dishes you love.

Whole 30 Diet Instant Pot Cookbook 2018: Rejuvenate Yourself with 100 Simple, Delicious, and Healthy Instant Pot Whole 30 Diet Recipes (Easy, Quick and Tasty Instant Pot Whole 30 Diet Recipes Book)

by Leslie James

Are you really familiar with Whole 30 diet?

Do you know how convenient cooking by an Instant Pot pressure cooker?

Do you want to combine both Whole 30 Diet and Instant Pot cooking to have tasty and easy recipes?

Keep reading, this book will give you a perfect solution!

This book combines whole 30 diet with Instant pot cooking to serve you with a healthy and simple lifestyle! The Whole30 diet was created to help you make a clean start. By following a Whole 30 diet, you will get many benefits from it, below are some of them:

  • Improved skin and hair condition
  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • You will feel more alert
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better digestion
  • You become more clear-headed
  • You lose weight
  • Overall good health

Instant Pot combines high heat and pressure to help you prepare fantastic meals with very little effort. It is a kind of electric pressure cooker, but it also has a number of features which enable you to cook food in different ways, eg pressure cooking, yogurt making, vegetable steaming, rice cooking, sautein, etc.

Inside this book, we have provided 100 Whole 30 Diet recipes, which all are made by Instant Pot and well-chosen. You will find: Meat, Poultry, Vegan & Vegetarian, Seafood, Soups, Stews and Broths, Side Dishes recipes. With so many easy-to-prepare but delicious recipes, your Whole 30 Diet will be full of fun and flavor!

To be healthy, you have to eat healthy, and as Bethenny Frankel so beautifully put it, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments“. Welcome to the Whole 30 Diet Instant Pot cooking world!

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Seafood Cookbook: 20 Healthy Recipes To Maximize Health And Lose Weight

by Gianni Martini

Did you know that a seafood-based diet can Lower Your Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes and help with Weight Loss? Help Prevent and Treat Depression? May Protect Your Vision in Old Age? AND OVERALL MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH AND MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT

Many people enjoy eating seafood not just for its tantalizing taste but also for its protein content and omega-3 fatty acids.
**Unfortunately most people don’t eat as much seafood as they should. Hence, they do not get to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits they provide. **

**But there’s worse ! **

When they do actually eat seafood, they tend to do so in a manner that negates all its wonderful benefits. First, they prepare it using a lot of unhealthy fats and oils as they lean towards frying it. They also marinate it in unhealthy sauces before cooking it in such oils. Secondly, they pair it with foods that can only be counterproductive to their goals. This should not be the case.

In SEAFOOD COOKBOOK, you will learn why you should embrace seafood, the various recipes you can try out and tips on selecting and cooking seafood to maximize your health and weight loss benefits

**Scroll up, grab this book and take the first steps towards a healthier, happier you ! **

Effortless Air Fryer Cookbook: 175 Air Fryer Recipes to Cook Best American and British Fried Food without Fat

by Michelle Harris

Do you like an idea of cooking healthy, oil-free and at the same time fried meals directly at home for your dinner? With the help of this cookbook you’ll have an opportunity to become free and don’t waste your time for everyday cooking. There are now more possibilities than ever to cook everything you love with all the health benefits and convenience of your home air fryer with The Effortless Air Fryer Cookbook.

Air Fryer is an amazing kitchen appliance with the help of this you will be able to combine different healthy and delicious ingredients in tasty fried meals. And you don’t need to spend many hours every day to create these dishes. All you need is to choose one of recipes from Effortless Air Fryer Cookbook, load your air fryer appliance and continue doing your business.

To help you get all benefits while using Air Fryer we designed a Cookbook where:

  • Collected 175+ most valuable meat, seafood and vegetable recipes
  • You will enrich your life with healthy oil-less meals
  • Your cooking level will increase

Under the cover of this book you’ll find:

  • 175+ Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Most delicious dessert recipes
  • Preparation & cooking time
  • Detailed list of ingredients for each recipe
  • Only simple and tasty recipes which can be applied to any experience level in cooking

Go ahead and grab you valuable copy right away!

Gluten Free Recipes Cookbook: 50+ Ultimate Gluten Free Recipes with Healthy & Easy Recipes for Eating Well and Feeling Great (Quisk and Easy Natural Food Book 51)

by Teresa Moore

Discover Gluten Free Recipes Cookbook: 50+ Ultimate Gluten Free Recipes with Healthy & Easy Recipes for Eating Well and Feeling Great

Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier!
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This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals!

A gluten-free diet consists of a complete rejection of wheat, barley and rye throughout life. Also, in the increased attention to the purchased food products – so that they do not contain components that contain the above cereals or there was no possibility of cross mixing during the production or transportation of food products. Recipes in this book for a gluten-free diet. Baking, bread, desserts, cakes. We excluded those recipes that contain gluten: wheat, rye, barley and oats. These recipes are for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes

  • Cottage cheese casserole without flour
  • Marmalade of raspberry
  • Cottage cheese with honey and bananas
  • White chocolate mousse with raspberry
  • Coconut biscuits with cornflakes
  • Mini pizza from grilled zucchini

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Make Delicious Meals?
Save your time?

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Vegan Breakfast Cookbook: Delicious Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Easily (Photos Included) (Vegan Cookbook Book 1)

by Hasanur Rahman

Enjoy Vegan Breakfast Recipes To kick-start Your Day!

We know the first decision of your day is what recipes to make for breakfast. We know you would want to make mouth-watering breakfast recipes for breakfast. Well, now you can with the help of this fabulous cookbook.

This cookbook provides you with the tools required to make your quick and foolproof breakfast recipes without breaking a sweat. The recipes are quick and modern recipes that can be prepared in a couple of minutes to jump-start your day. The contemporary breakfast ideas written in this cookbook covers every part of the morning mealâ??from pasta, yogurt and cheese, soups and stews, poultry, meat, beef and pork, rice, beans and grains, vegan and vegetarian, desserts and appetizers, griddle cakes, morning beverages, and many more.

The “Vegan Breakfast Cookbook” covers each breakfast of the day, offers plenty of foolproof recipes, such as Banana Pancakes, Black-Eyed Pea Patties, Blueberry Muffins, Buckwheat Waffles, Cashew Cream Cheese, Cauliflower Hash, French Toast,Fresh Fruit Syrup and many more.
Grab a copy of this book and improve the quality of your mealtimes.
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The Complete Meal Prep Atkins Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Quick, Healthy & Simple Low Carb Atkins Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and Whole Health (Easy Atkins Diet Meal Prep Cooking Book)

by Tom C. Daniels

Have you ever wondered what social-economic and health effects are associated with being overweight? Now you will have a good solution for your overweight! With this amazing Meal Prep Atkins Diet Cookbook, you will easily cut your weight in few weeks. All you need to do is just to follow it and put it into action! This meal prep cookbook is your answer to fully understanding how to fuel your body so you can burn fat 24/7.

This book combines meal prep and Atkins Diet. By following a low carb high fat Atkins Diet, not only will it help you trim down your weight, but also will help you stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life. Below are some of the benefits you will experience from this Atkins Diet:

1. Drop in blood sugar and insulin levels.

2. Rapid Weight loss.

3. Lower the risk of cancer.

4. Better skin and reduce acne.

5. Lower blood pressure.

6. Sleep well and feel rested.

7. Better mood.

8. Longevity.

We have prepared with 80 delicious and easy recipes, including: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, sweet treats and snacks that are tasty and flavorful. Meantime all recipes include the macros to make tracking simple. You can find chicken, vegetables, smoothies, noodles, seafood, beef, and pork among the delicious and healthy recipes. With the detailed step by step procedure for each recipe, even the non-cook can prepare these recipes quickly and easily! By following this Atkins Diet fat loss meal prep book, you will achieve incredible effects. PLEASE ENJOY IT!



In this book, you may find formulas alongside Banana and Mango Smoothie. Be that as it may, the outstanding smoothies are the ones which might be specially crafted on your taste and dietary dreams. Get present day and include factors together with Greek yogurt, a trace of natural product squeeze, a modest bunch of almonds, or a few tablespoons of dry oats. Be careful with pre-packaged or industrially to be had smoothies which might be radical in fats or normal and simulated sweeteners. Keep your ice chest loaded with a determination of surrender final product and veggies, utilize a substantial obligation blender and make residential made smoothies a consistently custom to you and your family.

THE VEGETARIAN & THE GRILL: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 100 Foolproof Recipes

by Melissa Teigen

Although Melissa Teigen has written about all sorts of cooking topics, she is perhaps most notable for those works of her dealing exclusively with veganism and vegetarianism. In these books, she has put an emphasis on an oft-overlooked fact: vegetarian meals can be delicious too! Yes, believe it or not, you can create hearty, nutritious meals that are completely vegetarian.

The Vegetarian & The Grill: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well with 100 Foolproof Recipes is one such book, filled to the brim with recipes that you can whip out for your next guilt-free meal around the grill.

More than any other type of cooking, BBQ is associated with meat and grease. You grill up a steak; you grill up burgers. Real barbecue, however, is neither defined nor limited by meat. In fact, grilling can be healthy, as the 100 recipes in The Vegetarian & The Grill will attest. You can bust out all your favorite spices and fire up the pit, because vegan grilling is about to get a whole lot more fun and a whole lot more accessible. You no longer need to feel left out of the grilling world just because of your lifestyle. With this book, you can bring your life style to the grilling world and let the two meld into one.

Halogen Oven Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Quicker-to-Cook Ideas!

by Alice Waterson

Do you love cooking all kinds of dishes?
Would you like to save time in the kitchen?

The halogen oven is the answer to your prayers. They look like sci-fi movie props, but they operate in a way that allows them to cut a lot of cooking time from your recipes.

Halogen ovens use bright light in the production of heat, which a fan then distributes through the oven. The thermostat inside turns the light on and off as needed. Halogen ovens save a great deal of space in your kitchen, and they cook almost three times faster than conventional ovens.

Would you like to learn to integrate halogen cooking into your recipes at home?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This cookbook will show you how to cook so many things in a halogen oven, including vegetables, poultry, meat, and even breakfast dishes and desserts. They can cook tarts and breads, too.
Start learning how to create dishes with a halogen oven today!

Freezer Meal Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Make Ahead Dish Ideas!

by Anthony Boundy

Are you tired of working all day, only to rush around to prepare an evening meal?
Or do you just want an easier way to eat healthy?

Freezer meals make it easy to have delicious, healthy meals every night. This will free up time for your family or guests to enjoy evening meals. You can make freezer breakfasts, too, and that will make your mornings less hectic.

Would you like to include freezer meals in your schedule?
We’ll show you how that’s done.
This cookbook includes many kinds of dishes created to be frozen and enjoyed later.

From breakfast to lunch, dinner, side dishes and desserts, we are sharing 30 freezer meal recipes in one E-book. This cookbook sets you on the right path to healthier dishes you can make at home. Your family and friends will love them. Try a few of these recipes soon!

Letâ??s Cook a Casserole!: Dinner, Dessert, Sweet, & Savory Recipes – Simply Heat and Eat

by Anthony Boundy

Are you looking for a weekday lunch that will feed the whole family or a creative casserole for a special meal? Then look no further, simply pop it in the pot!

Let’s Cook a Casserole! is divided into three easy to read sections:

– Cheese & Vegetarian; where you can choose from comforting, fuss free casserole recipes. Create such classics as Macaroni Cheese and Tuna, Chicken Parmesan and tasty Buffalo Chicken. Discover new and exciting recipes that are sure to become firm family favorites including veggie Four Cheese Eggplant and smoky Cowboy Corn casserole with bacon.

– Meat & Fish; enjoy tucking into a Plummy Lamb casserole, an Asian inspired Pineapple, and Chicken Chinese Curry casserole or for non-meat lovers a Caribbean, and Coconut Lime Swordfish Casserole.

– Sweet & Fruity; for anyone with a sweet tooth why not wake up to a French Toast and Blueberry Breakfast casserole or treat
yourself to a Chai Spiced Mango Rice Pudding Bake

Prepare any one of these delicious recipes for a heat-and-eat savory meal or sweet and fruity breakfast or dessert.

One Pot Pasta Rezepte: Schnell einfach lecker – Alles in einem Topf (German Edition)

by Mira Brand

One Pot Pasta Gerichte

Packen Sie alles in einen Topf und es gart gemeinsam vor sich hin. So simpel, wie auch schnell.

Das One Pot Prinzip funktioniert immer!
Durch das “alles in einem Topf” zubereiten spart man nicht nur jede Menge Geschirr, man kann sein Essen auch super aromatisch genieÃ?en, da sich beim One Pot Pasta Kochen die Aromen besonders entfalten.

Im Buch erwarten Sie viele leckere One Pot Pasta Rezepte.

Ob Penne oder Tagliatelle, ob vegetarisch oder mit Fleisch – es ist für jeden etwas dabei.

Versuchen Sie sich in der Kunst des One Pot Kochens.

The Complete AIR FRYER COOKBOOK: 51 Surprisingly Easy Recipes for Cooking Tasty and Healthy Food With An Air Fryer

by Michael Hamm .

Discover â?¦.

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced
at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This cookbook is a collation of easy air fryer recipes. If you want to cook healthily fried and baked food for your loved ones daily, then this cookbook is for you. The air fryer cooks food fast without extra fat or calories. With the help of this cookbook, you can prepare delicious and enjoyable food. The air fryer will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and still serve amazing fried and baked food for your family. Air fryer is the best solution to virtually all the problems you have been facing in the kitchen.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1 Air Fryer
  • Chapter 2 Breakfast
  • Chapter 3 Lunch
  • Chapter 4 Appetizers
  • Chapter 5 Fish and Seafood
  • Chapter 6 Poultry
  • Chapter 7 Meat
  • Chapter 8 Vegetables and Sides
  • Chapter 9 Dessert

Download your copy today!

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Detox Cookbook: Detox Recipes that will Help you to Naturally Cleanse Your Body

by Anthony Boundy

Many people these days are going on detox diets, from fruit waters to soups, to a variety of different herbal teas. But how many of these people actually understand what detox does, or how to do it properly? If you are one of these people that don’t really understand what a detox is but would like to try, we have got you covered in this Detox Cookbook. In this Detox Cookbook, we will examine what exactly a detox is and how to effectively carry out a detox. We will also explore 30 amazing recipes that can aid in your detox journey, and show you how to naturally cleanse your body. There is a world of detox remedies out there waiting for us to discover and the first step in doing that is to grab a copy of this Detox Cookbook. So, get a hold of your copy and let’s get started on your natural cleanse.

30 Delectable Peruvian Dishes: Cooking Authentic South-American Foods

by Anthony Boundy

Do you enjoy Peruvian cooking but think it’s only available in South America or in restaurants?
Peruvian dishes are authentic and sumptuous, with their ingredients easy to find in that country. But you can also purchase the produce and spices to make your own Peruvian dinners.

Can Peruvian dishes be just as delicious made at home?


We’ll show you how in this recipe book.

You can prepare and enjoy your own South American foods, from salads to appetizers to entrees and even desserts. We’ll share 30 authentic Peruvian recipes in this e-Book, and we think you’ll enjoy most of them.

Ketogene Ernährung für Anfänger: 99 leckere Rezepte für eine gesunde Ketogene Diät inklusive Erläuterung der Ketogenen Diät & 14-Tage Plan (German Edition)

by eat smart

Ketogene Diät für Anfänger : Das Keto Kochbuch mit 99 Rezepten für Anfänger,Einsteiger, Berufstätige und Experten inkl.Erklärung der Diät und 14-Tage-Plan

Was ist die Ketogene Diät ?

Wie kann ich meine ungesunde Ernährungsweise umstellen ?

Wie kriege ich mein Fett weg ohne JoJo Effekt?

Wie kann ich schnell abnehmen ohne zu hungern?

Wie erreiche ich meine Traumfigur?

Wie kann ich gesund abnehmen?

Wie kann ich meine ungesunde Ernährungsweise umstellen zu einer gesunden Ernährung?

Wie kann ich ohne viel oder gar kein Sport abnehmen?

Wenn du dich diese Fragen stellst, ist unser Kochbuch perfekt für dich geeignet!

Dieses Kochbuch ist für Einsteiger, Fortgeschrittene, Experten, die das Ziel verfolgen, durch eine Umstellung der Ernährung abzunehmen. Mit dem Konzept der Ketogenen Diät erreicht jeder sein Ziel!

In diesem Buch erfährst du das KNOW-HOW und alles Wichtige, was du für eine sofortige Umsetzung wissen musst.

Im Buch erhalten:

  • 14-Tage-Ernährungsplan
  • 99 Rezepte von leicht bis schwer
  • Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Snacks für Arbeit/Schule und Getränke
  • Was ist die Ketogene Diät?
  • Lebensmittelliste

  • 25 Delicious Pizza Recipes: Dishes for every taste – part 1

    by Mattis Lundqvist


    • Paleo Turkey Pizza
    • Paleo Cauliflower crust pizza with olives
    • Paleo Meat Feast Pizza
    • Paleo Meatza Supreme
    • Paleo Hawaiian Pizza
    • Paleo Taco pizza
    • Paleo Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Kale Pizza
    • Paleo Pizza Marinara
    • Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza
    • Raw Vegan Pizza with spinach, pesto and vegetables
    • Vegan Quinoa Pizza
    • Vegan Lahmajun- Turkish Pizza
    • Raw Vegan Pizza with red pepper flax crust
    • Caramelized Vegan Onion Tart with Olives
    • Vegan White Zucchini Pizza
    • Vegan Mushroom, Eggplant, Pesto and Tofu Pizza
    • Vegan Sweet Potato Tofu Pizza
    • Vegan Red Potato and Rosemary Pizza
    • Vegan Carbonara Pizza
    • Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza
    • Gluten Free Beet Crust Pizza
    • Gluten Free Chicken Tamale Pizza
    • Gluten Free Upside Down Pizza
    • Gluten Free Tuna Pizza
    • Gluten Free Herb Spelt Crust Pizza

    Homemade Nacho Cookbook: Delicious Nacho Recipes You Can Throw Together at Home

    by Anthony Boundy

    Do you love finger foods? What do you think of when you hear the words “Movie Night”? If you are any form of a foodie, the word Nachos just popped up in your head, and by now you are probably running through all the different kinds of nachos that you have enjoyed over the years. Now you can enjoy all these nacho types and more directly from your kitchen. Every page of this Homemade Nacho Cookbook will feature easily accessible ingredients and step by step instructions that will produce warm, delicious nachos. Grab a copy today and let’s show you how to transform your next movie night.

    Delightful Salmon Recipes: Learn How to Cook Some Delicious and Amazing Recipes

    by Anthony Boundy

    Among fish, salmon is actually one of the fattiest, but its fat content is similar to that of lean meats. It contains about 10% fat, while most of the red meat cuts on the market contain about 5% to 15% (visible fat removed). In addition, salmon fats are extremely beneficial to health and I am sure you can enjoy it even if you don’t really like fish. It can be cooked in so many different ways, and it does not dry out like many other fish varieties.

    The nutritional qualities of salmon are so numerous that it is difficult to know where to start; rich in protein and good fat (the Omega 3 which act primarily by reducing inflammation in your body). Inflammation is proving to be the basis of many health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and arthritis. It also helps prevent the formation of blood clots that cause strokes.

    I can keep listing more and more benefits and how important is to eat salmon, but I am sure you would prefer to start making some delicious and fantastic salmon recipes instead of reading everything, so go on–what are you waiting for?

    Sampler: Elly Pearâ??s Fast Days and Feast Days: Tips and recipes to reset your diet for the New Year

    by Elly Curshen

    Reset your diet for the New Year with this exclusive e-short from rising cookery star Elly Pear. Gone is prescriptive eating – here you will find eight delicious 5:2 recipes along with no-nonsense advice for both your fast days and feast days. This is the answer to all your New Year healthy eating resolutions.

    Since opening the hugely popular Pear Café nine years ago, Elly Pear has been on a quest for good food and new ideas. Having found real results sticking to the 5:2 way of eating, Elly shares some of her favourite, most exciting pescatarian recipes for eating well and enjoying food on both fast days and feast days.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.