Free fantasy Kindle books for 01 Jun 18

Deadline (Harrietta Lee Book 1)

by Stephanie Ahn

Disgraced witch Harrietta Lee has made a lot of mistakes in her life; there’s a reason she’s got a sizable burn scar slapped across the side of her neck and a formal letter of excommunication from the international underground magical community. But who has time to dwell on the past when you’re trying to make rent in New York? Things are mostly clean and simple, until her next odd job is brought to her by the representative of a powerful corporate family├ó??a family she once had close personal ties to. As she unwillingly digs through six years’ worth of personal baggage, she’s also got to contend with an inhuman admirer shadowing her in the street.
But hey, maybe it’ll be worth it for the beautiful women she gets to kiss…

Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft: Book One of Marcus Grimm saga

by Stas Borodin

The steppes were always feared, for the steppe warlocks were cruel and ruthless.
For centuries, the tiny kingdom of Lieh was a shield that protected civilization from the hordes of ferocious nomads. But one day, everything changed. The truce that had lasted for many years was broken and a powerful new warlock invaded the kingdom.
Young Marcus Grimm must take up arms and join his father’s army in his maiden battle. Adventurer, student at the Academy of Magic, pirate hunter, army scout and slayer of sorcerers – on the way he will find true friends and make some fearsome enemies.
He will become the Hand of Destiny.

The first book of the Marcus Grimm saga.
Translated from Russian.

Stas Borodin is the author of the popular fantasy series “Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft”, written in the genre of heroic fantasy.
The series includes the novel of the same name “Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft”, novels “Black Hands” and “Funeral Pyres”.
“Fists of clay” is a stand-alone novel and a sequel to “Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft”.
The novel “Stars and Arrows” is written in the genre of alternative history and set in times of American Civil War.

Tracking Darkness

by Elliott S. Clark

A lone man drives into swamplands on a dark night. Far away from any civilisation, he hunts for something mysterious armed only with a map. A series of mysterious and chilling incidences leave him wondering if he’s the one doing the hunting at all.

Elements of horror and dark fantasy are combined in this short story.

Cradle: Foundation (Cradle Collected Book 1)

by Will Wight

***This volume contains the first three novels in the Cradle series: Unsouled, Soulsmith, and Blackflame, all of which are available separately.***

Sacred artists follow a thousand Paths to power, using their souls to control the forces of the natural world.

Lindon is Unsouled, forbidden to learn the sacred arts of his clan.

When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he’s ever known…and forge his own Path.

The Traveler’s Gate Trilogy (Complete)

by Will Wight

***This volume contains the novels House of Blades, The Crimson Vault, and City of Light, as well as the short story collection The Traveler’s Gate Chronicles, all of which are available separately.***

Simon can only watch, helpless, as his family is killed and his village destroyed by enemy Travelers–men and women who can summon mystical powers from otherworldly Territories. To top it off, one of Simon’s friends is revealed as a savior prophesied to destroy evil and save the realm.

Prophecy has nothing to say about Simon.

He has no special powers, no magical weapons, and no guarantee that he’ll survive. But he sets off, alone and unarmed, to earn the power he needs to oppose the Travelers and topple their ruthless Overlord. It may not be his destiny, but Simon is determined to save the day anyway.

Because who cares about prophecy, really?

Rythe Falls: The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Three

by Craig R. Saunders

‘For fans of Gemmell, Eddings and Erikson: Heroic, epic fantasy.’
Renir Esyn has fought the Protectorate, the dark mage Klan Mard, the ragged men of the Draymar Plains…and still he lives. He is the man who found Caeus and set him free.
He is the man who would be king.
But a King cannot rule alone…cannot gain the crown without allies. In the battle for Rythe, he’ll need strength and passion, and friends.
On the side of light, the mercenaries Shorn and Bourninund, the Order of Sard, Tirielle A’m Dralorn, Reih and her bodyguard Perr. Caeus, the Red Wizard, with millennia of power in his mad bones might prove an ally, too.
Heroes all, strong of heart. But heroes die. Wars can be lost.
Under red skies, the blight spreads. A new threat rises and an old foe returns. And while Renir Esyn and his allies fight for their lives and the fate of Rythe, darkness rises. There can be no other way – because when the Sun Destroyers return, Rythe will fall.

As the King

by Sarah Peters

Fourteen years ago, Elisan’s family sent her to live far from home with no explanation. Elisan grew up knowing she was expendable, but when she receives an urgent letter claiming she’s the heir to the throne, she has no choice but to return. Elisan has no intention of being crowned, but hopes going home can finally give her the closure she’s craved for years.

In Verica, nothing is as idyllic as it appears. The king’s health is failing, vengeful spirits lurk in the mountains, and an ancient curse lays over the land. Despite everything Elisan tries, the curse has its grip on her, and after tragedy strikes, Elisan fears she’ll never escape. With the help of an arrogant ghost, a brash mage, and a sarcastic lord, Elisan will have to face the ultimate choice between saving herself, or saving the kingdom that abandoned her.

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