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The Art of the Real: Inside the Trump Presidential Media Persona

by Unpaid Ghostwriter

The Art of the Real: Inside the Trump Presidential Media Persona

President Donald J. Trump lays out his personal and Presidential worldview in this new classic—a riveting account of the social media account and the media account of that account.

“It wasn’t much of an elevator pitch, to be honest. But it got me thinking. What if I wrote something that was so real people will have to think it’s fake out of comfort or something so fanciful and outlandish that they might wonder if it is real?”

Here is the real Trump — how he runs his White House and how he runs his life as he meets with his staff, slams diet Coke, emotes with FoxNews, challenges conventional campaigning and questions governing. But even an ever shifting media personality needs his own narrative. He takes you there, he makes myths, he shatters objective reality and fully reveals the artistry and truth of deception. And throughout, Trump rants and jokes and really gets into it. Trump: The Art of the Real: Inside the Trump Presidential Media Persona is a candid snapshot into the mind of a brilliant showman — the ultimate read for anyone who wants to get in on the joke.

#1 Bestseller in Belarus, Kazachstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, China (mainly as bootlegs but we’re working on it), and India.

Now with a new Foreword.

The Praise is Tremulous:

“Trump has managed to put a We in Mea Culpa. At times an honest appraisal of his political machinations and a sincere thank you to his supporters.” — Woodson James

“If it is possible to out fake fake news, this is the real story.” — Chloe Daeir, The Vulture Culture

“A fun, light hearted romp. A couple of bucks and couple of hours pleasantly spent. I don’t know the man any better but I laughed and realized neither will he.” — Charles Douglakoff, MacLuan’s

“One can’t help but admire his sheer, excited, willful hypocrisy; it’s a tremendous account of a man having the time with our lives.” — Kimichiko Takatuni, MY Times Review of Books

“It is a book that blurs genres and lines, a greatest hits for the Trump Train and a worrisome reminder for the #Resistance. The thrill and the threat are real.” — Justine Maxin, The Trans-Atlantic Quarterly

“Some say Trump isn’t in on it, lost to the performance of being Trump. Art of the Real is an exhilarating reminder that not only is he in on it, he’s having a ball.” — Derek Derekson,

“It’s not entirely satire or parody. It’s, for lack of a literary concept, Trumpian.” — Mason Smalley

“The rambling, thinly punctuated, grammatically challenged transcription of a conversational monologue that will launch another thousand think pieces.” — The Culture Culture Review

“Paradoxical, indulgent and self-reverential. Trump gets millennials.” –Ismaan Kolter

“Like the picaresque novel you didn’t read in that English class for credit requirements. You watched the series and managed a solid B. This time, read the book.” — The Echalotte Books Section

“You never know with Trump. You read the book and you know how much more he’ll never know.” — Abnormal Psychology Today

“It’s a stunt, written by a Russian troll linguistically incapable of irony or satire. And even still, it’s kind of funny.” — Anonymous Twitter Account

“A gleefully shallow delight.” — The Monthly

“I see a great debate coming in the Kindle verified reviews.” — Kindle Reviews Review

“Trump is the Great American Character, an entertaining persona everyone will look back on with amusement after they read we have a President indulging his inner 7 year old, flushing 5 dollar foot longs down the White House toilets. An instant classic.” — Gemma Mauhm

“None of it could possibly be true and yet somehow I can’t not believe there’s something to it. A stunning achievement!” — Reynard de Bellegrave, The Washington Moon

Dog of Blue: Poems to Live By

by Charley Elwell

Through the years Charley has written hundreds of poems. This book is the first in a series of devotional books. The poetry is often funny and witty but each packs a punch as the reader grasps the messages hidden inside. Every poem is accompanied with Bible scriptures and a daily devotional written by Charley and his daughter Debby. You will find it is a great way to start your day..

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