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The Scent of Revenge: Book Two of the Patterns Series

by Russell Moran

The Scent of Revenge
Book Two of The Patterns Series
The world is at war – World War III.

FBI Agent Rick Bellamy and his wife, Ellen, find themselves in the middle of a sinister terror plot.

Someone is attacking young prominent women, inflicting a horrible disease.

Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to stop it, nobody knows how to cure it.

Will the lives of the women be changed forever? When will the attacks stop?

As the head of the FBI Counterterrorism task force, Rick Bellamy thought that he had seen the worst extremes of terror. When he wakes up and turns on the news, the familiar knot in his stomach is always there. He had taken to squinting at the TV, to try to lessen the blow of the latest news of terror. He had recently had a mild heart attack, although, at 42, he’s a young man. His wife, Ellen, comes up with a plan to calm Rick down, to keep him focused on his life, their life, not just terror.

Rick met Ellen, four years younger than him, at a charity fundraiser. He was immediately taken by her beauty. Soon after they met, they fell in love and married. Besides her physical beauty, Rick discovered over their time together that Ellen was a unique human being. She was a well-known architect and the author of two best-selling books on architecture. Rick knew that Ellen had brains. But what he didn’t realize at first was her kindness, her genuine caring for other people, including him. Rick thought of Ellen not only as his wife and lover. He thought of her as his best friend. And the horror of the growing caseload that Bellamy faced called for just that: a friend.

With one news report after another, Bellamy realizes that terrorism has taken on a new face, a face of utter depravity. Woman after woman, some of whom Bellamy knew well, came down with a strange and horrifying disease.

Bellamy had grown accustomed toâ??if that’s possibleâ??bombings, shootings, kidnappings, stabbings, and the varied accoutrements of terrorism. But nothing had prepared him for this. Women at all levels of American society, from government to business to academia, were being stricken with the disease. The women all had something in commonâ??they were young and they all held positions of prominence. Bellamy started to see a pattern, a group of dots that he started to connect. The toll mounted as Bellamy looked on helplessly.

Suddenly the attacks got personal. Everyone, it seemed, knew a young woman who had been stricken by the illness. Cable news shows began each hour with a count of the latest victims. If 9/11 was the greatest terror spectacular of all time, the Scent of Revenge, as it came to be known, soon emerged into a terror spectacular that just kept growing.

But how can an illness be inflicted? How can a disease be weaponized? How does it happen?

Crimes are often solved by sheer luck. A clue is dropped in an unexpected place, a witness makes a call, a prisoner opens up. After a period of horrifying weeks, a clue finally emerged, a small clue, but a clue that could lead to something else, a dot to connect, a pattern to begin to form. A cop, making a routine arrest in Manhattan, provided the first clue to the horror that the nation faced.

Bellamy and his colleagues realized that the situation had grown beyond the boundaries of law enforcement. They recognized that only science can hold the key to the scourge that’s sweeping the nation. Rick Bellamy and his team of scientists wanted to go on offense. But how?

As the weeks unfolded, and as the count of stricken women grew by the day, Bellamy takes his concerns to the top, to the White House.

Unless he can stop the attacks, America will become a different place, a strange, barren, and horrifying place.


by James Byron Huggins


In a world ruled by the purest survivors, the fiercest warriors, Gage was the strongest – an American executing his country’s darkest missions with legendary cunning and skill. Until, wounded and dying in a scorched wasteland, he found mercy at the hands of an aging priest.

Separated from the secret world he once dominated, he chose a life of exile, pursuing a lonely peace, a solitary faith. Only the murder of his mentor and the mysterious theft of an ancient manuscript can compel him to emerge from solitude.


Now his greatest battle begins. From the shadowed streets of New York to the inner recesses of the Vatican and beyond, he challenges the awesome might of an ageless evil. Bound by a promise to a dying friend, he wages war once more in the dark world he left behind.

A New Journal (A Most Dangerous Woman Season 1 Episode 1)

by Brenda Clough

This is the 1st episode in the first season of A Most Dangerous Woman, a 9-episode serial from Serial Box.

Marian’s sister Laura has always seemed to know her better than Marian knows herself, so when she gives Marian a new journal and urges her to find her own joy in life, Marian doesn’t intentionally ignore her advice. It’s just that she’s so comfortable, and she truly does love her sister’s family. But when change walks into her life unexpectedly, she finds that she might just be ready to embrace it, after all.

In Brenda Clough’s deliciously authentic sequel to Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White, Marian Halcolmbe finds and marries her true love, Theo Camlet. But when Theo’s first wife, who everyone believed to be dead, reappears, Marian and her brother in law Walter must delve into the darkest and most dangerous corners of London to save Theo from accusations of bigamy and murder, as well as the hangman’s noose.

Kings of Asphalt (Motorcycle Club BBW Romance) (Club Chrome Book 1)

by Alexx Andria


BBW reporter Zoe Delacourte thinks she’s found the perfect story to make her career when she stumbles across Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen â?? bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks, running the notorious motorcycle club, the Kings of Asphalt. Some might call them bad men. They have wicked rides and rap sheets but all Zoe sees is two incredibly hot men and she can’t stop herself from falling head over heels.

Jax and Hunter they don’t see a fat girl â?? they see a sexy woman they can’t wait to have in their arms. But loving them might just get Zoe killed.

Motorcycle club hot romance – suitable age range: adult
Kings of Asphalt is a novella of approximately 41,000 words and the first book in the Club Chrome series.

The Club Chrome series by Alexx Andria:

Kings of Asphalt
All Dogs Bite
Up In Flames
“A brunette with curvesâ?¦I like. It’s as if Dimas read my mind.”

Zoe whirled at the sound of the sultry voice at her back and she found herself staring at the most sinfully handsome man she’d ever seen. Lounging like a giant jungle cat on the worn black leather sofa, Jax Traeger’s stare burned two holes into her soul as he regarded her with open interest. Goodness, he was handsomeâ?¦in a dirty, I-will-likely-break-your-heart-and-ruin-your-credit sort of way. She hadn’t expected that. Talk about being blindsided. There’d been precious few pictures of Jax on the Internet. It seemed the bad boy was camera shy, go figure. “I-I’m sorryâ?¦I think your guy got the wrong ideaâ?¦”

One black slash of a brow went up in question and he leaned forward, saying, “Which would be?”

“The idea that I’mâ?¦oh, I don’t knowâ?¦um, available forâ?¦” Shut up, you idiot! This was what deep cover was all about! Right. Inhaling a discreet, stabilizing breath, she straightened and braved a smile as she sauntered over to Jax, ignoring the flutters in her belly as his gaze darkened with interest. “Available for just anyone.”

“Oh? Isn’t that the whole idea behind being a whore?”

“A ww-hore? Excuse me? I’m notâ??”

“You’re not what?” His smile slowly faded. “Then you’re not from Dimas and if that’s the caseâ?¦just who are you?”

Oh crap. Her damn mouth. “I-I just meanâ?¦well, of course, I’m from Dimas. I was just taken aback for a minute. I mean, well, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place.” Faster than she could react, he had her pressed up against the wood paneling, crowding her personal space and sending her heartrate through the roof. He smelled of leathers, a cool midnight ride, and the faint wisp of alcohol clinging to the edge as if as a reminder that his angelic face and body was simply a ruse to lure unsuspecting women to their doom. It should’ve repulsed her â?? truly, bad boys weren’t to her tastes â?? but she was oddly, and dangerously thrilled by the threat of caged violence she saw in his eyes and could see rippling through his biceps as he pressed forward. Was he going to ravage her right there like a modern day pirate or simply punt her outside the doors with a growled warning? Was she crazy for hoping â?? for a wild, irresponsible moment â?? that he would choose to grind those sensual lips across hers as punishment for daring to breach their inner sanctum? Yeah, don’t answer that. She already knew â?? it was fucking lunancy.

The Wife â?? Part One: A gripping psychological thriller full of twists and lies (The Wife series)

by ML Roberts

If you can’t stop watching Doctor Foster and The Affair, you won’t be able to put down this chilling new four-part series.

â??I was hooked from the moment I started reading’ USA TODAY bestseller Sue Fortin

Michael and Ellie are that couple.

The ones who have it all.

Success, charm, trustâ?¦but no relationship is perfect and the events of the past cast a shadow over their charmed life together.

When lecturer Michael starts to mentor a new student, Ellie fears that history is repeating itself. As paranoia takes its ugly hold, it’s clear some things just can’t be forgottenâ?¦or forgiven.

Wild Night Is Calling

by J.A. Konrath

Wisconsin. Summer. Late at night.

Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys, who invite them back to their place to party.

But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare, where nothing is what it seems…

Wild Night Is Calling is a 6000 word short story by thriller writer J.A. Konrath (Shaken, Trapped) and romantic suspense writer Ann Voss Peterson (A Cop in Her Stocking, Seized By The Sheik).

Peterson wrote the first half. Konrath wrote the second half.

This ebook, specially formatted for Kindle with an active table of contents, also contains an excerpt from Konrath and Peterson’s collaborative spy thriller, FLEE.

Together they also wrote EXPOSED, BABE ON BOARD, and SPREE.

About the authors

JA Konrath is the author of twenty-three novels, and is best known for the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thriller series.

Ann Voss Peterson is the author of twenty-seven suspense novels, with more than 3 million copies in print.

Rafferty’s Rules: A Rafferty P.I. Mystery (Rafferty : Hardboiled P.I. Book 1)

by W. Glenn Duncan

Rafferty’s Rule 23: You show me a man who always fights fair and I’ll show you a man who loses too often.

Fifteen years ago, Rafferty saved Vivian Mollison from a crazed junkie who tried to blow her head off.

A lot has changed since then. Rafferty’s no longer a cop, and Vivian’s now twenty-five, studying sociology at SMU, with a father who made a fortune in computers.

So when Rafferty gets summoned to the Mollison estate and told to chase down the five outlaw bikers who kidnapped Vivian and put her into a drug-induced twilight zone, it’s mixed emotions.

The payday will be big, but he’ll have to earn every penny of it. The bikers aren’t likely to come quietly and who knows how many people could get hurt in the crossfire.

But behind all that fun and excitement, there’s still a girl who needs his help.

Rafferty saved Vivian once. Can he do it again?

If you’re a fan of Spenser, Mike Hammer or Matt Scudder, then this hardboiled pulp thriller, from Shamus Award Winner W. Glenn Duncan, will keep you reading late into the dark night.

RAFFERTY’S RULES is a hardboiled P.I. mystery in the tradition of the best pulp thrillers.

Rafferty’s a Dallas P.I. and an ex-cop who spent enough time on the streets to understand how things work. And when they don’t, Rafferty’s the guy you’ll want on your side. He may quote Latin occasionally, smoke too much and be a cynical sonofabitch, but when it all hits the fan and you need someone you can trust, you’ll be glad you called Rafferty.

Originally published by Ballantine, this 30th Anniversary release of RAFFERTY’S RULES marks the first time that W. Glenn Duncan’s work has been available in digital format. We doubt that Rafferty would quietly accept the ongoing march of technology that provides this opportunity, but even a grizzled P.I. has to grow up sometime.

This hardboiled PI series will continue with the first new Rafferty story in nearly three decades. FALSE GODS, written by W. Glenn Duncan Jr. (son of the original author) sees Rafferty looking for a missing girl, up to his ass in religious fundamentalists and needing all the help he can get from his old pals Cowboy and Mimiâ??and a few new onesâ??to make sure he gets out alive.

Join the Rafferty Readers’ Group at to get the latest news on the upcoming release of FALSE GODS.

Praise for W. Glenn Duncan:

“Sometimes it seemed W. Glenn Duncan’s Texas P.I. Rafferty had a rule for everything, but the fact remains that most of them were a hoot. And, of course, a further irony is that “Rafferty’s Rules” is, in fact, an Australian football term for “no rules at all.” – Thrilling Detective Website

“I have all of the Rafferty titles in my collection. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the years, but the Rafferty books are a mainstay. I think they’re terrific!” – Paul Bishop

“Duncan truly captured the pure essence of the definitive smart-ass private eye in his character Rafferty. Take part Sam Spade with a little Mike Hammer, mix in some Spenser and you have an awesome character.” – Cliff Fausset

“At first sniff, it may smell like Spenser with a cowboy hat, but take a good whiff: W. Glenn Duncan’s Dallas, Texas private eye RAFFERTY was actually a blast of fresh air in what was rapidly becoming a glut of sensitive, soul-searching, overly politically-correct cookie cutter P.I.s in the late eighties. Of course, it helps that Dallas ain’t Boston.” – Kevin Burton Smith

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