Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 01 Jun 18

Stan The Awakening: A Gripping Psychological Thriller

by Richard Wold

The battle between good and evil begins with Stan

Stan Foster wakes up after a suicide attempt with no idea who he is.

Stan is the story of the fall and rise of a controversial artist. Soon he finds out he’s an up-and-comer in the New York art scene, and he tries to make that life work for himself and for Lilith, his very headstrong manager, who pushes him toward success and fame.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Plagued by visions of death and destruction…

Stan comes to find he can’t tell whether they are omens of things to come or memories of his past. With the help of his psychiatrist, Abigail, he struggles to recover his lost identity and finds that what lies underneath is darker than he had ever imagined.

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Dirty Mistake: A Bad Boy Romance

by Amy Heighton

I never thought this mistake would change my life.
Do you wish to go back in time and change your mistake.

Damien Shay never thought he would get a second chance at love again after a day of romance with his beautiful neighbor cost him his relationship. This sends him into a new life with no care in the world. He finds himself lost in a routine of drinking and meaningless sex. But things begin to look up after he rescues a lady at the bar and warms his way into her heart. She reminds him of his ex and everything that he has lost. This is a second chance for himâ?¦ but he is scared, nonetheless that he would ruin it once again. His fears soon crystallize and he is about to lose the love of his life once again and now he must do everything in his power to prevent this from happening.

Every step of his way is filled with doubt and anxiety but he believes that love always wins in the end.

Dirty Mistake is a full length standalone romance with plenty of steam and a very satisfying Happily Ever After. I’ve also included some bonus stories for your enjoyment.

Amy Heighton

Practical Demon Magic: Money

by Gregory Wellston

A concise guide to practical demon magic, with a focus on Wealth magic.

Be Who You Came To Be: How to Connect with your Soul’s True Wisdom to Find Your Purpose, Gifts and Power

by Estelle Gillingham

Being who you came to be, (i.e. the process of aligning with your real nature), is what brings success and fulfilment to you.
Your alignment with the unique passion that drives you creates an irresistible magnetic force in your energy field that the universe can’t ignore.  You become magnetic to better outcomes.  And you become able to create the kind of life you desire. Particularly if you are a sensitive person.
I started working with the power of alignment four years ago.  I didn’t even have a term for it back then.  I simply reached a point where I had to give up keeping the peace and towing the line. I knew, to make my life worth living, I had to start aligning what I truly cared about.

What Being Who I Came To Be has done for me:
I gained access to my own authentic energy and my soul’s highest gifts.
I found a way to fulfil my purpose
I quickly earned a reputation as “The healer’s healer.”
I met a partner who loves me for who I really am
I can work where and when I want to
I earn more from doing what I love and believe in than I have ever earned at any other time in my life

It’s all about reconnecting to the unique passion that drives you. Once you align with what you deeply care about, it gets easier and easier to create a life filled with purpose and to access your energy and gifts.

Let me repeat the above headline again: I gained access to my authentic energy and my soul’s highest gifts – after only twelve months, my success rates in healing sessions with people who had been studying spirituality and healing for years were through the roof. They were coming to me for help because I aligned with and started being the person I came to be.  And you can align with your highest purpose and your real nature too.

Download the ebook to find out how – as well as the ebook edition, you’ll also get:

– free access to my ancestral healing process (one of the biggest block in aligning with our real nature)
– a PDF edition of the book (with some extra bonus healing processes)

Here’s to your success!

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