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Goody Two Shoes: Romantic Comedy (Scottish Highlands Book 2)

by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Take one American singer who doesn’t believe in falling in loveâ?¦

Josh McInnes’ biological clock is ticking and he wants to get marriedâ??now. After 20 years singing soppy love songs, he knows that there is no such thing as romantic love. There’s only hormones and lust. At thirty-five, he’s tired of his playboy lifestyle. He wants a wife who isn’t interested in fame, money, or romance. A sensible wife, who values commitment. He wants a partnership, a friendship, and none of the craziness that goes with falling in love. As far as he can see, there’s only one way to get exactly what he wantsâ??he needs an arranged marriage.

â?¦add a Scottish librarian who has given up on ever falling in loveâ?¦

Caroline Patterson terrifies men. With her no-nonsense attitude, and ice queen demeanour, she’s in control of everythingâ??and everyoneâ??around her. Her sensible shoes and grey skirt suits act like a force field, repelling male attention. At thirty-one, she can’t remember the last time she went on a date and is beginning to think she’ll never have a family of her own. When an American stranger approaches Caroline with a marriage proposal that resembles a business contract, she quickly accepts. She doesn’t expect romance. But she does expect to control each and every detail of their lives together. Because as life has taught herâ??if you aren’t in control, bad things happen.

â?¦and you get romance Invertary style!

Josh and Caroline learn the hard way that falling in love isn’t something you can avoid. And it definitely isn’t something you can control. Their well laid plans are about to degenerate into chaos, as they fall in love the Scottish way.

The Amethyst Box

by Anna Katharine Green

On the evening before his marriage, Sinclair loses a precious curiosity from his collection: an amethyst box, containing a tiny flask of deadly poison. He suspects that this poison is in the possession of either his betrothed or her cousin.Sinclair and his friend, Worthington, try to recover the box before the poison can be administered…

Fun in the Sun: Contemporary Beach Menage Romance

by Poppy Deveaux

Nat and Pete are a young couple who are taking their first vacation together to the tropical island of Barbados. When they arrive, however, it is not as idyllic as it seems for Pete is plagued with insecurities and jealousy of other men admiring Nat.

The trip gets off to a bad start but Nat meets the mysterious older woman, Jessica, at the bar, who offers her some words of wisdom. Over the first couple of days Jessica keeps making an appearance and then makes Nat a strange proposition, an offer that Nat doesn’t think she would ever take. However, when she talks about it with Pete they decide that there’s something irresistible about this woman and perhaps this vacation is the perfect time to explore their hidden desires.

Jessica takes them on an erotic odyssey and teaches them that love is only the beginning of pleasure.

Receive a very special bonus following the main story!

This eBook is intended for adult eyes only.

Sous Vide Cookbook: Delicious Sous Vide Recipes

by Megan Walther

Make Amazing recipes with the help of this cookbook

Congratulations on downloading Sous Vide Cookbook: Delicious Sous Vide Recipes and thank you for doing so. The world of diet and recipes is growing increasingly chaotic and downloading this book is the first step you can take towards actually doing something about it. The first step is also always the easiest, however, which is why the information you find in the following chapters is so important to take to heart as they are easy recipes that can be put into action immediately.

To that end, the following chapters will discussthe primary preparedness principals that you will need to consider if you ever hope to realistically be ready to prepare a sous vide recipe. Before getting started and diving into the topic, here are a few things to consider and keep in mind. One of the thing that will make the biggest difference is the quality of the ingredients. Working with fresh and high quality products is the very first step to preparing a great meal. The last thing before getting started is the ability to follow the instructions as closely as possible. Every step is important, so be sure not to skip anyone of them.

There are plenty of books on this subject on the market, thanks again for choosing this one! Every effort was made to ensure it is full of as much useful information as possible, please enjoy!

Interface: A Techno-Thriller (The Interface Series Book 1)

by Tony Batton

Tom Faraday – new employee at the famous CERUS Biotech – wakes up after a Friday night party to find it’s Monday, and he’s lost the entire weekend. And that’s only the start of his problemsâ?¦
25 years ago CERUS crossed boundaries that should not have been crossed. With Tom’s help, they’re about to try again. And what they have in mind will change everything.

Knights of Honor series Boxed set: Books 1 – 3

by Alexa Aston

Three full-length Medieval Romances from author Alexa Aston’s KNIGHTS OF HONOR series, including her bestselling English historical romance, WORD OF HONOR. Purchase this limited edition boxed set or read for free in KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Become swept away to the time of Edward III’s reign and the knights who served England, bound by their code of honor and chivalry. Romance will run deep as these men find lasting love with strong, passionate women. This limited edition bundle includes:

Word of Honor: A knight vanishes for years after his wedding night then returns without revealing where he has been. Can he recapture his wife’s love?

Marked by Honor: A knight rescues a noblewoman from a band of highwaymen, but her white lie to protect herself drives a wedge between them.

Code of Honor: A betrothed woman falls in love with a dashing knight while they deliver a foal less than a day before her wedding.

“Alexa Aston whisks readers away to another place and time.” – The Romance Reviews

Satisfying standalone reads with HEA and no cliffhangers. Get this collection before it’s gone!

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