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Spartacus and the Slave Wars: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Spartacus and the Slave Wars

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Spartacus has passed into legend as an enduring symbol of righteousness in his noble battle for the freedom of man. This transcendent icon did not appear from the aether and had plenty of inspiration from the brave and often forgotten figures that stood before him. The actions of Spartacus and his rebellion against the Roman Republic offer a unique look into the details of commercial slavery in Rome, and its long-lasting effects on the evolution of a nation.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Roman Acquisition of Slaves
â?? Life as a Roman Slave
â?? Runaway Slaves and the Stirrings of Rebellion
â?? The First and Second Servile Wars
â?? The Mysterious Origins of Spartacus
â?? Spartacus Leads an Army
â?? A Rebellion Defeated
And much more!

This book will take you through the Servile Wars, also known as the Slave Wars, which were a series of slave rebellions over a 60-year period of the Roman Republic’s history. Occurring in relatively quick succession, each Servile War increased in strength and fervor, until Spartacus and his allies nearly managed to bring the Republic to its knees.

My Streaking Adventures: Forum entries and blog post about my naked life.

by Bare Bob Streaker

The author tells about his fascination with exhibitionism which started during the streaking fad of the 1970s. He was so taken with the idea that he went streaking himself. After getting caught he switched to running around nude at night or in isolated places mostly trying not to be seen but the risk was part of the fun. He tells about his secret life that family and friends did not know about that he carried on for decades well into adulthood. Did he ever stop?

She Killed Dad

by Jessi Dillard

Born on May 28, 1972, Stacey Ann Lannert grew up in what appeared to be a picture-perfect family. She and her sister, Christy, were raised by two loving parents. Tom, their father, worked as a financial consultant, and their mother Deb took on the role of a stay-at-home mom. However, as the two girls got older, their â??ideal’ family started to crumble right before their eyes.

“In 1990, life as I knew it ended, for better and for worse,” Lannert wrote in her memoir, Redemption: A Story of Sisterhood, Survival, and Finding Freedom Behind Bars. “I had committed murder.”

FISICO AL TOP. Esercizi e Programmi Di Allenamento a Corpo Libero per Migliorare Forza e Forma Fisica. I Segreti Della Fitness Blogger Numero 1 In Italia (Italian Edition)


Tra il mondo del fitness e quello del wellness, sono più di dieci anni che ascolto storie di donne meravigliose che giorno dopo giorno realizzano il loro progetto più bello: sé stesse. Il 97% delle donne vuole dimagrire e tornare in forma, ma non fa nulla a riguardo. E se anche lo fa, a volte per brevissimo tempo, fa di testa propria ottenendo scarsissimi risultati se non addirittura peggiorando la propria situazione iniziale. Ecco perché ho creato “Fisico al Top”, l’unico libro che contiene il mio esclusivo metodo di fitness al femminile che ti permetterà di perdere i chili di troppo, rendere snello e tonico il tuo fisico, migliorare la tonicità muscolare ed aumentare la sensazione di benessere e vitalità nel corso dell’intera giornata. Il tutto in maniera rapida ed efficace.

Fisico Al Top


  • Perché amare te stessa è il primo passo per trasformare il tuo fisico.
  • L’importanza di mangiare in modo adeguato al tuo fabbisogno energetico quotidiano.
  • Perché allenarsi intensamente per poche decine di minuti è più producente di correre per ore senza una meta ben precisa.


  • Perché per migliorare il tuo allenamento mentale devi cambiare innanzitutto le tue convinzioni e abitudini.
  • La tecnica per impostare un obiettivo S.M.A.R.T.
  • Come organizzare il tuo calendario pianificando in anticipo le pause che ti serviranno per eseguire i tuoi allenamenti.


  • Perché mangiare bene vuol dire innanzitutto cibo fresco, sano e naturale.
  • Come capire qual è il tuo fabbisogno calorico giornaliero, settimanale e mensile.
  • Perché alimentazione e attività fisica devono essere assolutamente programmate insieme.


  • Perché l’integrazione ha come obiettivo solo quello di completare la tua alimentazione.
  • Perché un’integrazione limitata e di qualità è meglio di qualsiasi altra.
  • Come modificare l’integrazione ormonale in base ai periodi.


  • Perché il programma di allenamento deve essere strutturato per obiettivi specifici.
  • Come capire qual è il tuo fabbisogno calorico giornaliero, settimanale e mensile.
  • Perché gli allenamenti, per essere efficaci, devono essere eseguiti a circuito, ossia facendo un esercizio dietro l’altro.

Corners: Voices on Change

by Amy Lou Jenkins (editor and contributor)

Every life journey traverses curves and corners. In Corners: Voices on Change, writers find a way through changes. Their literary essays offer honesty, comfort and humor. Tracing their stories helps us to process our own changing lives. Be inspired by thoughtful lives as the writersâ??

  • Deal with grief and loss
  • Reject antiquated patterns of prejudice and selfishness
  • Get fired
  • Engage in War
  • Experience disappointment in God
  • Find their voice
  • Say “no”
  • Navigate the ubiquitous anxiety of loving a recovering addict
  • Save themselves from disappearing into marriage or parenthood
  • Discover lynchpins in family and culture
  • Choose a new religion and choose to love within the backlash
  • Learn to love a Trump-voting spouse when it seems a betrayal
  • Recreate a great life when the body, brain, or life circumstance won’t return to the old normal
  • Accept responsibilities, truths, and realities
  • Celebrate differences

These voices don’t prescribe a singular path to self-actualization. That would be a lie. We all face corners. We have to turn. We must make accommodations, or we get stuck clinging to beliefs and ways of life that can no longer sustain us. The beauty in these very human stories is laden with honesty, triumph, humor, resignation, comfort and insight. The cumulative effect of these personal stories is even greater than the sum of the parts. Readers experience the gallant pursuit of managing responses to change. Writers celebrate and lament the past, but don’t cling to it. They find a new normal. They strive. They accept. Read todayâ??for everyone navigating change.

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