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Gladius and the Bartlett Trial (Gladius Adventure Series Book 1)

by J. A. Paul

“The whole time I read this I kept thinking how cool of a movie it would make…
” -Amazon reviewer

Run with Gladius on this epic adventure through the daunting pillars of Longwood Forest, past the beasts of lore and fancy, to the shadowy Hills of the Moon. Feel the creepy twinges of the nefarious tyrant Mulhurt pull and twist at Gladius’ instincts. Crave the raw emotions as a budding friendship blossoms into young love when Ellie captivates his heart. Embrace and experience heartache and humor, fear and courage, doubt and confidence. Come along — join Gladius on this tantalizing fantasy adventure sure to appease your inner soul!

“J. A. Paul definitely knows how to craft an epic story-line, as well as fully developed characters and dialogue richly detailed in â??story-teller’ fashion” — The Paperback Pursuer

“A thrilling read that I found to be very well written and vividly descriptive.” — TFLReader,  Top 1000 Reviewer on Amazon

“I got this book for my 12 year old son. He got in trouble a few times for staying up past his bed time to read this book. The following is his opinion:

If you like Fiction, Action, & Adventure books, you’ll LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much I can’t wait to get the second book in the series. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — an Amazon reviewer

“I’ve already recommended it to some of the older students and they are pretty excited to read it!” — Carole, an Amazon reviewer

“There were a few sad moments but overall this story was hopeful and encouraging, something I think we all need in our lives.” — Sarah, an Amazon Reviewer

Filled So Good! 35 Stories of You Know What!

by Jasmine Time

Satisfied in the most forbidden of ways…

These 35 stories are way too hot!

My Only – Alex & Jamie (Crossroads, Book 3)

by Melanie Shawn

Stand-alone Crossroads romance, complete with HEA–and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

The Firefighter
With his sexy good looks, natural born charisma, and playful sense of humor, firefighter Alex Sloan is Harper’s Crossing’s most eligible bachelor. Since returning home from serving his country as a Navy SEAL women have been lining up to be with him. Alex works hard and plays even harder. Nothing can stop him when he sets his mind to something, and since meeting Jamie his mind is set on her.

The Nurse
Jamie Miller learned the hard way that there is one person she can depend on in this world…herself. To keep her life on track she needs to stay focused on her ten-year plan that includes working two jobs and does not include sexy distractions. And distractions don’t come much sexier than Alex Sloan.

The Dilemma
After Alex lands in the hospital from an on the job injury, Jamie is assigned to be his nurse-slash-guard. Caring for Alex during his recovery while simultaneously fending off female admirers. Will Jamie be able to resist the irresistible Alex Sloan, or will her resolve crumble when Alex decides that his plan includes being with Jamie?

Promises Broken

by KA Stalter

Can he be more to her than a string of promises broken?

When Briggs and Paige met, they made an unlikely pair, but somehow they understood each other. Both outcasts with less than ideal homelives, they quickly formed a close friendship. But at fifteen, Briggs was forced to leave town and break a promise to his best friend. Now, nearly three years later, with Paige never far from his mind, he decides to revisit his past and along the way discovers she is no longer the kid he remembers. And his feelings for her are anything but friendly.

Originally published in the Between Hearts Anthology
This is a short story. It’s a prologue for Briggs’ and Paige’s upcoming full length novel All My Mistakes

Finding Love: A Maple Run Novel (The Maple Run Series Book 2)

by Toni Shiloh

Delaney Jones has finally started to pick up the pieces of her shattered life after the death of her husband, Parker. Just as she adjusts to a new normal, in walks Army soldier, Luke Robinson. When she finally makes the decision to trust him, the world deals her a heavy blow.

Sergeant First Class Luke Robinson can’t get over his part in the death of Delaney’s husband. Hoping to assuage his guilt, he offers to lend a hand. He never counted on the feelings she evokes with just a smile. Will his secrets widen the gulf, or will he finally find absolution?

Praise for Finding Love:

“This second visit to the quaint community of Maple Run is even better than the first! Mouthwatering food, a swoon-inducing hero (complete with dimples and military uniform), adorable children, and a compelling heroine (complete with a great family and a yummy restaurant) – just one of those elements would be reason enough to love Finding Love. All of them together, plus a tender story of second chances and trusting God? Yes please!”
~ Carrie Schmidt, Reading Is My SuperPower

“Toni Shiloh’s Finding Love is a sweet tale of overcoming fears to find not just love, but trust in the Lord. She weaves a powerful tale amid some beautiful romance and a few giggles, bringing a satisfied, swoony-sigh at its conclusion. I already want to revisit Maple Run to catch up with its sweet residents!”
~ Mikal Dawn, author of Count Me In

“Ms. Shiloh has put together a compelling and heartwarming story that will make you smile One minute and hold your breath the next. Her attention to military details opens a window for the reader to take a glimpse into the private life of our service members. She sheds light on the struggles as well as the fears of their families here at home. My hats off and deepest gratitude to all who serve and prayers for those who make that sacrifice.”
~Melissa Wardwell, Author of Finding Hope in Savannah

What Survives of Us (Colorado Chapters Book 1)

by Kathy Miner

Naomi sees her first corpse in a Colorado Springs grocery store, but it won’t be her last. With devastating speed, a plague sweeps first the city, then the state, then the world, leaving less than 1% of the population to go on. Naomi, a gentle and sheltered housewife, finds herself fighting for survival in a world populated by desperate people, where might-makes-right, and mercy and compassion are in short supply. Fellow survivors Jack, a youth minister from Woodland Park; Grace, a 17-year-old high school student from Limon; and Naomi’s daughter Piper, a student at the University of Northern Colorado, all find themselves searching for a safe path forwardâ?¦because it’s not just the world that has changed.

The plague that decimates the human race also pushes mankind into evolutionary change. Those who survive are different, profoundly so, in ways they are just beginning to comprehend. As Naomi struggles to protect and reunite what’s left of her family, she must also learn to understand and accept the changes in herself. In this strange new world, her survival, and the survival of those she loves, depends on it.

A Hideous Sight

by Iver Fain

In his quiet home in the country, Charles Anker is getting ready for a visit from his son, and two young grand children. Things are going well, until he sees an odd flash of light near the creek behind his house. Charles wants nothing more than to be a wonderful host for his grand kids, but he begins to have unsettling visions. And something is happening to his eyes. Charles must struggle to separate illusion, from a dark presence that is quickly taking over his life.

Naughty Wife

by Kayla Deep

Amelia couldn’t believe it when Julian asked to share her with other men.

And then Landon showed up. He was bigger than she ever expected.

Who knew married life could be so satisfying…

Unless (Jagger & Poppy Book 2)

by Avery Aster

Mikhail Chekhov is on the run from the two people who love him, Poppy White and Jagger Chabon.

Determined to find her missing boyfriend, Poppy will stop at nothing until she’s tracked his ass down, but her coworker, Jagger, keeps getting in her way. He’s hot as hell. He gives her oral pleasure like no one’s business. And he’s claiming to be Mikhail’s lover on the down low.

Will they ever find Mikhail?

NOTE: UNLESS is part two in New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster’s new m/f erotic romance serial featuring Jagger and Poppy, which takes place in The Manhattanites’ world. Each volume ends on a cliffy and reflects our current political climate of in-your-face TV reporters, cyber hacking, Russian hysteria, and features BDSM, kinky role-play, ménage à trois, and of course very hung, inked-up, dominant men who just want to beloved by their smart alpha females. When you’re done, be sure to grab UNLUCKY, the third installment.

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