Free literary fiction Kindle books for 02 Jun 18

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

by Emmuska Orczy

More adventures amongst the terrors of revolutionary France. No one has uncovered the identity of the famous Scarlet Pimpernel – no one except his wife Marguerite and his arch-enemy, citizen Chauvelin. Sir Percy Blakeney is still at large however, evading capture­.

The Sweetness of Honey: A Novel of Vengeance, Honor, and Bobbleheads

by Petronius Jablonski

When a skirmish of practical jokes escalates, three men learn the boundary separating pranks from vengeance is drawn in dust. An eye for an eye becomes a worthless guide once they’re lashing out blindly. Caught in the crossfire of their reprisals, Vicki, a sarcastic hairstylist, must decide whether to take sides in a war or play Gandhi to madmen.

The bullied becomes the bully when Nelson pays Duncan and Tyler back for childhood torments. Such scores never stay settled. Duncan, an obsessive bobblehead collector, sees practical jokes as art. To Tyler it’s all about honor. After they retaliate, the sleep of forgiveness brings forth monsters: a blitzkrieg where suspicion dissolves alliances, mutually assured destruction is no deterrent, and unintended consequences mock all battle plans.

With war comes collateral damage. Hypnotized by a bobble-wielding Duncan, Vicki perpetrates a cruel prank against Tyler. Upon realizing she’s being used as a human IED, the enemy of her enemy becomes her boyfriend. Unknown is whether she’s chosen the right side, or if there is one.

Fantasies of Revenge are indigenous to a shadowy land where nightmares, archetypes, and bestial yearnings vie for dominion. THE SWEETNESS OF HONEY charts this territory, offering the forbidden fruit of schadenfreude. “Revenge is sweeter far than flowing honey,” said Homer. Bears aren’t the only species willing to endure hardship for a taste.

Weightless (Less Is More Book 4)

by J.M. Lamp

For Hadley Alexander, life has always been about one thing: work. For years, she dedicated herself to being a police officer, until one day she realized that she wanted moreâ??a family, kids, a normal life in general. When Ian McIntyre stepped into her life over a year ago, she started believing that wanting more could be a reality. When Ian’s childhood best friend got sick, though, she never imagined that they would grow apart.

When Ian decides to move back to Tennessee to be closer to his mom, he thinks that leaving Chicago will help quicken the grieving process. He never liked the city anyway, and being in it only brought up memories that he didn’t want to revisit. He has no idea, though, that getting over Hadley won’t be as easy as he thinks. And that maybe the happiness he is looking for is on the other side of the country where he left it.

The fourth and final book in the Less is More Series!

This book can be read as a stand alone novel, but these characters, and the side-characters listed in this book, all appear in the other books in the series.

Dance of Souls

by Audrey Kalman

Most people facing an existential crisis do ordinary thingsâ?¦ like going to church or having children. Some people set things on fire.

Sculptor Amy Freeman fears the worst when her 14-year-old son Zach disappears one morning. In the same California town, science teacher Robert Candine suddenly finds God. His revelation sets him on a collision course with a troubled student, the legal system, and eventually with Amy. Can he find peace in time to stop himself from a reckless act that will change his life forever?

Dance of Souls weaves together the stories of a few lost souls, each seeking meaning in their own way. If you like books that make you think about what drives our life choices, you’ll savor Kalman’s dive into her character’s imperfections, stumbles, and occasional encounters with grace.

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