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Hygge: The Complete Book of Hygge To Discover The Danish Way To Live Happily

by Sarah Jensen


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The great thing about Hygge is that it is something that you can enjoy all year long. It is a feeling of being grateful and just happy for what you have in life, being able to spend time with the ones you love, and being able to find an escape from the world no matter what is going on.

This book is going to really explain Hygge in more detail and can it can help you gain this happiness in your own life.


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Budget Travel Manâ??s Ultimate Travel Guide: Travelling For Less Than You Think You Can

by Gianni Costantiello

Whether you are looking for a few days away, a week in the tropics or gearing up for a cross-globe adventure, Budget Travel Man has you covered with easy and practical ways to save money on Flights, Accommodation, and Everything Travel!

Gianni Costantiello a.k.a. Budget Travel Man has over 15 years of living and traveling abroad on a budget across this globe and wants to share his Tricks and Hacks with you. Whether you are beginner planning your first journey or an experienced traveler looking to stretch your funds, Budget Travel Man has your back. 

He has put all of the best resources available and processes in one interactive guide and wants everyone to Travel For Less Than You Think You Can!

What sets this travel guide apart from the other great ones out there is that Budget Travel Man will regularly update the links and resources in the eBook to keep fellow travelers on top of the game, almost like having your own personal travel consultant included. The guide is not sponsored by any companies or organization, supplying unbiased forms of travel knowledge. The content in this book is guaranteed to save you large sums of money on travel and you will easily make the price of the eBook back on your first flight purchase alone. 

This guide will help youâ?¦

– Easily Find the best possible flight prices available

– Get the best hotel for your budget or to even stay for FREE

– Use your phone and debit/credit cards abroad without getting hit with high fees

– Make you feel more confident planning your adventure

– And much, much more!

Traveling Cheaper Means Traveling Longer!

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WALKING INTO MURDER (The Professor Laura Morland Mystery Series)

by Joan Dahr Lambert

Who would believe that an innocent walking trip in the English Cotswolds would include not just one murder but three, and even more hair-raising adventures? The intrepid American heroine of WALKING INTO MURDER, professor Laura Morland, would have scoffed at the idea. All she wanted was a few days of peace to recover from a humiliating (if not entirely unwelcome) divorce and a chance to test her new independence. That she certainly does; peace is another matter.

WALKING INTO MURDER is a light-hearted mystery with a delightful setting, an intriguing plot and distinctive characters headed by Laura Morland, a wonderfully appealing new amateur detective. It is part traditional English mystery, part middle-aged female sleuth of independent spirit who solves mysteries that confound the experts, part primer on the the battle between the sexes since Laura is an expert on gender, part rousing adventure. Laura is hardly Miss Marple – she is younger, more active, attractive, even romantically inclined, but the settings and characters are very British indeed.

It’s a wonderful read: spine-tingling escapes and confrontations on deserted moors contrast with peaceful interludes in England’s quaintest villages and most verdant countryside – and with some near-comic scenes of Laura’s inept but ultimately successful efforts to track down the villains even as she eludes their clutches. Mask-making, amateur theatrics, underground tunnels and an escape from a boarded-up cottage are all part of the action.

The adventure begins when Laura is invited to teach a seminar on gender issues in London. First she decides to embark on a solo walking trip on the Cotswold Way. The walk soon takes stormy turns. A man plummets out of the thick mist, hauls her into an embrace and begs her to masquerade as his wife. Escorted at gunpoint by an aristocratic Englishman to an ancient manor house, she is confronted by a roomful of eccentrics, any of whom could be the killer of the body she finds in a bedroom – a body that perversely keeps changing its identity. In fact, everyone in in this bizarre household seems to have multiple identities and multiple motivations, making it exceedingly difficult to determine who is telling the truth and even harder to ascertain who is on Laura’s side.

Curiosity is Laura’s dominant trait and she delves into the mystery with possibly unwise abandon. She is determined to unmask the murderer – and to get the best of her alternately charming and irritating would-be husband, to whom she is undeniably attracted. She soon discovers that her fund of scholarly knowledge about male/female relationships is of little help in dealing with a man who refuses to answer her questions, appears to be having a steamy affair with the titled Lady of the house, and who increasingly seems the most likely candidate for murderer. Complicating matters further is his fraught relationship with Laura’s able assistant in crime-detection, a fiery, free-spirited runaway who lives in the woods.

As Laura probes deeper, the efforts of the villains to silence her become more frantic and her strategies to evade them more ingenious. With total disregard for the escalating danger, she vows to outwit them all. And she does. In a final dramatic – and totally unexpected – scene, she zeroes in on the killer, or it might be more accurate to say the murderer zeroes in on her.

Joan Dahr Lambert is the author of CIRCLES OF STONE, a prehistoric novel told through the eyes of three women who became leaders of their tribes, and published by Simon & Schuster in 1997 & 1999. Lambert has written two other prehistoric novels, a novel about wolves for children and a novella, as well as the first two books in the Laura Morland series. The second, BABES IN THE BATHS, will be out soon. Like may published authors, she has decided to try self-publishing. All of her books will soon appear on Kindle and on other on-line venues.

Los Angeles: A City of Fame: A Photo Travel Experience (USA Book 1)

by Andrey Vlasov

The city of Los Angeles is not just about Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and the Walk of Fame. Known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, and sprawling metropolis.
LA is home to iconic architecture, ancient forests, quirky museums, Historical Districts national parks, multi-lingual communities and beautiful beaches.
This entertaining and informative guide captures the history and diversity of the region seen through the eyes of world traveler and photographer Andrey Vlasov. 700 stunning images explore the most popular places visited in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Special attention was paid to ensuring that the colors in the photographs are natural, providing the reader with a real and unfiltered view.
This guide covers everything from important landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre as well as theatres, museums, historical districts, art galleries, churches, restaurants, neighborhoods, beachfront locations, theme parks and more.
From Disneyland Park in Anaheim to Venice Canal Historic District locals and visitors alike will fall in love with the City of Angels.

Jamaica adult jokes and more……

by Penric Gamhra

Jamaica  adult jokes and more this piece will energized you from sad moments, take you away from a very bad day no lie. Hilariously joking, packed with funny lines and simple illustration to save a boring day, great for ladies link up and great couples  will enjoy sharing grand times. Get in touch with Jamaica comedy right at your finger tips.
Q:Why so much Jamaican men are so dumb?
A:They used the small head, more than the big one (their dick head).

 $5  Lobster
A Jamaican dreadlocks buy a hooker for $5 and he receive crabs for the bonus.
When he goes back to argue, the hooker take it for a joke she says, “What do you expect for $5 large lobster?”

 Q: What is jamaican meaning for DNA?
A: Daddy-not-around. 

RV Living: Essential Guide To Full-Time RV Living Without Debts

by Linda Gilmore

RV Living: Essential Guide To Full-Time RV Living Without Debts

RV living is useful for everyone who want to own his/her personal house. You can live in an RV within your limited budget because RV trailer will help you to save your time and money. It is easy to live a stress-free and tax-free life. RV living will offer financial freedom and a life without stress. A smaller space will be easy for you to clean and you can live like minimalists. If you love to travel and explore, RV living will be a great choice for you. This book is designed for your assistance during RV living, such as you can expand your space and decorate your area. You should consider lots of factors before starting your RV lifestyle. Make sure to read this book before starting your life in an RV trailer. This book offers:

  • Essential Tools and Maintenance Items for Long Term RV Life
  • Make a Plan for RV Living
  • Understand the Boondocking Basics
  • Expand Your Space in RV Trailer
  • Tips to Decorate Your RV house

Download this book and get the advantage of tips and tricks given for your assistance and guidance.

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When the Dead Don’t Understand

by Sherri Granato

Not all dead people realize that they have departed. Attached ghosts are often part of intelligent hauntings whose energy tend to hang around and lurk in areas where activity and history have paved their way, making a trail of events that occurred due to circumstances that were all too prevalent to simply shuffle away as done.

Haunted America: Pennsylvania Legends

by Sherri Granato

Murder, theft, ghosts, and orbs are just a small part of the legends surrounding three of Pennsylvania’s most haunted counties. Diabolical tales, eerie phenomena and ethereal anomalies all involving the world that we exist in.

Room 315: Ghost Party

by Sherri Granato

Room 315 is a hot spot for seeing the ghost of Julia, who walks around nude . She especially likes to show off when a male is present in the room. Her smile is often the last thing that is noticed right before she vanishes into thin air.

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