Free fantasy Kindle books for 03 Jun 18

The War Chamber (The Moon Singer Book 2)

by B. Roman

David’s trial by fire awaits.

The unwitting hero and captain of the mystical sailing ship, Moon Singer, has yet to learn that his deafness is his greatest gift. This “disability”, along with his possession of three sacred artifacts: The Singer Crystal, The Rose Crystal and The Wind Rose Compass, bestow David the power to save the lives of everyone he loves.

Yet he feels that all the miracles he brought home on the Moon Singer have dissipated. He’s just as deaf as before, his sister’s paralysis has returned, and his anguish over his mother’s death is stronger than ever. At his mother’s grave, David unleashes the power of his crystals and is transported to Coronadus, where he encounters a revered woman who wields the power of life and death, and helps David understand his mission.

When a cataclysmic event occurs, David discovers that the past, present and future know no boundaries in the unending circle of life, and that he must follow his destiny, wherever it may lead.

Haunted America: Dead, but Not Gone in Alabama

by Sherri Granato

Creepy tales, ghost riddled towns, eerie phenomena, and unexplained anomalies of the world that we live in.

The Night Flyer (The Unbelievable Journey of Simon Grace Book 1)

by Aaron Ponce

Simon Grace is perpetually trapped in the fishing village he’s grown up in, but constantly dreams of adventure. When he spots a beast that he believes to be a dragon, which were said to have been extinct for centuries, Simon takes it as a sign to set out on his own. On his journey he encounters ravenous wild life, a kindly goblin, and a mysterious mercenary and begins to realize there’s more to his seemingly simple quest that meets the eye. The Night Flyer is the first part in a planned four part young adult fantasy series.

Forever Charming

by Edward Brock

Narrated by his dwarf servant, we follow the rise of Prince Charming and his fall when he is attacked by an ancient creature who turns the Prince into a vampire–putting him on the road to becoming a dark legend.

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